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The Pre-Meeting: a secret weapon for new managers

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In this talk for Calibrate 2017, held in September in San Francisco, I shared how to become better at influencing others by leveraging the pre-meeting. Starting off, I shared how Shackleton effectively used pre-meetings on his journey to Antartica over 100 years ago. I then shared some common missteps and pro-tips from the clients I coach across the tech industry today.

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The Pre-Meeting: a secret weapon for new managers

  1. 1. The Pre-Meeting: a secret weapon for new managers Karen Catlin @kecatlin karencatlin.com #calibrate2017 © 2017 by Karen Catlin. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Tammy Bütow, Dropbox Engineering Manager Pre-meetings? Hell yes. 
 They exist, everyone is doing them,
 and no one tells you about them 
 when you’re a new manager. “
  3. 3. What got you here
 ain’t gonna get you there
  4. 4. Photo by #WOCintechchat Need to influence up & out
  5. 5. Wait. Isn’t this manipulative?
  6. 6. Need to pitch to stakeholders Photo by #WOCintechchat
  7. 7. Misstep #1 – Didn’t socialize idea
  8. 8. Pro-tip #1 
 Build support before the meeting
  9. 9. Misstep #2. Assumed they’re too busy

  10. 10. Pro-tip #2 
 Target a few key stakeholders p.s. Don’t forget the curmudgeons
  11. 11. Misstep #3. Tried to convince ‘em
  12. 12. Pro-tip #3 
 Listen so they’re heard (and don’t get defensive)
  13. 13. Misstep #4. Felt obliged to take it all
  14. 14. Pro-tip #4 
 Trust your gut (and circle back with them)
  15. 15. Misstep #5. Assumed they’d remember
  16. 16. Pro-tip #5 
 Huddle before the meeting