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Film review

  1. 1. Created by Karen Mills
  2. 2. The main purpose is……...  to inform: provideinformation about the work or performance
  3. 3.  to persuade: provide compelling opinions about the positive and negative aspects of the work or performance
  4. 4.  to entertain: provide interest using humour, comparisons, or choice of language.
  5. 5. Common elements in reviews Short to medium in length.Use of puns and rhetorical questions. Entertains the reader. Quotes from the film. Tagline of the film.
  6. 6. Summary of the film. Two or three sentences is fine; you don’t need to include a lot of details or reveal the big ending.
  7. 7. What character(s) do you most identify with?What are the mainpersonality traits of this (these) characters?
  8. 8. Director’s intention or messageIn your opinion, what was the director’s intention or message?
  9. 9. Visually stunningTechnically superb Dull
  10. 10. Lighting
  11. 11. Sumptuous EvocativeAtmospheric
  12. 12. Over-the-top Stunning BudgetState-of-the-art
  13. 13. wooden convincing believableaccomplished inspired
  14. 14. Award-winning Period Stylish
  15. 15. Predictable Original Muddled Climax
  16. 16. Leaden StiltedRealisticContrived
  17. 17. Drawn-outBum-numbingTightly-scripted Fast moving
  18. 18. Let’s lookat a review
  19. 19. http://www.totalfilm.com /reviews/cinema/the- twilight-saga-new-moon
  20. 20. Film Details Director: Chris Weitz Based on: Stephenie Meyer novel – New Moon Release Date: November 20, 2009 Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Rachelle Lefevre, Billy Burke, Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning Distributed by: Summit Entertainment Running time: 130 minutes
  21. 21. The Twilight Saga: New MoonRobsessed? Prepare to swoon. Nonplussed? Prepare to scorn… Catchy attention-By Jane Crowther | Nov 17th 2009 grabbing openingIn the wake of the international introduction. 2 star rating out of 5.pant-dampening hysteria Directly mentions thegenerated by Twilight last year, name, publicity andSummit Entertainment shows the film is part of a sequel. ‘Pant-certainly knew they had a cash dampening hysteria’cow on their hands. implies this will excite girls who would flock to the theatre with cash in hand.
  22. 22. So before you could say Mentions ‘kerching!’ they were churning adaptation from novel to film, out the second of Stephanie giving a brief Meyer’s dreary books overview of the following the teen romance storyline. between vampire Edward Indicates who the (Robert Pattinson) and human main actors are. Bella (Kristen Stewart) as they Use of puns and negotiate the perils of breaking thoughts/jokes up and resisting blood-lust that people might (seriously, what does he do have when viewing a film like this. when she has her period?).
  23. 23. When Bella is nearly scoffed by one of Edward’s siblings, he Conversational tone, dumps her and leaves her to revealing more details recover with the help of jailbait about the plot – Entertains the hottie Jacob (Taylor Lautner) – audience. who also happens to be a werewolf. And then there’s a Gives a verdict on the unicorn who… no, not really. But film and the type of if this sounds preposterous audience that would already, New Moon is not for be likely to view it. you. It’s aimed unashamedly at Implies that the actors fans looking for Pattinson porn are ‘pretty’ to look at, and willing to buy into the even if the plot is not Meyers mythology with a believable. straight face.
  24. 24. Where original Twilight director Informs the viewer of Catherine Hardwicke the change in directors, gives viewers/fans the successfully tapped into opportunity to see the primal teenage sexual different styles longing, replacement Chris between the two Weitz (The Golden Compass) movies. Could entice makes the glossy follow-up viewers who did not like the first film to see slavishly faithful to the over- the second one to see if ripe book, loaded with the director has made it operatic performances and a any better. portentous tone that that is never far from being snigger- Gives viewers an idea of other films that the inducing. reviewer thinks are of a similar nature.
  25. 25. Edward struts everywhere Gives the reviewers (and even skips through the opinion of the woods) in eye-candy slo- negative aspects of mo. Everyone… (frown) this film. talks with (lip-bite)… overly - Remember ALL dramatic pauses. God, reviews are from a everyone is MISERABLE. biased point of And the CGI wolves are a view. Just because bit rubbish. someone else likes or loathes it doesn’t mean you will feel the same way.
  26. 26. But like Marmite, what some will Shows positive hate, others will love. Book aspects of the devotees will be thrilled by film and the Rosenberg’s attention to Meyers’s likeness to the florid dialogue and key scenes; novel. Twilight movie fans will get moist for R-Pattz stripping and Lautner’s Again implies physical transformation from boy that girls will to lupine stud; and casual viewers be impressed will enjoy Michael Sheen’s with the entertaining scenery munching as ‘pretty’ actors a vampire law-maker. in the film.
  27. 27. Yes, it’s not as unquantifiably hot or States that reviewer audience-transcending as Twilight, thought ‘Twilight’ but New Moon is still a guilty was a better movie, pleasure that should keep fans but if you are a fan across the spectrum happy, you’ll still like ‘New without being a stand-alone great Moon’. film. Leaves the reader wanting more...Besides, the cliffhanger ending to the wondering what the next instalment (2010’s Eclipse) next film (Eclipse) will be about. promises room for improvement. And it’s only eight months away…
  28. 28. Verdict: Gives a finalDepending on your gender, verdict of what the age and Twihard-ness, this reviewer thought good-looking angst party is of the film. either a solid Meyer Sums up why the adaptation with quiver- reviewer gave this worthy moments of film 2 stars out of hotness; or a wet, ludicrous, a possible 5 stars. unintentionally-funny pile of steaming bathos.
  29. 29. Now you canconfidently writeyour own review.