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Evaluation 4


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Evaluation 4

  2. 2. PRE-PRODUCTION : RESEARCH/PLANNING • I used media technologies throughout the creation of my final film and my ancillaries as without them it was impossible to create. The first ways in which I used media technologies in the making of my music video and ancillaries was through the research and planning that took part before the production. • Through my research and planning I used the following: Blogger, Google, Youtube, Gmail, Slideshare, Prezi, Macbooks, BBC weather, Google Maps.
  3. 3. BLOGGER Blogger was the first media technology I used within this course. Blogger allowed me to create my own blog dedicated to everything from research, planning, production, post production and completing my evaluations. The main strength of blogger is that it allowed me to create as many blog posts as I wanted to based around anything I wanted, this meant I could input youtube videos, slide shares, prezis etc into blog posts for me to share. Another strength is structure of the site. I was able to edit my blogposts that I had posted so if I forget anything vital I was able to edit the post and add whatever I needed. The site also enabled my teachers to view it to let me know what they thought of my planning, production and post production and give me advice if there was anything I could improve on. However a weakness of using blogger was that it was not a private way of storing my ideas so anybody could view what I was putting out.
  4. 4. GOOGLE I used google a tremendous amount throughout the research process mainly as this is where I went to research the codes and conventions of different aspects of genre, music videos, adverts and digipaks. It is also what I used to locate myself to different sites including my blog, you tube and any thing else I was looking for. I used google over any other search engine as I believe it Is the most efficient in giving me the right information for what I am looking for.
  5. 5. YOUTUBE Youtube is where I went to to watch music videos within my genre and non-genre specific music videos to help me become aware of what different music videos contained and the main themes within genre specific music videos within the indie genre. Youtube is also the publication site that myself and Lucina used to post audience feedback for our film as well as our final film. I also used youtube to post videos that contained voice overs as well as quick times showing the progression of how I made my ancillaries. Youtube was incredibly helpful when it came to both research, planning and post production as it allowed me to store all of my videos safely and have the ability to embed them into my blog posts.
  6. 6. GMAIL Gmail was the online mailing device I used all of the time when it came to communicating as well as sending images and videos from the stills I took at the different locations within our film as well as our audience feedbacks. Myself and Lucina used Gmail a lot to share any photographs with each other of the settings as well as images such as the call sheets and screenshots of our editing. Gmail was very practical as it allowed me to send out survey monkeys to lots of different people also within post-production which was useful as it allowed me to reach a wide range of people and get their responses quickly.
  7. 7. SLIDESHARE Slideshare was the website I used to turn my powerpoint presentations into a format that allowed me to embed it into my blogs. I used powerpoint and slide share to show my research of music videos and digipaks and magazine adverts as this made my reasearch really clear. Not only this but slideshare enabled me to keep all of my powerpoint’s in one section within my account so if I needed them I could easily access them and know that they were stored efficiently. However a weakness of slide share was that it could be somewhat time consuming to turn my powerpoint presenations into a slide share if I was in a rush to get them on to my blog, although this was not much of an issue so I would say that slide share was the perfect way to present my powerpoints.
  8. 8. PREZI Prezi was another website that allowed me to create presentations in a different and unique way that enabled me to express my ideas and thoughts on different aspects of my planning, research and production. Prezi allowed me to express all of my different ideas into a format that was clearly understood and readable, as well as having the ability to embed them into my blog which was useful as they could be presented efficiently and easily. I wouldn’t say that prezi has any weaknesses as I found it very easy to use and easy to access, as well as it having a good form of different presentations so I could mix up my research into different forms so that all of my research and planning in regards to the format they were in, they were not all in the same exact. Therefore my imagination could expand using prezi.
  9. 9. MACBOOKS I used a macbook predominantly through my research and planning as we have them in school and I have one at home. Using a macbook made doing all of my work much more easily that using an older laptop as the speed is good and they have everything you need including power point presentation and imovie. It made it easy to use if I needed to quickly get online to change something in regards to my blog or if I needed to find something out quickly I would gravitate to using one of these over any other form of laptop. I used a macbook mainly for the research and planning however I used a macbook to create my digipak and magazine advert also which was effective as I could edit them on the go or if I was somewhere else other than home which I could not have done
  10. 10. BBC WEATHER BBC weather was a site we used when deciding on what days to film on. As some of our filming took place outside we needed to see whether the day would be suitable within the weather as this was something very important as we were using a very expensive camera so if it began to rain or snow for example, our equipment would get very damaged. Also we wanted dry/sunny days within our music video so we needed to coordinate our days with the weather as the bright weather foreshadowed the outcome of the
  11. 11. GOOGLE MAPS Google maps was actually something I used a lot in relation to planning our filming days and researching where everything was. We used this app predominantly in London as we needed to see how far away we were from certain areas as well as how to get to these places. We also used it within the filming day in the woodland area to make sure we were heading in the right place as well as how to get in and out of the forest as we didn’t want to get lost.
  12. 12. PRODUCTION • Within the actual production of our film we used multiple different pieces of equipment and technologies to make sure everything went smoothly and to the right standard. • This included all of our filming equipment such as the camera, tripod and phones. • In regards to my ancillaries I used photoshop to create my products so this was the main use of media technology when it came to creating my ancillaries.
  13. 13. CAMERA The camera we used within our filming was a Canon 700D camera which was really good to use as the quality was a very high quality and showed immensely when it came to editing and putting our footage into the editing software. This camera allowed us to get a really good focus on landscapes and portraits as well as having a really good zoom which we used within the shots of my grandma and of Chloe which we would later merge together. A weakness of this, although not to do with the camera but with the memory card we used, the memory on occasion filled up very quickly on some filming days which meant we had to film a portion of the video on an iphone 6 and 7, which still was fine.
  14. 14. TRIPOD We used a tripod within our filming, mainly on the days I filmed my grandmas as I wanted these shots to be really stable as there needed to be a change in pace between the shots of my grandma as well as the 2 girls in that the pace of the filming with the 2 girls was fast to show their youthfulness whereas a tripod allowed filming to be steady to represent the grandma. A tripod was very useful when it came to the filming in the house as my grandma was sat down in some of the shots which would have been hard to do with a steady hand if I had not used the tripod.
  15. 15. PHONE The use of both an Iphone 6 and an iphone 7 was not purposeful in production as it was used in times that the SD card had filled up very quickly when filming my grandma. However the quality of the camera is still very good so when we put it into imovie the quality was not so bad that we had to refilm. Iphone’s were also used in the planning to contact my actors to commit to meeting points and times on the filming days.
  16. 16. PHOTOSHOP Photoshop was a huge variable in creating my ancillaries as this was the software I used to edit everything from the image to the background, the font, the filters etc. I found photoshop to be really reliable and easy to use as I had previously used it in other subjects in the past so I knew my way around it however I will still finding out new things about the software which was easy to do as I used tutorials from youtube along side my editing to help me make my editing the best to my ability. Not only did I find it easy to use but it gave me the ability to make the quality of my images better and edit them to fit within my theme
  17. 17. POST - PRODUCTION • Within post production I used a lot of different media technologies to help edit and create my products. • The main media technologies I used for this in my post production were imovie, keynote, da font, itunes and an imac. • All of these helped me immensely whilst creating my music video and I would have found it difficult to complete my products without using every one of them.
  18. 18. IMOVIE Imovie was the software that myself and Lucina used to edit our film. We used this as it is the software we used last year and so we were very familiar with it and knew a lot of tricks to use to create certain things. We also felt that as we didn’t know any other editing software as well as this one we would not be able to give the best of our ability with a different software, where as this one we knew it very well. However I am aware that other editing softwares such as premier pro have extra editing techniques such as filters which we could have benefited from so this is a slight weakness of sticking with what we knew.
  19. 19. KEYNOTE Keynote was the software we used within our fonts and text that we used within our music video. Keynote was very easy to use whilst we created different animations for our text in the way it was portrayed on screen. We created a bounce and a flip with our text which fitted very well with our style of music video and our filming so this software was very very useful for us in post production.
  20. 20. DA FONT Dafont.com was the website we used to get the font that we used in our film and it was also the site I used to get the fonts for my digipak and magazine advert. Dafont.com is very easy to use as all you have to do is choose the font you like and download it and use it in anyway you like. The site allowed me to have a wider imagination within fonts as they have such a vast amount to choose from. I also found texts were a big input into weather or not my music video and my ancillaries were as good as they could have been, as for example if we had used very classic fonts such as ‘ariel’ this would not have fitted within the music video style or my ancillaries style as well as would not show my imagination.
  21. 21. ITUNES Itunes was the software we used to buy the song that was the soundtrack to our music video, this was easily done as it allowed us to import the soundtrack into imovie easily and have it to play whenever we needed to listen to it to remember what lyrics corresponded with which shots.
  22. 22. IMAC An imac was the last piece of media technology we used within my music video. We were luckily able to access these through school which was very useful as the quality on the imac was a lot better than on the macbook I was using for my blog. This is because the screen was a lot larger which enabled us to look more closely at the shots and see clearly if we had made a mistake or not which would have been a lot more difficult if we were editing on a macbook or even a smalled computer.