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“Check” Sustainability Checklist The process Making It Stick: A Four-Step Process for Creating Sustainable Change

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Sustainability Checklist
The process owner:
□ Reviews, communicates, and posts the KPIs as scheduled.
□ Leads work group “status” meetings (brief!) where the KPIs are
posted to discuss trends, create strategies for responding to
changing conditions, brainstorm solutions to new problems, etc.
□ Schedules and leads root cause analysis activities immediately
when the KPIs are not met.
□ Leads or arranges for the process to be audited at regularly
scheduled periods (annually, at a minimum) to test for “robustness”
and identify opportunities for further improvement.
□ Talks with process workers to assess the need for additional
training, revised standard work, etc.
□ Assures the process is being followed and, if not, determines why.
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