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Institute for democracy and development polit a_

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Institute for democracy and development politA

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Institute for democracy and development polit a_

  1. 1. Institute for Democracy and Development "PolitA"
  2. 2. Contents About us..............................................................3 Local experts......................................................4 Programs experts...............................................5 Realized projects................................................6 Actual projects...................................................10
  3. 3. Objectives Goals • Analyzing of Ukraine internal policy and international political processes • Monitoring of the democratic development level in Ukraine • Modeling of the Ukraine development strategies • Forming the proposals for optimisation and increasing effectivnes of state work • Forming the political culture through educational programs and communications between civil society and study About Us • Development of active communication projects between the civil society, state and municipal institutions • Conducting of the training programs to raise educational level in such fields as democratic development, vaues, good governance and municipal management • Supervision and assistance in the organization of democratic elections in Ukraine • Analysis and clever adaptation of other countries good experience in the field of administration managment and work of non-profit organizations • Control over the allocation of public finances and assets of international organizations in projects of Ukraine • Analysis of legislation and laws development that promote civil society development and rule of law • Establishing a strategic partnership with reputable international organizations, foundations and experts in the development of joint educational projects and strategic planning • Promotion of European integration processes in Ukraine • Formation of values and classic ideological currents • Research in the field of political science • Implementation of the programs that focused on legislation analising and its adaptation to European standards • Development of active civil society; • Formation of values and development of classical iddeological trends; • Activation of communication between state and NGO institutions; • Analysis of the political situation and strategy planning.
  4. 4. Local Experts Name Vectors of work and specialization Position assigned Kateryna Odarchenko • Social engineering • Political consulting • Planning and management of political and social projects • PR (public relations), GR(government relations), • PA (public affairs) Political tchnologist Maxim Zapletniyk • Analysis of political processes • Comunicational technology of the Internet • Programs for enhancing youth Historian, civil activist. Dmitriy Klimenko International cooperation on the field of the democracy and civil society development Strategic planning of foreign economic activity Analysis of economic and political processes Lawyer specialized in Taxation Specialist in managment of international activities Anna Ivanushkina • Electoral sociological research • Strategic social research tvi modeling • Organization of think tank • Organization of think tanks Sociologist, social activist Dmitriy Ilchenko Drafting legal acts Legal support for political projects Legal analyst Lawyer, attorney Mariya Golub Journalism and Investigative Journalism Media Planning Development information projects International cooperation Journalist, social activist Kateryna Romaniuk Journalism and correspondence PR Working with the media in social projects Journalist, social activist Alisa Vinogradova Psychology Imidzhmeyking Multivektoral study of political prosses Psichologist, writter
  5. 5. Programs Experts Name Area of expertise Dmytro Vydrin Director of the European Institute of Integration and Development. Member of the Presidium of the Political Council of the Party of Free Democrats. Ukrainian politician, political analyst and political strategist. PhD Vitaliy Portnikov Ukrainian journalist and writer, observer in "SVOBODA" radio, author of analytical materials Georgiy Pocheptsov PhD, Professor and former Head of Information Policy of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, Honoured Journalist of Ukraine. Lectured at universities оф Russia, USA, Germany and Austria. Author of numerous books on communication technologies Olga Larina PR-consultant. Image-maker. SMM-expert. Managing Partner CashFlowClub. Author and moderator of the course” Practical PR" Valeriy Bebyk PhD in Political science, Professor, Vice-Rector of the University "Ukraine", head of the working group on Social Communications Public Humanitarian Council under the President of Ukraine, Head of the Ukrainian Association of Political Science Denys Bohush Ukrainian political strategist, an expert on anti-crisis campaign. President of the Centre of Manipulation Technology (since 2001), Vice- President of Ukrainian PR-League, the official representative of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) in Ukraine, a member of the World Council of IPRA (2006-2008), president of the PR-agency “Bohush Communications” Dmytro Potiekhin Political analyst, helped Iranian, Egyptian and many other activists, provided training in non-violent resistance in Turkey, Iran and other countries. Trained in Budapest and Stanford, worked as a political analyst at the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine and Moldova. In 2004 he developed and coordinated campaign of non-party civil rights of voters in Ukraine Olena Sibiryakova Programme Manager in Foundation for Good Politics. Founder and managing partner of the group of companies "ROST” Expert in the field of social communications and mass media. PhD work topic: "Ideology as a problem." Member «CIPR» - Professional Association of European PR-specialists in communication education. Member of "Ukrainian Club" Aspen" Artem Bidenko President of SA Political Communications, co-owner of the holding RuBi Consulting, Head of Outdoor Advertising Association of Ukraine Mykola Volgov Political Consultant, Trainer, Chief Editor Portal «politconsultant.org» Mykyta Vasylenko Professor at the Institute of Journalism Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Author, expert on media and their mass usage during the election campaigns. Political party developer Oleksii Voronenko Political scientist, Political analyst Volodymyr Bezrukov Associate Professor of General and Molecular Genetics, Biological faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Realized projects of ecological thinking, projects to protect nature, expert in experiments projects
  6. 6. Realized projects 2009-2010 • 2009 – 2010 Fair Election Information Campaign. An action group implements the training project establishing their affiliates among the students and optimizing awareness building efforts in HEIs and in student quarters. Making student mobile teams. Fair Election Information Campaign, training young election committee members, and writing committee member memos. • Since 2009 Training for international cooperation, experts have taken part in the AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de Europe, the European Students’ Forum), one of the largest European organizations aimed at activating the international cooperation with the youth, and implementing young leader joint training projects. • Since 2010 Monitoring and advising for good youth policy. The activities of the International Fraternity of Students and Organizations are directed at initiating legislation in youth policy and reviewing CIS model laws. • Since 2009 Program for effective project manegment, dealing with a charity organization Youth Development and Support Fund aimed at providing for implementation of youth projects as enhanced by ambitious business doers. Expert involvement in training programs and policy design of public awareness of efficient charity and percentage philanthropy, and volunteer training in fund raising and project management. • As from 2010 Activation of Ukrainian youth, working on the Generation 2020.UA, educating young leaders and securing the implementation of civil society, education, etc. projects. • 2010 Monitoring of electoral disposition. Arranging for surveys of the youth’s electoral disposition, involving volunteers and professional sociologists to evaluate the outcome. Ukraine has a problem of young students’ voting turnouts, so the project was started strategically. Having learnt a young voter’s motivations by conducting focus groups, we made a newsletter of the importance of participating in the election process. Undertakings and flashmobs. • In 2010 Increasing voter activity. A major voter bribery problem emerged. It was at that time that the team of the Institute of Democracy and Development started implementing efforts to form value priorities of the voters. The primary objective is to develop negative attitude to «Gifts» from candidates, and to vote based on the public and political activities history. With this in view, reporters made four «waves» of information campaign to disseminate papers and newsletters among district citizens. This resulted in a candidate involved in “bribery” losing the vote in the district. Training for international cooperation Generation 2020.
  7. 7. Realized projects 2011 • 2011 Anti corruption program, implementing measures as part of HEI anti-corruption effort and launching a district hotline to report HEI corruptions. Protest actions against educational false reform. Implementing public awareness efforts within a Proty svavillia vlady (Against Authorities’ Arbitrariness) long-term project among Kyiv youth. Arranging for the Popular Court, involving the young to the Party, forming a bank of the youth’s ideas to improve the students’ living standards. • Starting 2011 Training program for youth. Dealing with a project by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to train schoolchildren for international mental contests. Training program to form leadership skills. • Since 2011 Education program for young leaders. Dealing with Batkivshchina moloda (Young Motherland) All-Ukrainian public youth organization, a member of the YEPP international youth entity (Youth of the European People’s Party). Providing for training for the youth of the Party (such as young leader school, democracy basics school, or party construction school). More than 70 people are certified. As many as 12 speakers are involved. 32 people were engaged in the Party’s affiliates and established grassroots organizations of the Party, becoming MPs’ assistants. • Since 2011 Developing for european values. Implementing the Council of Europe project, Youth in action, education programs and trainings for the young to make grant and intra-community citizenship programs. Sharing experience with the community of nations. Expert involvement in the European Values training program, customizing the program for Ukraine, and holding one round table and two workshops. • 2011 Trainings for women's NGO in Kiev. implementing a training program in the information campaign for Kyiv women’s non-governmental organizations in advocating family values and volunteer involvement methodology. Education program for young leaders
  8. 8. Realized projects 2012 • 2012 Monitoring and training of quality if public policy. Institute of democracy and development made electronic contact system software for the Party supporters and for their involvement in public and policy initiatives. The project favors transparence in intra-party competition and meritocratic structural building. Permanent local leaders’ cooperation activated on-site implementation of initiatives by 34%. • 2012 Program of protection of clean environment and human rights. Advocating campaign to hold a Kyiv region local referendum. This resulted in public information of the power of referendum and making an action group, holding a referendum and prohibiting to construct an environment-damaging project. Initiative supported by 86% of the district’s citizens. • 2012 Monitoring of "Green programs". Surveys and a round table update the «green program» in Ukraine in association with German partners and Ukrainian experts. 10 experts involved. There has been a legislation review and Germany-Ukraine partnership recommendations. Because the market was monopolized by finance and industry groups, no further practical development came out. • 2012 Advising of co-working with Parliament, experts were involved in the Parliamentary Committee for European Integration, and co-drafting laws with an MP. • 2012 Modeling and training "Parliamentary work". Experts involved in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Performance Modeling Steering Committee, and drafting model laws related to the Youth. The First Job initiative. The project involves young people and experts, MPs and research and development officials. The final stage was a two-day Kyiv Congress and law adoptions. • 2012 Training political culture and professional political management. Customizing policy education training programs (University of Washington, University of Michigan, and the Stanford University) as per Ukrainian listener. Involving experts to teaching as part of non-governmental organization partnership programs. Over 30 national and local non-governmental organizations. Training"Parliamentary work"
  9. 9. Realized projects 2013 • 2013 Monitoring of gender quotes and training for women , investigation into the issue of gender quotas in party structures. Cooperation with the Zhinky Batkivshchyny («Women of the Batkivshina»). Learning women’s motivations in the affiliates’ performance, and activity level in municipal and national authorities. • 2013 Advising of democracy party building. Expert involvement in forming the Syla lyudei («Force of the People») democratic political power. • 2013 Educational program for effective political menegmpment. A training program was started on the Social Engineering School, education programs on policy management, social management, PR, and analysis to create many experts in democratic election process in Ukraine. 45 people certified so far, and 15 involved in ongoing projects. • 2013 Advising of social project, science advising. The school of teaching to use innovative media in social and public projects. Teaching the Group in concealed marketing, and knowledge intake in a Ukrainian channel joint project of the DNK – portret natsii («DNA – Portrait of the Nation»). 15 non-governmental organization officials were trained. • 2013 Training for scholars of government , a jointly implemented project with the Liha interniv («League of Interns»), an exchange program in legislative and executive governments. 8 lectures teaching on election campaign management and social projects. 5 student teams each including 5 people have submitted their final project and have been certified and now using their knowledge in their performance. Presentetion of "Syla Lydei" "League of Interns", presentetion of certificates. Social Engineering School
  10. 10. Actual Projects projects in progress Title – Forming Democratic Values and Political Culture of the Youth Type – Social Goal – Training efficient parliamentary candidates among politically active young people Description and Problematic – Sociology shows that young people aged 18 to 35 have significantly declined their support of governmental institutions. Political activity is rather low as well. The youth is not motivated to be involved in political parties due to their closed nature and behind-the-scene division of powers. This is confirmed by reducing the number of young people in party establishments after district councils were dissolved in Kyiv. Social lifts are no longer accessible in political structures. The Project success may be measured for short and long-term indicators: Project success short-term indicator is that deputies involve trainees to party affiliates and social projects. When 25% of activists are involved who have been trained within two months after being trained in the quality for activities like that, the Project may be deemed successful for that indicator Terms of Implementation – 3 months Title – Democratic Changes via Social Activity Type – Trainings Goal – Raising the level of political culture for young people (aged 18 to 30) Description and Problematic – According to a Rating agency's sociology, the level of young people’s political and public activity is low in Ukraine. Youth do not exactly understand the electoral system and the difference between ideological currents, and is skeptic about politics as a scope of activity, and the majority sees election institution as having been discredited. The side of the young people who anyway strive for changes misses a stranglehold of today’s situation and is hardly aware of opportunities of non-governmental organizations and advocacy campaigns, etc. The young people are naturally more active in municipalities than in nationwide processes. The impact of democratizing the election process and communication between civic society and government authorities is a crucial element of the democratic process. Terms of Implementation – 1 month Title – Gender Transformations within the Political Framework of Ukraine Type – Advisors / Monitoring & Evaluation Goal –Gender transformation in the political structures of Ukraine and representative authorities. A long-term success indicator is that women establish women’s organizations within Ukraine’s political parties and actively lobby for gender policy law, or women’s percentage is increased in political parties’ policymaking bodies and in municipal and national authorities after 2014-2015 elections. Activity may be tracked based on communications at an Internet platform to be created. Description and Problematic – Gender policy issue has been of interest in Ukraine since 1995. As from then, the milestone has been the adoption of the Law of Ukraine «On Provision for Equal Rights and Opportunities to Men and Women» in 2005. Moreover, the national gender tool embedded in that law fails to carry out its direct missions of achieving gender priorities. The Program is now being coordinated by the Social Policy Ministry, and there are a number of programs that the international funds support and non-governmental organizations of Ukraine coordinate. Having cooperated for long time with political parties and reviewed their affiliates’ structure, I should say the structures’ and elective bodies’ percentage of women and men is no more than 14 percent being 3 to 4% normally (as compared to the European Union standards of 30%), and that very situation is something that complicates the women’s upward mobility to elective positions and their implementation of own initiatives, and establishing gender equality in representative bodies. Terms of Implementation – 6 months
  11. 11. Contacts Institute for Democracy and Development "PolitA" Ukraine, Kyiv, Loboratorniy provolok, 6, 01133 +38 (044) 2279420 politaorg@gmail.com www.polita.org