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Uttam Pudasaini, Nepal Flying Labs | Nepal Session | SotM Asia 2017

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State of the Map Asia (SotM-Asia) is the annual regional conference of OpenStreetMap (OSM) organized by OSM communities in Asia. First SotM-Asia was organized in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015, and the second was organized in Manila, Philippines in 2016. This year’s conference, third in the series, was organized in Kathmandu, Nepal on September 23 – 24, 2017 at Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

We brought nearly 200 Open Mapping enthusiasts from Asia and beyond to this year’s SotM-Asia. The event provided an opportunity to share knowledge and experience among mappers; expand their network; and generate ideas to expand map coverage and effective use of OSM data in Asian continent. We chose ‘from creation to use of OSM data’ as the theme of this year’s conference, emphasizing on the effective use of OSM data. We also brought together a government panel from four different countries in this year’s SotM-Asia. We believe this event will deepen the bond and enhance collaboration among OSM communities across Asia.

More information about the conference can be found on: http://stateofthemap.asia.

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Uttam Pudasaini, Nepal Flying Labs | Nepal Session | SotM Asia 2017

  1. 1. Drones and OpenStreetMaps
  2. 2. http://i2.cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/150427103509-13-nepal-quake-0427-super-169.jpg http://www.un.org/News/dh/photos/large/2015/April/04-27-2015Quake_Damage.jpg
  3. 3. Uses of Drones immediately after Nepal Earthquake (Aerial shots of Heritage sites and damaged areas taken by different agencies.) 3
  4. 4. May, 2015 Nepal banned the use of drones as they could leak sensitive information (videos and pictures) of its valuable heritage sites clicked illegally. - A statement from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) • Flying drones without permission would attract penal action according to local civil aviation law. “It was uncontrolled influx of UAVs through international media and humanitarian teams that the government was forced to take action and restricted their use.” 4
  5. 5. Rules and Regulations : GON Flight Operations Directives No.7:CAAN (May 2015) ▪ Issued in accordance to the power conferred by Rule 82 of CAAN, Civil Aviation Regulation, 2058. ▪ To regulate and systematize the operations of UAVs within the territory of Nepal Download Link : https://www.caanepal.org.np/downloads/combine%20file%20SOP.pdf Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Procedure, 2015 ▪ Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) on the behalf of GON Download Link: http://www.moha.gov.np/uploads/newsFiles/910_b71f17f41b0d335d27d24b7943ca1b 7f_1444149311_s.pdf 5
  6. 6. Applying for a Permission Major issues: SAFETY, SECURITY, PRIVACY AND FREQUENCY. 1. CAAN ▪ Concern about collision with other aircrafts i.e SAFETY. 2. Ministry of Information and Communication ▪ Concern about the PRIVACY of other people as well as the FREQUENCY of the remote control device used. 3. Home Ministry ▪ SECURITY Issues. Respective Ministry ▪ (Eg: Collecting a letter from Department of Survey, Ministry of Land Reform and Management if someone wants to get permission for aerial Photogrammetry /Surveying work. ) 6
  7. 7. Sadly the Image that comes into Our Mind…
  8. 8. Nepal Flying Labs www.nepal.werobotics.org
  9. 9. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones
  10. 10. http://geoawesomeness.com/accurate-drone-survey-everything-need-know/
  11. 11. pacity •Social good projects •Research •New Business •Gain local Govt. trust over Technology
  12. 12. 1
  13. 13. Remote Monitoring of Reconstruction Works In Partnership with Medair
  14. 14. 2
  15. 15. Settlement Area 800 m Drone based Hazard and Vulnerability Mapping 2.5 Km
  16. 16. MedAIR, WeRobotics and Terrasesne
  17. 17. Resettlement Planning 3
  18. 18. Mapping Bagmati Corridor
  19. 19. WHY DRONES ?? ▪High resolution Imageries ▪Quickly deployable ▪Low cost Solution ▪Easy to operate Drone Image ,Bhimtar Current base layer, OSM
  20. 20. Integrating Drones and OSM Flight Plan Capture Images 2D/3D Maps Bring it in OSM Trace Objects Analysis and Assessment
  21. 21. Tiled Drone Images as Custom Layers in OSM https://blog.mapbox.com/drone-imagery-for-openstreetmap-18a30565b744 “Objects we are getting is really as good as imageries we are giving in”
  22. 22. Drones and OSM : Benefits 1. Accurate output maps ▪ Accurate Digitized datasets 2. Disaster risk reduction planning ▪ 3D results from drone –Slope and aspect maps –overlay in OSM 3. Better Project Planning ▪ More accurate estimation of resources and needs 4. Upto date datasets ▪ Temporal Accuracy
  23. 23. THANK YOU …. This is the best time to engage communities, innovate and make effective use of technologies.
  24. 24. Nepal Coordinator : Nepal Flying Labs, www.nepal.werobotics.org Co-Founder and GIS Analyst : NAXA Pvt. Ltd , www.naxa.com.np Geomatics Engineer : Build Change , www.buildchange.org Web Application Development Lead: FieldSight (www.fieldsight.org ) Co-founder : Smart Naari (www.smartnaari.com )