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Contextualized online search and research skill

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Contextualized online search and research skill

  1. 1. This is an interactive process to collect and gather data and information through online. Online search can make your assignments done easily, it is also the easiest way to reach conclusions.
  2. 2. PRONS  Accessible  Immediate updates  Unrestricted  Flexible  Convenient CONS  Leakage  Incorrect Information  Laziness  Attention may divert (social media)  Viruses
  3. 3. Internet is a mine of information. But not every information is real, true and right. Research is a process of finding out an answer to your question and observation. It is a careful study that needs systematic investigation. We should improve our skills in researching to gather more efficient data.
  4. 4. 1. Check Your Sources 2. Ask Good Questions 3. Go Beyond the Surface 4. Be Patient 5. Respect Ownership 6. Use Your Networks