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Rules of Engagement 1. The Holding Effective Kaizen Events

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Rules of Engagement
1. The team starts and ends the day together and breaks
together; being on time is critical.
2. The team stays 100% committed and 100% focused.
– No interruptions.
– All wireless devices on silent mode or off. No vibration.
– No email except during breaks or 100% relevant to kaizen event.
3. Keep an open mind and consider all ideas. Ask “why?,”
“what if?,” “why not?”
4. Challenge everything
5. Seek the wisdom of ten vs. the knowledge of one.
6. Rank has no privilege.
7. Finger-pointing has no place.
8. No silent objectors; don’t leave in silent disagreement;
respectful disagreement is encouraged.
9. Use creativity before capital; mind before money.
10. What’s said in the room stays in the room.

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