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How Can You Make Your Fundraising Events Stand Out?

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How Can You Make Your Fundraising Events Stand Out?

  1. 1. Ask Key Questions 1 ??? 3 5 2 4 Set a Budget Define Measurable Goals • Who is my audience? • What type of event will attract this audience? • What is the purpose of the event? • What is the best venue to attract the right crowd? • How can I streamline workload to minimize stress? • What is the key theme and call-to-action to encourage response? • How much will you spend to reach your goals? • Is this a reasonable amount given your priorities? • Be sure to include a contingency for unexpected charges or overruns. Promote! • Outreach to local media • Calls to influential supporters • Flyers or posters in key places • Everywhere online • Your website (you can use a widget or a button) • Your email • Your sponsors’ websites • Your e-newsletters • Your social media outposts • Your corporate sponsors – work with them on ways to engage their employees • Your biggest fans – ask your most loyal supporters to spread the word to their networks on your behalf • Raise money – what is the $ goal? • Increase supporter lists - how big are your current lists? By what percentage do you look to increase them? • Attendance – is there a capacity issue? How many more prospects will you target? • Attract new donors and sponsors – what is your pre- and post-event strategy? Design a Dynamic Experience Online giving increased by 14% to $2.1 billion in 2012.* Take advantage of this trend in online giving! Create a digital media mix to promote your event. Make your event a dynamic, engaging experience. • Invitations and e-vites • Digital and/or online ad journal • Event website • Event webpage • Online registration • Social media • Collateral materials • Email marketing Post-Event Analysis, Engagement and Relationship Building • Study data using reporting tools from your event management systems. • Get feedback from staff, sponsors and attendees to assess what worked – and what didn’t. Record and share this information within your organization. • Re-engage participants – from sponsors to volunteers, and attendees to donors. • Make selected ‘Thank You’ phone calls and extend a follow-up invitation to get involved. • Reach out to the new participants with organizational information and future invitations. • Report back to everyone on the impact of the event on your key issue and goal. www.eventjournal.com 700 Hicksville Road, Suite 104 • Bethpage, NY 11714 your event. our expertise 6 SURE-FIRE STEPS to raise MORE with your special events Relative to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product 20121972 U.S. GDP U.S. giving FUNDRAISING REVENUES HAVE BEEN FLAT FOR 40 YEARS! 6 HOW CAN YOU MAKE YOUR FUNDRAISING EVENTS STAND OUT? *SourceBlackbaud,NetworkforGoodandPayPal studyreportedinTheChronicleofPhilanthropy 1.5+ million tax-exempt organizations in the United States $ 316.23billion Source:NationalCenterforCharitableStatistics Source:GivingUSA2013 CURRENT STATISTICS donated to charitable causes

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