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Kashif Khurshid's Digital Journey Map

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An Inside Look at Kashif Khurshid's Path to Success, Challenges & Skills.

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Kashif Khurshid's Digital Journey Map

  1. 1. Digital Marketing & Analytics Experience A Visual Guide- Kashif Khurshid KashifKhurshid@gmail.com (832) 228-7427 CaptainAnalytics.com
  3. 3. Alert Logic Since January 2017 Marketing Operations (B2B) Dashboards & Insights Pipeline Marketing Funnel Management Ad Hoc Analysis Reports & Analytics Technology & Integration Marketing Tech Stack Management New Technology Evaluation Integration and Adoption of Technology Data Management Standardization of Data Testing Cleanup and Maintenance KashifKhurshid@gmail.com | CaptainAnalytics.com | (832) 228-7427
  4. 4. Waste Management April 2012 – January 2017 Analytics Tagging (TMS) Basic Site Campaign Add-on’s (Links, scrolls, etc) Custom Features Reporting / Analysis Ongoing (Periodic) One-time (Ad- hoc) A/B Testing Split Testing Segmenting Traffic Allocation Quick Temp Site Updates SEO Agency Management SEO Improvement Process Creation & Oversight Reporting Social Partnering with Communications Strategy Microsite Integration Social Paid Campaigns Monitor Monthly Traffic and Engagement KashifKhurshid@gmail.com | CaptainAnalytics.com | (832) 228-7427
  5. 5. Charles Schwab October 2008 – April 2012 Digital Analytics Optimization eCommerce Funnel Home Page Weekly Analysis & Update Deep-Dive Multi- Session Analysis New Feature Analysis & Assessment Ratings & Reviews Search Engine Algorithm Changes Site Redesign Segmentation Strategy A/B Testing Analytics Reporting SEO Paid Search Banner Social Mobile Web KashifKhurshid@gmail.com | CaptainAnalytics.com | (832) 228-7427
  6. 6. Reliant Energy (NRG) Marketing Analytics Tag Management Identifying Digital Needs Translating Business requirements Standardize Naming convention Analytics UI Development Design Business Specific Dashboards Update custom configurations Backend Data Integration Educate Teams on Digital Tools Analytics Acquisition Ecommerce Funnels Paid Search 3rd Party Sites Print Media Banners Retention Email SEO May 2006 – October 2008 KashifKhurshid@gmail.com | CaptainAnalytics.com | (832) 228-7427
  7. 7. TravelClick Digital Marketing Report Development Incorporating Silo Data Designing Layouts and graphs Adding Additional Services Train Sales Team on Tools Paid Search Account Strategy Account Management Process Improvements Client Management SEO Account Reporting Basic Analysis Advance Analysis Process Improvement Expectation Management August 2004 – May 2006 KashifKhurshid@gmail.com | CaptainAnalytics.com | (832) 228-7427
  8. 8. Skills: Analytics Driving Delightful Customer Experiences Help define KPI’s & Set Goals Conversion/Goal Funnel Analysis Market Area/Product Mix/ Pricing Analysis (Site Wide) Ad Hoc & Deep Dive Analysis Predict Metrics Performance Reporting: Periodic Monitoring of Performance & Stakeholder Management Competitor Analysis (Site Wide) Define Segmentation & Personas (Site Wide) Technology Integration for Omni-Channel Optimization KashifKhurshid@gmail.com | CaptainAnalytics.com | (832) 228-7427
  9. 9. Tools: •Omniture Site Catalyst, Adobe Data WorkBench, Discover, WebTrends, Google AnalyticsDigital Analytics: •Salesforce, Bizible, RingLead, Full Circle, Outreach, roundrobinCRM: •Tableau, PowerBI, SpotFireVisualization: •Toad, SQLData: •Optimizely, Evergage, Test & TargetPersonalization: •AdWords, Marin, Kenshoo, MadisionLogic, Triblio, Terminus, DemandBaseAdvertising: •Marchex, Call Tracking MetricsCall Tracking: •Userzoom, ForseeVoice of Customer: •Quantcast, Datafox, ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrgEnrichment: •ExactTarget, Marketo, SalesForce Marketing CloudMarketing Automation: •Sprout, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Radian6Social: •Tealium, GTM, Satellite, Adobe DTM, SegmentTag Manager: •PathFactory, UberFlipContent: •Documentum, TeamSite, ModXCMS: •SEMRush, Moz, SEOClarity, Conductor, WebCEO, Web PositionSEO: •Slack, Microsoft Office & 365, Google DocsProductivity: Gaining Efficiencies & Building Exceptional Processes KashifKhurshid@gmail.com | CaptainAnalytics.com | (832) 228-7427
  10. 10. Analytics in a Nutshell Set Goals on what you want to Intelligently Achieve Set Goals Define KPI’s Implement Measure (Insights) Analyze (Optimize) Analytics in Action KashifKhurshid@gmail.com | CaptainAnalytics.com | (832) 228-7427