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How to build a mobile app for patients health tracking

  2. Hello! We are Kateryna Momotiuk Writer, and Kateryna Lysak Project manager at TECSYNT Solutions TECSYNT
  3. How to Build a Mobile app for Patients Health Tracking? Mobile technology is quickly becoming one of the top preferred tools in medical care based on its affordability, ease of use and portability. The medical mobile apps definitely make lives extremely easier not only for patients, but for doctors and paramedics as well. There are 8 steps to build a mobile app for patients health tracking. Read the full article “How to Build a Mobile app for Patients Health Tracking?” and lots of other useful posts in our blog TECSYNT
  4. "To build a culture of health we will need tools that help people lead healthier lives. Wearable sensors and tracking devices have the potential to help people, and we need to learn more about how people engage with these devices to better understand how they can be maximized." Deborah Bae, Senior Program Officer, RWJF TECSYNT
  5. mHealth (mobile health) industry market size projection from 2012 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars) Diagram featured by
  6. Choose the problem you want to solve STEP #1 TECSYNT
  7. For which purpose you want to develop an app? Will be for fitness, medical records of pressure measuring? Maybe it will be a helpful tool for deaf people or pregnant women? What problem in the medical sphere you plan to solve with your app? Your future app must be well-tested, well-established and be able to give accurate and precise results each time. You should see from the start if your idea is going to satisfy these requirements. CHOOSE THE PROBLEM YOU WANT TO SOLVE TECSYNT
  8. mHealth app category share Diagram by Antonio Carrasco, CEO at PLM
  9. Research and analyze STEP #2 TECSYNT
  10. ➜ See the pros and cons of other apps in your niche ➜ Discover different revenue models ➜ Gather any available information about your competitors ➜ Sort through recent technological advances in the market ➜ Find out if your idea is unique or is it already represented by a successful app Don’t start the creating process until you have all the essential data. Then analyze all the problems you discovered and try to find a way to avoid them within your app. RESEARCH AND ANALYZE TECSYNT
  11. Validate your idea STEP #3 TECSYNT
  12. 1. Estimate all of your resources, budget and timeline. 2. Keep in mind that a medical app won’t cost you as low as you wish, so it’s better to have some extra money for urgent changes or improvements. 3. Develop a suitable business plan and choose the right revenue models and metrics for your app along with the marketing campaign. You can read more about marketing campaign and app’s metrics in our articles "7 Mobile Marketing Metrics. What to choose?" and “How To Start Mobile App Marketing Campaign”. VALIDATE YOUR DATA TECSYNT
  13. Mobile Platforms & Devices STEP #4 TECSYNT
  14. CHOOSE THE PLATFORM What app are you planning to build – native or hybrid (cross-platformed)? The second option can help you reduce the cost, but the first one – is a way more reliable and technically trustworthy.TECSYNT
  15. Design and Features STEP #5 TECSYNT
  16. The important part of your medical app success will be the unique UI/UX design. Just imagine how many times during the day patients or doctors usually use their medical history records or checking the medical condition... A lot.
  17. PROTOTYPE YOUR APP In order to develop a great medical app, you need to design UI/UX in such way so the patient process flow will be as easy as possible. This industry is patient-centric, therefore, everything you do must, first of all, consider the user experience of the patient. There shouldn’t be anything negative in the whole design of the product, only positive UI, pics, colors, fonts, text etc. About prototyping you can read in “5 Best Ways to Prototype your Mobile Project” TECSYNT
  18. General Hospital apps General information, services, ER wait times, interactive events, social media Physician Referral apps Physician profiles, addresses and directions, physician lookup, request an appointment Wellness apps Health tracker, group exercise schedules, wellness tips TECSYNT Wayfinding apps Geofencing, beacons, 2D and 3D maps, location-based alerts, quick contacts SOME FEATURES COMMON FOR MEDICAL APPS
  19. SOME FEATURES COMMON FOR MEDICAL APPS Outpatient Care/Cancer Care Apps Track your treatment, care team, patient network, lab results Medication Tracking apps Monitor dosage and intervals, medication and appointment reminders, log meals and eating habits, feelings tracker TECSYNT Pregnancy and Childbirth apps Illustrated pregnancy tracker, labor and birth guide, postpartum care, newborn Care Urgent Care Apps Dynamic wait times, ability to find nearby urgent care centers, contacts & directions, news & info, push notifications
  20. Quality Management System STEP #6 TECSYNT
  21. Medical app development makes you highly responsible for the quality of the final product, because someone’s life would depend on its indications and functionality. So, we insist for you to take into consideration Quality Management System under rules of which you should ensure that your app is safe, effective and secure for patients to use it. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TECSYNT
  22. The privacy of patient information STEP #7 TECSYNT
  23. TECSYNT When offering to app stores medical app its platform must be HIPAA-compliant. What do you need to do to ensure this kind of protection? ➜ State-of-the-art password protection ➜ Limited access to personal information ➜ Data encryption to firewalls ➜ Antivirus software ➜ Digital signatures The full spectrum of useful tools you can find in our article "HIPAA Compliant App Development. What Do You Need to Know About It?". The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability of Act (HIPAA)
  24. Tests & Results Analysis STEP #8 TECSYNT
  25. TECSYNT You need to be perfectly sure, that your app is working properly. In another case – the improper functioning of your app could be fatal to your customers. ➜ Test the security and authenticity; ➜ Test functional capabilities and healthcare workflows; ➜ Test geo-location services, if your app provides them; ➜ Test the data processing and inputs from different devices; ➜ Test the app for medical images displaying; ➜ Test your app on different mobile platforms for compatibility; ➜ Run some usability tests to see how a real user would use your app. TEST & RESULTS ANALYSIS
  26. HEALTH TRACKING APPS ADVANTAGES To build such app is difficult, but the benefits for users will be so appreciated, you hardly will be unsatisfied by your product good deeds for the patients
  27. ➜ High-quality healthcare apps allow to diagnose the symptoms and prepare for a medical emergency. ➜ Mobile apps improve physician workflows. ➜ Mobile apps help with the patient engagement. ➜ Health Tracking Apps provide the instant transfer of medical data from a patient to doctor without an office visit. ➜ Health Care Apps allows a patient to get doctor prescribed medication ➜ Expediting emergency room check-ins and reducing wait times. ➜ Mobile apps lower the expenses on health caring and getting more preventative with each day. ➜ Medication reminders and push notifications. Control of the patient health status. ➜ An instant online visit to a doctor or medical advice and assistance via the Internet. ➜ The ability to get medical attention 24/7 any day of the week if the case isn’t urgent, but disturbs the patient. HEALTH TRACKING APPS ADVANTAGES TECSYNT
  28. "The healthcare industry is going to be revolutionized because you will have sensors at various points of your body measuring different things and a computer somewhere or maybe a doctor will be examining you all time." - Marty Cooper, led the team at Motorola TECSYNT
  29. CONCLUSION The medical mobile apps have to be build oriented on the user's needs only. Acting accordingly to their feedback will help you to minimize all risks and develop a really successful and favourable medical mobile app. It’s truly mesmerising that we can create a mobile app for healthcare that possibly can save someone's life. Such apps definitely make lives extremely easier not only for patients, but for doctors and paramedics as well.
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