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How my music video conforms to the indie genre.

media A2

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How my music video conforms to the indie genre.

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Conforming to the codes and conventions of an indie genre music video: The first few ways that I have conformed to the codes and conventions of an indie genre music video is through the settings, the camerawork and the editing. Although I had made these aspects original In the way that they are created, they still are stereotypical to the genre of an indie music video. I found although I wanted my music video to be original and to be more creative than previous indie music videos, I found straying away from multiple conventions of the genre would have lost the target audience in whom like the aspects of the genre which is why they enjoy the videos, therefore this enabled me to think wisely on how to both conform to these conventions both making my music video a part of the genre as well as being original within the genre itself.
  3. 3. Setting: City The settings we decided to use in our film were in fact purely based on both what was available in the filming process as well as the research that I conducted surrounding indie music videos so that the music video would stick within the genre. One of the main settings in the music video is the use of Camden which is within the city of London. This was chosen as through research I found that indie music videos tend to use large cities that are busy in the shots both in the day and night. Camden was available to us easily so this was something we really wanted to include in our music video. Not only did we decide upon the city of London but we specifically chose Camden to be within the shots. This is because Camden is known for its indie style and diverse attraction. Many retro and indie styled sections of Camden were all included within the music video as they portrayed vintage aspects which worked well with my music video.
  4. 4. Setting : Woods. Another important setting within my music video is the shots within the woodland area. This setting very much conforms to the conventions of an indie genre music video as it shows aspects of adventure and rebellion which reflects youthfulness to which is makes up the indie genre. Woodland areas are used constantly throughout indie genre music video as it is a part of nature which is free to use to all. As indie artists are usually on a lower budget compared to pop artists, for example an indie artist such as ‘passion pit’ will have a lower budget on music videos compared to an artist such as ’Justin Bieber’ as he is a more well known artist and so has more money coming in from previous work to go towards a music video. Therefore woodland areas are easily accessed and so are common in low budget music videos in the indie genre however they still are effective. Woodland areas are used multiple times throughout my music video in the aspects of adventure and rebellion as it shows the characters exploring through busy trees and lookout towers. I found this to be effective as we really wanted to highlight the youthfulness of the girls in the video and this portrayed it well.
  5. 5. Camerawork : Tracking. The first area of camerawork that I want to discuss in conforming to the indie genre in music videos is the use of tracking shots. Within my music video, tracking shots were used constantly to show the fast pace movement of the girls lifestyle when they were young and adventurous. I found tracking shots to be effective as we put them together with low shots to follow quick feet movements as well as tracking behind to put the audience in a position that makes them feel like they are there. A tracking shot, like I said makes the audience feel more connected to the video in that it appears more realistic as it is somewhat the point of view of the individual watching the music video. Realism is something I really wanted to incorporate within the video, as if the music video came off unnatural then it the audience would not feel connected and indie music videos usually make the audience feel connected.
  6. 6. Camerawork : Close ups. Close ups were also used throughout my music video when it came to both the 2 younger girls and the elderly female in the video. This conforms to the indie genre as it introduces the characters in the video as well as shows their emotions to convey the atmosphere to the audience. First of all within indie music videos, the individuals within the videos are thoroughly introduced so that the audience can feel a form of connection to them as well as become aware of any form of narrative. Second of all an atmosphere in an indie music video is usually portrayed through the emotion of the character, for example if a character is arguing with another character the atmosphere will be dark. However in my music video the emotions are shown through close ups of the characters to portray a happier and light atmosphere.
  7. 7. Camerawork : Long shots & wide shots. Another way my music video conforms to the indie genre throughout is through the use of long and wide shots. Wide shots are used in indie music videos to show the setting and any message that the artist wants to give to the audience. As setting is important in indie music videos, these wide shots show this immensely and allow the audience to be fully aware of where any of the characters are. Wide shots were used in my music video multiple times to show the different locations that the girls were in to portray the aspect of travel and adventure. Long shots are also an aspect of the indie genre within music videos as they can show the character from head to toe and show their costume and persona. Many indie artists are looked to for inspiration regarding fashion style and lifestyle so long shots can show this. Specifically in my video we used long shots to also show the characters outfits as their outfits was a big variable into showing the indie genre. Their outfits revolved around originality and separation from fashion norms so long shots showed this and conformed to the indie genre both within what was shot and the shot itself.
  8. 8. Editing : Filters. Within my music video it was important to portray the flashbacks obviously so that the audience was aware of the difference in setting, year and characters. To do this we used a black and white filter as this portrayed a vintage style. This conforms to the indie genre as uncountable amounts of indie genre music videos used black and white filters throughout their videos, sometimes making it a constant theme throughout all of their videos. Black and white filters are normally used to show that the video and its content is rustic and raw as well as tying in with the theme of being vintage. This is because the indie genre itself revolves around vintage styles and aspects of retro. Therefore we also used a black and white filter to conform to the indie genre as well as actually identify the vintage aspect of what part of the shots were supposed to represent.
  9. 9. Editing : Jump cuts & fast/slow motion. Jumpcuts are used within indie music videos to normally show the quick movement and sharp pace of the characters, in my case to show the adventurous side of the girls to portray their youth. In my music video, jump cuts are tied in with the beat of the music video to somewhat take away some of the realism as well as make the video pleasing to watch when the cuts move to the beat. Fast motion is used within indie music videos, again to show the pace and mood of the music video. Sometimes fast motion can be used for a negative mood such as fast motion in a hospital surrounding one individual, however fast motion can be used to show an excited emotion such as how we used it in the aspect of the girls being young and excited for life the fast motion shows how much they want to do and how much they want to explore and take on their youth. Slow motion is also used within indie genre music videos as it can tie in with the beat as well as also show that although life can go quickly, the characters are in that moment. It can also be used to show dramatic events so that they are slowed down so the audience can really take in the scene. My music video conforms to the indie genre again in this aspect as when the 2 girls meet again in their elderly years, we wanted the audience to really get an understanding of what was going on at that time as well as show that the