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How to Setup a Successful Digital Organizational Structure & Culture

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Organizational Structure & Culture for Digital Growth & Optimization

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How to Setup a Successful Digital Organizational Structure & Culture

  1. 1. Organizational Structure & Culture for Digital Growth & Optimization Kashif Khurshid kashifkhurshid@gmail.com January 2014
  2. 2. Current Challenges • No one working to optimize segments of business/ sections of site holistically (using all digital tools to maximize potential) • No centralized governance (different personas/ functionality /lack of uniformity / standards on the site / synergy's • Digital Solutions are all in silos without much crosschannel engagement
  3. 3. Collaboration for Data Driven Solutions Digital Manager Web Strategy Director/Manager
  4. 4. Role of a Digital Manager • Digital Managers are assigned sections of the site (MyAccount, ThinkGreen, Dumpster, Curbside, RBM, SMB, Bagster, etc) • Responsible for making updates to the site and working on ways/ideas to optimize section (engagement/conversions/business objectives/funnels) • Key ability: ask the right questions from Analytics Group • Analytics Team works with DM to uncover findings & set a plan to leverage the appropriate Digital Tools & follows the Digital Performance Lifecycle journey
  5. 5. Digital Performance Life Cycle: The Life Cycle (LC) Model will ensure that all strategy is formulated with proper measurement from the start and lead to actionable insights Key component of success will be the infinite loop between “Recommendation” and “Setting Goals” Web Strategy Manager/ Director will drive the LC Model inconjunction with DM Set Goals Recommend Evaluate Forecast Monitor Performance
  6. 6. Role for Director of Web Strategy: Use the Analytics Tool Box for Data Driven Solutions TOOL BOX: ROLE: Development DIRECTOR OF WEB STRATEGY •Content •Microsite •tagging Research (VOC) A/B Testing Analytics Social Paid Search Email / Offline Organic Work with Digital Managers (DM) on the following: • Define KPI’s • Forecast Performance • Set Goals • Conversion/Goal Analysis • Market Area/Product Mix/ Pricing Analysis (Site Wide) • Ad Hoc & Deep Dive Analysis • Periodic Monitoring of Performance • Competitor Analysis (Site Wide) • Define Segmentation & Personas (Site Wide) • Technology Integration (Site Wide) Educate DM on solutions from Tool Box & create a plan of action Ensure Brand Integrity & Legal Compliance
  7. 7. Details of Strategy Manager/ Director: Example of Metrics/ Business Questions: Digital Strategy Goals 1. Site Wide 2. Section / Role Specific Site Wide: • Key pages that lead to conversions • Conversion rates (areas of improvements) • Error rates (where can it be deflected) Section Specific: • Help center analysis (relevant vs. irrelevant content- content swap) • MyAccount analysis (those who don’t come to pay, what are they doing?) • Social- how is social traffic performing? What are key pages consumed? How can we better engage them? • Contact us analysis to see where people are coming from and if any of the issues can be addressed online