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  2. Publications
  3. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio Macy’s Annual Report The creative directive was to revive a current annual report for a company. I chose Macy’s because their style is much more bold than the actual annual report. I chose a modern feel, but kept the classic sophistication known to Macy’s customers. I choreographed a few women to style their clothes and then photograph them. I also painted the mannequin that became the image for the cover of my report.
  4. Comb Object Breakdown The idea was to take an ordinary item and use it in a graphic layout to show how many ways you can push the concept. I chose a comb, and went one step further to give a vintage flair to the whole piece.
  5. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio
  6. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio CHARMS BLOW POPS Annual Report This was a mock annual report for Charms Blow-Pops. The problem was to make the current annual report more visually appealing, and graphically interesting. I chose a child-like approach, considering most of the company’s consumers are purchasing for their children. I chose a bold color palette that would pop against the white elements in the report. Tasty Tidbits Applying state-of-the-art production technology and exacting quality control checks, Charms ensures that every piece of candy that rolls off its production line is of the highest quality every time. It requires a dedicated group of professionals to preserve and sustain our best-in-class status. If you’re interested in applying to join the Charms Company team, just visit our website for more details! Tasty Tidbits
  7. OAKLAWN LIBRARY Identity Here I created an identity for a local library on Oaklawn in Dallas. The side of the building was horizontal with 5 slats in the design, so I chose to mimic this concept for the logo. I broke the design down to its most basic form and then chose vibrant colors for the identity. I created a logo, a sign system, and promotional items for the identity. OAKLAWN P U B L I C L I B R A RY OAKLAWN P U B L I C L I B R A RY OAKLAWN P U B L I C L I B R A RY OAKLAWN P U B L I C L I B R A RY OAKLAWN P U B L I C L I B R A RY No Smoking WI-Fi Access No Cell Phones Men’s Restroom Cafe Fire Exits Video Surveillance Recycle Area Women’s Restroom Printer Area Audio Musci/Cd’s Children’s Area Juvenile/Young Adult Area Adult Section Large Print Sun/Mon: closedTues: 10-6p Wed/Thurs: 12-8p Fri/Sat: 10-6p OAKLAWN P U B L I C L I B R A R Y 4100 Cedar Springs Road, 75219 214-670-1359 KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio
  8. DAILY HABITS Poster This was a poster I created based on the daily habits and routines of my everyday movements. A glimpse into my life will tell you of my thoughts, my concerns, and my ever meticulous style. earch t the lo complain about my j I usually complain about my bori to anybody who will listen, up to fou times every day. I hate my $%^#ing job. INTERRUPTED BY CLEAN SOMETHING I constantly check my phone throughout the day. She clearly does not seem to want to understand the rules of what happens when I watch television. iea bre ROOMMATE I cannot control my constant nagging obsession to always clean something around me, any time of the day.
  9. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio
  10. Web Design
  11. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio BIG RED Website The idea behind this piece was to create a website to go along with our advertising campaign for Big Red. The campaign was B.Y.O.B., or Bring Your Own Big. The idea was to focus on the college consumer. Instead of bringing alcohol to party, the students bring Big Red. This fun and interactive website expresses both the mentality of the company and picks up on the freshness of the drink and the target audience.
  12. THINK TWICE Website The directive was to create a website for a non-profit organization. Our group chose to make up a whole new organization called Think Twice, where we focus on healthy eating habits and exercise for kids. The idea was to encourage the consumer to “think twice” before eating something potentially unhealthy.
  13. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio
  14. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Interactive Storybook The concept behind this project was to animate a popular children’s story. I chose to tell the story of Where the Wild Things Are, one of my favorite stories as a child. I used darker colors to bring out the mystery in the story, and I created my own illustrations. The story line was playful so I kept that feeling obvious throughout the piece by using child-like sentences and fun interactive elements.
  15. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio BING CROSBY Album Microsite Here I created a microsite for the new album release of a particular artist, past or present. I chose a classic, Bing Crosby. The microsite was built on one page that reflected a vintage style radio. As you pressed each knob, you would be navigated to a different section within the microsite.
  16. Lush Beauty
  17. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio LUSH Packaging This project was based on creating an identity for company from the creation of the logo to the actual packaging design for the potential retail store. The beauty line I created, Lush, catered to the young female consumer. The brand was sexy, colorful, original, bold, and above all, about the consumer. lush
  18. LUSH Website This web design is a continuation of my packaging design for Lush beauty products. I used the same color scheme as the packaging to bring in the same fresh and bold elements used in my design. The website is fun and flirty, and picks up on the vibrant style of the consumer. I used imagery relating to cosmetics and beauty integrated with my own photography of the packaging pieces.
  19. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio
  20. Polished Pear
  21. POLISHED PEAR Design Firm This was a group project based on creating a design firm from beginning to end. Our name was Polished Pear, and we were a small graphic design firm based out of Dallas. Our company was new on the scene, so we had fresh ideas to bring to the table. We created the logo, branding, look and feel of the company, and stationary set. Then we created the promotional items to advertise our company. Next we designed an interactive website and a display to show off our work.
  22. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio
  23. KATHRYN MOORE Portfolio POLISHED PEAR Website This is a continuation of the Polished Pear group project. This is the website I designed with the style of the project. I chose to keep it an illustrative style to go along with the design firm’s look and feel.