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Hip hop honeys ws

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Hip hop honeys ws

  1. 1. Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys Name:Kaya Ozkarapinar
  2. 2. What point did the presenter make about videos just a few years ago and videos now? In recent times more female artists have set the standard for women to be more sexy and revealing. Also between 2013 and 1998 the fact about women being more revealing has grown rapindly.
  3. 3. Why were these important in the development of music videos? They were some pf the first videos in which women were used as more of a sexual item rather then average people in music videos ( mainly hip hop music). These videos acted as a revelation that changed music videos around the world.
  4. 4. How did ‘Tashy Jay’ chose to represent herself in the documentary? She sows that she is all about glamour and almost like a diva when in her videos. However she says that she knows her limits and has a class that the other girls do not have. What was she saying about ‘video girls’ at the shoot? Some of the girls only turn up to get close to the star and to get publicity. Also the girls in the videos are not professional and just try to show themselves off to get a job or money.
  5. 5. Why do they need these girls in their videos? To appeal to a wider range of a male audience and sell more records What did he think about ‘video girls’? He thinks that having sexy girls in the video is good and “ sex sells” Where did they find all these girls? Wouldn’t it be expensive to pay them all? They put out adds on social networking sites, also most of the girls that show up and the girls that are in the video are not paid at all.
  6. 6. How does China Black illustrate some of the issues with how women are represented in music videos? China black says that women are illustrated as sex objects and do things other girls would not do. They are only there to be with attractive men and are terrible role models. They take themselves to extreme lengths to get notices of get a breakthrough with their career.
  7. 7. These women believe they are the ones with the power. They believe they are exploiting men, not the other way around. What do you think? I think that it work both ways in different areas for example men exploit women when they don’t pay them for videos however when in strip clubs and selling pictures the women are exploiting the men
  8. 8. This sexual equality expert argues that music videos have a lot to answer for what’s the issue? That women are treated differently to men. Hey are treated like disposable items in the sense that “I’m going to use you for what I need then get rid of you”. However men are shown as symbols of power and control to show status. What does the government think? The government think that sexual videos can influence the way that people act in real life around others.
  9. 9. K.I.G use ‘video girls’ - what do they think of them? They think that the girls are ‘hoes’ and act slutty to get in bed with a famous person or to try and get noticed for the money. Music Video Director ‘Digital Dan’ has a lot to say - what does he think of the girls? He treats them like objects and says its their choice if the want to act slutty and like sexual items and he has no problem dealing with them. A quote of his is “ if we pay you, shut up, stand there and get you titties out.
  10. 10. What happened to Alisha? She was tricked into thinking that she was going to be in a photo shoot by a fake modeling company on a social networking site but instead when she arrived at the place she was told there was a man that oiled her up and sexually assaulted her. After being assaulted she told the police and the man went to court but got away with it.
  11. 11. This lady has been working with artists for years and cast lots of ‘video girls’ - what changes has she seen and what’s her opinion? She has seen the change from minimal naked women and clean videos to a higher level of sexual links. Her opinion is that women should be allowed in videos but not to be portrayed the way they are. (as sexual items). She sees Tashy as “triple threat” which is when they can sing, dance and act. Some of the changes she has seen is that when she worked with groups like Boys to Men and Robert Kelly. In those times she said that a video girl would be beautiful, classy and elegant, however now the girls expected to be in videos are like “sex pistols”.
  12. 12. Why is she challenged on this performance by the presenter? As she is the only girl in the video so the focus is on her as a video girl. Also this is the first video where she is wearing a thong, even though she said that she would not. The presenter of the show says that se thinks that Tashy Jay is compromising to suit more demanding and popular artists.
  13. 13. This is the US ‘Ambassador for Hip Hop’ - what is her view? That men and women are expressed differently and are not equal in terms of how they act and how men and women are proposed to be ‘good looking’. She says that for a women to be good looking she must have good bodily features, a pretty face and very skinny. However for a man he could be a fat person that sits around and wears a baggy shirt to cover it. How has Angel Lola Love’s experience been positive? She has actually been noticed as a star and is a famous video girl in the USA. She is pad thousands to be in videos or even things like to turn up at a nightclub. She has been in videos with artists such as Kanye West and 50 Cent. Also after being a video girl she is using her money to re invent herself as a rap artist.
  14. 14. What conclusions can we draw from this documentary? Though video girls are looked down on as they show foot their body for men it is a trade with many positives and negatives . Positives : girls in videos enjoy it and have a good time; lots of money can be earned from it; it is a big part of the music industry Negatives: very few girls get noticed or paid; some girls do it for the wrong reasons; non- professional artists treat girls with no respect. In conclusion the hip hop honeys industry has a large disparity between the want-to-be girls that have nice bodies and the truly pretty girls that can earn thousands for being in a single video. The chances of becoming a famous hip hop honey are incredibly slim but if women want to spend money, waste time and take risks to get famous then I think they should be allowed.