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Top 7 Marketing Mistakes and how you can avoid them in your own business

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  1. 1. DUMB MISTAKE #1 HAVING A POOR MARKETING STRATEGY Why is this a Dumb Mistake? If you fail to plan out your approach then your products won’t sell. Quick tip? Research your core costomer, find out what they like, where they spend their time, what problems they face and what they use when making buying decisions.
  2. 2. DUMB MISTAKE #2 RELYING ON ONE MARKETING METHOD TO SELL Why is this a Dumb Mistake? If you rely on just one form of marketing you will not sell enough to keep your business afloat. Quick tip? Work with experts who know how to use more than one form of marketing, including agencies, marketing professionals, industry experts.
  3. 3. DUMB MISTAKE #3 ONE MARKETING DIRECTOR – NO MARKETING TEAM Why is this a Dumb Mistake? Marketing anything takes a lot of time, money and energy. It’s near impossible for one person to deliver great results without help. Quick tip? Look for a way you can off load some of the tedious tasks to someone else, hire contractors, agencies or virtual assistants.
  4. 4. DUMB MISTAKE #4 NOT MANAGING THE MESSAGING PROPERLY Why is this a Dumb Mistake? If you confuse people with your messaging it makes it harder to sell your product. Quick tip? Decide what your value is, how this will benefit your customer and how you want to convey it.
  5. 5. DUMB MISTAKE #5 NOT HAVING ANY INFLUENCERS ON BOARD Why is this a Dumb Mistake? If you don’t use them you could be missing out on reaching new customers. Quick tip? Look for authentic influencers, people that support your motto or love what you stand for.
  6. 6. DUMB MISTAKE #6 MARKETING WITH THE WRONG MEDIA Why is this a Dumb Mistake? If you sell pianos and you advertise in a surfing mag, you’re hardly reaching the right audience. Quick tip? Make sure your marketing makes sense, use magazines and websites that are relevant to your core customer.
  7. 7. DUMB MISTAKE #7 FAILING TO ENGAGE WITH YOUR SOCIAL COMMUNITY Why is this a Dumb Mistake? If you want your brand to be talked about online, you need to talk to your social community. Quick tip? Engage daily with your audience, drive incentives & deliver special content.
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