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A Field Guide for Male Allies

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Wondering how you can help improve diversity in tech? To help create a culture where women and underrepresented minorities can thrive? Where everyone, frankly, feels welcome and supported to do their best work?

In this talk given at PluralsightLive 2017, I "stepped into the field" and shared everyday actions anyone can take to create a more inclusive workplace.

p.s. See if you can spot the typo on one of my slides. Doh!

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A Field Guide for Male Allies

  1. 1. A Field Guide for Male Allies Karen Catlin Advocate for Women in Tech September 20, 2017 @kecatlin
  2. 2. “60% Of Women In Silicon Valley Have Been Sexually Harassed” “Mass Firings at Uber as Sexual Harassment Scandal Grows” “Silicon Valley Investor Resigns After Harassment Claims: ‘I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry.’” “Google engineer's anti-diversity manifesto sparks outrage”
  3. 3. 1. Improved problem solving
  4. 4. 2. Improved innovation
  5. 5. 3. Better financial performance
  6. 6. Got it. But what can I do?
  7. 7. “Just like me” networks
  8. 8. Common interests fuel networks
  9. 9. Outside of work…
  10. 10. “Just like me” networks limit diversity • Hiring • Workplace trust • Stretch assignments • Promotions
  11. 11. CTA: Diversity Your Network At networking events, I introduce myself to people who don’t look like me. I attend events for underrepresented groups, to listen, learn, and network. When meeting someone at a tech event, I assume they’re technical. @betterallies
  12. 12. Office Housework
  13. 13. 47% of women report being asked to do lower-level tasks that men are not asked to do.
  14. 14. CTA: Disrupt Office Housework I share the load. “Ann’s great at unit tests. But it’s the perfect stretch assignment for Dave.” I set up rotations for taking meeting minutes and other admin tasks. I clean up mugs and pizza boxes after our team lunch. @betterallies
  15. 15. Meetings
  16. 16. Manterruptions
  17. 17. Bropropriating
  18. 18. Misdirected questions
  19. 19. CTA: Amplify, Advocate I’d like to hear Emma finish her thought. I see you agree with the point Ana made earlier in the meeting. Mei’s the expert. Let’s ask her. @betterallies
  20. 20. We all have a role to play to improve diversity & inclusion.
  21. 21. Follow @betterallies