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Bootstrap Your PR ... Like a Boss.

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Target your audience, craft your pitch and uncover the art of the follow up. This step-by-step guide will give you the tools and technique you need to secure your own PR. For more tips and detailed how-to's for bootstrapping your PR, download my free ebook: http://bit.ly/BootstrapYourPR

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Bootstrap Your PR ... Like a Boss.

  1. 1. How to Bootstrap Your PR Like a BOSS. 
 A Tactical Guide to Media Outreach @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14 { Kate Finley, @KateUpdates Belle Communications Kate@ThinkBelle.com ThinkBelle.com
  2. 2. People who make things more complex than they are either know less than they think, or [they] are trying to sell you something. ! - Jay Baer, Convince and Convert { Read this ... @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  3. 3. About Me ... @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  4. 4. What to Expect ... • How to craft a *measurable* media outreach plan • 7 Steps to Effective Media Outreach • In-session Q&A • Media relations DOs and DO NOT evers. • Resources to simplify the media outreach process @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  5. 5. Can I ‘pick your brain’? 
 Alright, but just this once: In-session Q&A { @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  6. 6. When it comes to PR ... • I’m not sure what to expect so I’m here to scope it out. • I don’t have the budget. No really, I don’t. • I have a background in marketing / PR and I like the idea of bootstrapping this aspect of my business. • I have the budget but I’d rather try things out on my own for while. • Wait — I thought this breakout was being led by an angel investor. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  7. 7. PR takes (a lot of) time. 
 Today we’ll give you the tools but the rest is up to you. ! Tip: Give your brand the same priority you’d give a client. { @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  8. 8. Media Outreach Plan • A compliment to your business plan • Target audiences • Clearly define objectives and tactics • Tangible outcomes • Measurable success @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  9. 9. Objectives @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14 • What do you want to accomplish? • Generate awareness • Educate customer base • Reinforce expertise • Build industry prominence
  10. 10. Tactics • Who, what, where, when, how • Treat each tactic as as a goal • Ensure each tactic can be quantified • Who will carry out each tactic? @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  11. 11. Measure the Right Things Tangible Measurement • Site traffic • New leads • New sales (retail and online) • More robust sales (add ons) • Decreased site bounce rates ! • E-Newsletter opt-ins • Product Trials • Content incentives • Web and Social Analytics @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  12. 12. 7 Steps for Effective Media Outreach @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14 1. Measurement 2. Audience Identification 3. Outlet Research 4. The Pitch 5. The Follow Up 6. Securing an Opportunity 7. Making Your HIT Stick.
  13. 13. 1. Measurement @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14 • Generate new visitors • Social Media Traffic • Web Traffic • Blog Visitors • Turn those visitors into leads • Requests for more information • E-Newsletter opt-ins • Contact Us Forms • Collaborate to convert leads to sales
  14. 14. • What does the data mean? • How does this data relate back to what we’re trying to measure? • Where’s the missing data? • If it were my business, what would I want to know? • Know when to DITCH unnecessary data. Analyze the Data @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  15. 15. 2. Know Your Audience • Key demographic differentiators • Niche audiences • Preference and behaviors • What are they reading, listening to, watching and where to they spend their time. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  16. 16. 3. Research • What have they written before? • Would my target audience read this? • Look online and qualify both the outlet and specific reporter or segment for your feature idea. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  17. 17. 4. Craft your pitch • Tailor your pitch • Get to the point and include CTA • Link to additional information • Subject line = headline (mobile) • This is NOT a sales pitch @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  18. 18. Bad pitch @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  19. 19. Successful Pitch @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  20. 20. Successful Pitch @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  21. 21. Successful Pitch @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  22. 22. When + How to Pitch • TV: Before their segment, via email and usually in the morning. • Radio: Via phone, before their segment and follow up with email. • Print: After 10 a.m., email first, then call but keep print dates in mind. • Bloggers: Evenings often work well and email is best. • National media: Time varies by outlet, email works best. ! @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  23. 23. Um…Do I suck at this? • Getting met with silence is the typical response to initial pitches. • Silence does not mean no. • Was your pitch targeted? • Was the outlet a the right fit? • It’s time to follow up on this pitch … @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  24. 24. 5. The follow up. • When to follow up? • How to follow up? • How often? • Adding value. • When to let go and move on. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  25. 25. How to piss off a reporter. • BCC them on a mass pitch. • Be unfamiliar with their beat. • Assume they remember the pitch you sent them. • Pitch the same idea to multiple reporters. • Ask them a ton of questions or leave multiple messages. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  26. 26. 6. Securing Coverage. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14 • Are you contacting them at the right time? • What are you pitching and why is it relevant to the person you’re calling? • Do you have an alternative idea to pitch in case you get turned down? • What will you say *if* they say no? • What will you say *when* they say yes? • Get specifics, be prompt and confirm in writing.
  27. 27. OMG. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14 • They said YES!!! Now what?
 • Get specifics. • Be prompt. • Confirm in writing.
  28. 28. 7. Making it STICK. • Preparing for your interview • Keep the opportunity from falling through • Delayed / bumped opportunity • When to let go and move on. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  29. 29. Media Outreach Resources SEO Guest Social Media Blogging Media Outreach Keyword Research Integration Event Marketing @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  30. 30. Help A Reporter (HARO) • Gain access to immediate media needs • Coverage opportunities • Insight into trends • Pitch Ideas • National media coverage @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  31. 31. Feedly ... • Comment on 
 Industry News • Pitch Ideas • Trending topics • Competition @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  32. 32. Guest Blogging • Create a post that ranks • Pick a trending topic • Support on social • Google Authorship @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  33. 33. • Strategic counsel • Pre-existing media relationships • Industry, target audience and media expertise • Crisis planning and reputation management • Look for shorter retainers or project-based help @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14When to Bring in a Pro
  34. 34. Inside Your PR Toolkit • Media Outreach Plan • 7 Steps to Successfully Secure Media Coverage • Sample Pitches • Tools, tips and resources shared within today’s presentation • Questions to ask when considering a PR agency @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  35. 35. Key Takeaways • Treat your brand like it’s a client. • Start with a plan. • Research and qualify before you pitch. • Tailor pitches to avoid the trash folder. • Use free tools like HARO to bring media opportunities to YOU. @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14
  36. 36. Thank you! Follow our team at facebook.com/BelleCommunications or connect at LinkedIn.com/in/KateFinley. { Kate Finley, @KateUpdates Belle Communications Kate@ThinkBelle.com ThinkBelle.com @KateUpdates @OHGrowthSummit !#OGS14