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  1. 1. CHI’S MARIA TMAS CHRIS IESTA F Every day up to 22nd December, the Mariachis will release a vine showing their party preparations in the lead up to their very own Christmas Fiesta. Lucky fans will be able to win invitations to the live event. Party with the band and other famous singers.
  2. 2. o get ow t H ment olve inv Initially: -Mariachi’s release video -Celebrities battle it out over twitter to be part of the concert lineup. -100 tickets released. Ongoing competitions: -spot the pinata -best Christmas photo -best carol singing -best Doritos creation Prizes: -Doritos stockings -Fiesta Invitations -Song from Mariachis Please please vote for me to sing with The Mariachis for their Doritos Christms Fiesta! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED TO THE MARIACHI’S DORITOS CHRISTMAS FIESTA! THIS TICKET IS FOR YOU +1 SEE YOU THERE, chis The Maria
  3. 3. 23rd December Doritos present The Mariachi’s Christmas Fiesta. Can watch online Suggest songs on twitter Famous singers The 22 vines join together to make the final film as well as footage from the event. The Mariachi’s Christmas Fiesta - The Film
  4. 4. EAR EW Y N Doritos website/livestream enables everyone to link a webcam up and share their New Year party with others. Big screens around cities showing the stream. Midnight - lucky party drawn from screen.