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Creating a Twitter Strategy - Twitter Training 201

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There is a lot of uncertainty with how to use Twitter and show an ROI for your business. This presentation covers the questions you need to ask before you ever send your first tweet. We also look at some case studies of other organizations that use Twitter as part of their strategy and how they do it.

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Creating a Twitter Strategy - Twitter Training 201

  1. 1. Social Media Strategies for Business @KattStearns
  2. 2. What We Will Cover  What Is Social Media  The benefits of Social Media  How to start a social media plan  Twitter 201  What is Twitter  Twitter best practices  Twitter case studies  How to monitor your social media
  3. 3. Use of Social Media in the B.C. Public Service Policy Summary No.33 policy and guide on using social media.
  4. 4. It’s a Social World
  5. 5. #YVRCanada
  6. 6. Crowd Source
  7. 7. What Is Social Media
  8. 8. 12 Categories of Social Media  Monitoring Tools (Google Analytics)  Publishing Tools (Blogging/ Wordpress)  Social Networking Sites (Facebook)  Micro Blogging (Twitter/ Tumbler)  Widgets (Social Sharing)  Collaboration Tools (Wikipedia)  Photo/Video Sharing (Flickr, YouTube)  Personal Broadcasting (Pod Casts)  Social Commerce (Amazon)  Location Based Tools (4 Squares, Facebook Places)  Social Bookmarking (Digg, Stumble Upon)
  9. 9. Why Adopt Social Media?  Listen to your audience - be a part of the conversation  What are they saying about you?  Humanize your brand – build like and trust  Communicate in a way that inspires them to take action  Paid, earned and owned media  Inexpensive way to share your message – TIME
  10. 10. Why Adopt Social Media?
  11. 11. One key element has changed the conversation from TV and radio to social…
  12. 12. Brand Advocates
  13. 13. Focus On How Do I Make Their Lives Better, Rather Than Trying To Interrupt Them To Sell a Message!
  14. 14. It’s not B2B or B2C. We are all in the business of P2P.
  15. 15. Creating a Social Media Strategy
  16. 16. Have a Vision
  17. 17. Have a Vision  Understand why your organization exists  What is it that you are passionate about?  What problem are you solving?  If the New York Times where to do an interview on you what message would you want to share? You’re doing more than just switching out light bulbs you’re…
  18. 18. Understand Your Audience  Who are we talking to?  Who is your ideal audience? Students, staff, co- workers, communities, businesses, government…
  19. 19. What Is Your Message
  20. 20. What Are Your Objectives  Don’t just check the “we use social” check box  What business objectives are you meeting?  What is the story that you are trying to get across?  Educate, entertain or empower
  21. 21. Now Start Looking At Social  What is the best way to share your message?  Where is your audience currently?  Does your audience want to have a conversation with you there?  Identify goals and metrics for the platforms
  22. 22. Create a Content Plan  You may be part of the organizations main social sites or you may have your own sustainability sites  What type of content will work best to tell your story (photo, video, text…)  Create, curate and repurpose content  Listen to the conversation and engage – be helpful  Identify who will be doing this and your frequency
  23. 23. Twitter 201
  24. 24. Twitter Stats  190 Million unique Twitter sign ins monthly  43% use Twitter from a mobile device  40% of people don’t tweet but sign into Twitter monthly  Average Brand Response time is 11 hours 15min  Customer expected response time is 3 hours  Announced Thursday they are going public
  25. 25. What Is Twitter?
  26. 26. Optimize Your Profile  Twitter handle that represents your brand (name check)  Have a picture of your smiling face or your logo  Bio: what you do, how your help and what your passionate about. (thoughts are your own)  Link to website  Identify keywords and hashtags to use in tweets and bio  Create lists to keep yourself organized
  27. 27. What do I say on Twitter? Twitter Strategies
  28. 28. Tell Your Story They might not care that you switched out a light bulb but…
  29. 29. Tell Your Story They will care if it is a picture of a light bulb!
  30. 30. Tell Your Story
  31. 31. Be The Information Source
  32. 32. Build Connections
  33. 33. Crowd Source Projects
  34. 34. Be Helpful
  35. 35. Listen To The Conversation Latitude, Longitude and Radius
  36. 36. Listen To The Conversation
  37. 37. Listen To The Conversation
  38. 38. Listen To The Conversation Latitude, Longitude and Radius
  39. 39. Create Hashtags  Follow topics, searchable, amplify meaning, keywords, trending, promote and brand your company.  Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vine and Pinterest  Don’t use punctuation or it won’t be searchable  Create a hashtag that you can use to get you message across in all your marketing material online and offline. “How do you conserve? Share your tips for a chance to win #IAmGreen”
  40. 40. Create Hashtags  Use hashtags to Promote events and campaigns before, during and after.  TweetWall Pro to display tweets at events  Run Twitter contests to get more followers and help bring awareness to your hashtag  Twitter Chats with other EM’s or with your audience  Create different hashtags for specific updates
  41. 41. Listen To The Conversation
  42. 42. Listen To The Conversation
  43. 43. Share Your Content  Tweet blog posts, reports, videos and other content.  Share tips and advise (#EMMonday, #TipTuesday)  Embed tweets in your website or in documents  After they signup or take a pledge to send out to their network
  44. 44. Share Your Content
  45. 45. Share Your Content
  46. 46. Share Your Content
  47. 47. Customer Service
  48. 48. You Don’t Have to Tweet  News updates from all news outlets (headlines only)  Traffic updates #RiderAlert  Contests, discounts and specials  Follow favorite brands, authors and businesses for updates  Stay on top of the latest news and trends  You can make your account private (not recommended for business purposes)
  49. 49. How To Monitor Social Media
  50. 50. What Matters To You?
  51. 51. Twitter Analytics
  52. 52. Twitonomy
  53. 53. KLOUT
  54. 54. Google Analytics
  55. 55. Google Adwords
  56. 56. Social Media Analytics Tools
  57. 57. Twitter Can Do More 
 Than Just Drive Traffic 
To Your Website
  58. 58. Small Consistent Interactions That Can Lead To Big Discovery!
  59. 59. Questions?!?
  60. 60. Thank You!! What was your favorite tip? @KattStearns Katt@KattStearns.com