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Sustainability Plan Sample Sustainability Plan Making It Stick: A Four-Step Process for Creating Sustainable Change

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Sustainability Plan


Executive Sponsor
Value Stream Champion
Team Lead
30-Day Audit Date

Event Name
Event Dates
"Go Live" Date
"Go Live" Location
60-Day Audit Date

Communication / Training


Provide training for those who missed initial training.

Who will deliver it and when?

Integrate new process into ongoing department training.

Who leads identification of training that need to be updated (ongoing and for
new employees), when will training be in place?

Update Value Stream Map.

Which value stream map(s) need to updated, who will do it and when?

Update training records to reflect who has been trained. Who maintains training records?

Communicate to affected parties who were not advised
Who communicates? How? To whom?
during event.

The Kaizen Event Planner,
Martin & Osterling

Post the Event Report, 30-Day List, Sustainability Plan.

Who is accountable? Where posted?

Update SOPs and other ISO or regulatory documents
impacted by changes.

Who identifies relevant documentation? Who updates it? By when?

Communicate and post 30-day and 60-day audit

Who communicates? How? To whom? Where posted?

Communicate audit results to stakeholders and
leadership team.

Who communicates? Via what medium?

Communicate process performance measurement

How is process performance going to be communicated to workers? Are
additional visuals needed? Who owns this activity?

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