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Elements of a short story

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Elements of a short story

  1. 1. Elementsof aShort StoryKate S.Magpoc
  2. 2. Short Story- It is a brief work of fiction. It presents asequence of events or plot.
  3. 3. Main Elements• Setting – the time and location in which a storytakes place.• Plot – the sequence of events in a story or play.• Conflict – the opposition of forces which tiesone incident to another and makes the plotmove.• Character – the person and his characteristicsin a work of fiction.• Point of View – the angle from which the storyis told.• Theme – the central idea or belief.
  4. 4. Plot* the plot is how the author arranges events todevelop his basic idea; it is the sequence ofevents. The plot is planned, logical series ofevents having a beginning, middle and end. Theshort story usually ha one plot so it can be readin one sitting.
  5. 5. K I DFNLOP TOS
  6. 6. Traditional/ Conventional• Introduction – the beginning of the story wherethe characters and the setting is revealed.• Rising Action – this is where the events in thestory become complicated and conflict in the storyis revealed.• Climax – this is the highest point of interest andturning point of the story.• Falling Action – the events and complicationsbegin to resolve themselves. The reader knowswhat has happened next and if the conflict wasresolved or not• Denouement – this is the final outcome oruntangling of events in the story.
  7. 7. Unconventional Plot• Flashback – this is a section in a story where the actionis interrupted to tell about an earlier event, scenes orincidents which took place prior to the beginning of theplot.• Foreshadowing – this is a hint or clue about an eventthat will occur later in the story.• Suspense – this is the feeling of excitement or tensionin the reader’s experience as the action of plot unfolds.• Surprise ending – this is an ending that catches thereader guard with unexpected turn of events.• In Media Res – the technique of beginning a story inthe middle of the action, with background informationgiven later in flashback.
  8. 8. Character• This include the person in a work of fiction andcharacteristics of a person.• In a work of fiction, one finds the protagonistand the antagonist. The protagonist is thecentral character with all major events havingsome importance to him/her. The opposer of themain character is the antagonist.
  9. 9. Kind of Character• Protagonist• Antagonist• Major• Minor• Static• Dynamic• Flat• Round
  10. 10. Elements of Character• Appearance• Personality• Background• Motivation• Relationship• Conflict• Change
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