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Walt Disney Company

This is a presentation that talks about the main topis of the Disney Company. You can find information about Walter Disney, History of Disney, Movies and Disney Parks.

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Walt Disney Company

  1. 1. ENU Introduction First Film Walt Disney Best Film Future Films Disney’s History Beginning Actual Days Main Characters Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Goofy Donald Duck Daisy Pluto Disney Parks Los Angeles Paris Orlando Quotes References
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  The Walt Disney Company was created in 1920s by Walt Disney and consists of five business segments:  Media Networks  Parks and Resorts  Interactive Media  Consumer Products  Studio Entertainment
  4. 4. DISNEY’S HISTORY  For more than nine decades, the name Walt Disney has been preeminent in the field of family entertainment. To this day the Walt Disney Company continues to proudly provide entertainment across America and around the world.
  5. 5. BEGINNING  The Walt Disney Company was considered to be created in October 13, 1923. In that time it was known as The Disney Brothers Studio.
  6. 6. ACTUAL DAY  The Hong Kong Disneyland Park opened in September 12, 2005.  Disney acquired Fox Family Channel and changed the name to ABC Family in 2001.
  7. 7. Disney’s main characters are: Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Goofy Donald Duck Daisy Pluto MAIN CHARACTERS
  8. 8. MICKEY MOUSE He was created by Walt Disney in 1928 as a replacement for another character. It was inspired by his childhood pet named Mortimer.
  9. 9. MINNIE MOUSE  She was created in 1929 for the film ¨Plane Crazy¨ and is Mickey´s girlfriend.
  10. 10. GOOFY  He first appeared on May 25, 1932 in ¨Mickey´s Revue¨.
  11. 11. DONALD DUCK  He first appear in a newspaper comic strip on June 9, 1934.
  12. 12. DAISY  She was created for the animated short ¨Mr. Duck Steps Out¨ written by Carl Banks.
  13. 13. PLUTO  He first appeared in ¨Pluto the Pup¨ on July 8 1931. He is Mickey´s dog.
  14. 14. FIRST FILM  The first Disney movie to be made was Snow White on February 4, 1938.
  15. 15. BEST FILM  The Lion King
  16. 16. FUTURE FILMS Some new Disney Movies are:  Frozen  Maleficent  Inside Out
  17. 17. DISNEY PARKS  In the actual day there exist Disney Parks in 6 different cities around the world. These cities are: Shangai, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, Orlando and L.A.
  18. 18. LOS ANGELES  It was the first park to be created by Walt Disney.
  19. 19. ORLANDO
  20. 20. PARIS
  21. 21. Quotes
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  23. 23. Credits  Kariela M. Cabrera Portugal  A01250333  Introduccion a las Ti