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Let's make a website together - an introduction to WordPress

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Let's make a website together - an introduction to WordPress

  1. 1. KAYLEIGH THORPE @Kayleighthorpe Let’s make a website together An introduction to using the WordPress dashboard
  2. 2. Why WordPress? Open source In full control Tonnes of free content WordCamps! What are the benefits of WordPress over a drag and drop style website builder?
  3. 3. WordPress can do anything! Shop - Woocommerce Forum - BBPress Social media - BuddyPress Reviews - WP Testimonials Any type of website you can imagine is probably achievable with a few plugins:
  4. 4. Let’s make a website together Myradwebsite.co.uk We’ll make a website telling people about how much fun WordCamps are!
  5. 5. The WordPress Dashboard
  6. 6. http://myradwebsite.co.uk/wp-admin
  7. 7. Changing your theme Login to your site Go to ‘Appearance’ and ‘Themes’ Find a theme you want to use Select ‘Install’ and ‘Activate’ Check out your fancy new homepage
  8. 8. Site with a new theme
  9. 9. Customising your theme Basic theme changes can be made in the ‘Appearance’ - ‘Customise’ section. You can usually change colours, add a header, and add widgets.
  10. 10. Creating Pages
  11. 11. Adding some pages
  12. 12. Customising menus The ‘Appearance’ - ‘Menus’ section allows you to create a navigation menu and order it in the way you want it to appear on your website.
  13. 13. The Settings Menu General - Main site settings Reading Permalinks The ‘Settings’ menu is an important part of the dashboard - you can change the way users read and interact with your site.
  14. 14. Creating Posts
  15. 15. When to put content in a post versus a page Date specific content Has a publish date Categories, tags, organised Stand alone content Important information Things that don’t change Primary navigation No authors or tags Posts Pages
  16. 16. Plugins
  17. 17. Plugins unlock the true power of WordPress Plugins are additional modules or scripts that are installed on your site to enable new features. Two popular examples are ‘Yoast’ for SEO and ‘Contact Form 7’ for creating a basic contact form.
  18. 18. Yoast Adding Yoast to your site adds some useful SEO tools to the bottom of your posts and pages section. It’s all about getting the green light!
  19. 19. Contact Form 7 Contact form 7 allows you to create useful contact forms and use shortcodes to place them anywhere on your site.
  20. 20. Choosing a good plugin Number of downloads Documentation available? Star rating Active support boards? Bear in mind that all plugins in the WordPress repository are checked by humans to make sure they are safe and well coded. But you can also consider:
  21. 21. Media and galleries
  22. 22. Extra homework Jetpack - ultimate beginner’s plugin SSL certificate - all sites should have one! Custom post types plugin If you’re new to WordPress there will be a lot to learn, hopefully this helped to get you started, here’s some things I think are worth learning about next:
  23. 23. KAYLEIGH THORPE @Kayleighthorpe | 34sp.com KAYLEIGH THORPE @Kayleighthorpe | 34sp.com Thank you very much!

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Hi everyone kayleigh 34sp
    Work for support team - specialise in WP support
    One of my fav things helping peeps get started with WP
    Gonna have some fun creating website
    Help people who are new understand the dashboard and how WP works
  • One of things if new might think why WP - why not something like weebly or another drag and drop editor
    WP is open source - you have access to all code - can take anywhere.
    Can contribute, access to tonnes of plugins and help because its so open
  • Another reason I love WP so much is you can do anything with it
    Its so customisable you can create pretty much any type of site if you know what plugins and how to use them to your advantage
    Example for fun we started creating a browser based RPG game in WordPress, to challenge ourselves
  • So, today I wanted to go over the WordPress dashboard.
    So anyone new here might gain more knowledge
    I’m going to be doing some live changes, you can view the link,
    Hoping to make it fun, so might ask you guys for some advice when making choices
    So yeah, let’s make this website together
  • So lets get started with WP dashboard
  • At first, it can look a bit daunting, so many options, no drag and drop
    But gonna talk you through my process when setting up a site, and hopefully it’ll make a lot more sense by the end of it
  • Okay, so first thing we’re gonna do is choose a theme,
    I always choose theme first, because then I can work around that
    Changing theme afterwards I sometimes have to edit more content
  • Site with theme
  • Basic theme customisation in customiser
    Depending on theme will be diff options
    Sometimes theme options section
    We’ll have a play with our theme
  • Now happy with how site looks, lets make some pages for our content
  • Customising menus
    So the menus section in WP allows you to create navigation
  • Next let’s take a look at the settings area
    Important part of the dashboard - a lot of important settings
  • So WordPress was famous as a blogging platform, these days it can do so much more
    But important part is still posts section, we created some pages earlier
    So lets explain the difference between posts and pages
  • Now we’ve played with some of the basic stuff, lets get to the fun part
  • Plugins are scripts you can download and install on your site
    To add new features, functionality and really customise it to your needs
    Im gonna install two very different popular plugins and just talk you through how they work
  • First one is Yoast
    Popular plugin for adding SEO to your site.
    Good SEO is how you turn up high on google ranks
    Makes it easy for someone like who doesn’t know loads about SEO
  • Another popular plugin is contact form 7 - allows you to add, would you guess it, a contact form to your site
  • At 34sp we get asked to recommend plugins because people worry they might download something dodgy
    All plugins within Wordpress repo have been checked by humans, so don’t worry too much
  • Just going to use the media section to show you how WordPress handles images and what you can do with them
  • And that’s pretty much it for my basic introduction
    I’ve added a couple of things here that might be worth looking in to
    Off the back of this
  • Thanks, hope this was helpful
    Any Qs