Q1 pitch

  1. Tough Mudder Valentine’s Day Prompt Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you’ve been asked to create a relevant post for Tough Mudder’s Facebook site. Describe the post, and why it fits the Tough Mudder brand. y Tough s Da Mu tine’ dd er len Va Love Mud Comradery beer Hearts Bonding Reflection blood bruises Chocolates Testament of Faith and Effort Arctic Sweet Nothings Enemas Having Fun Champagne fear
  2. Tough Mudder Valentine’s Day The Post The Valentine’s post should align itself with one or more of the mutual traits described above, while staying consistent with the Tough Mudder voice. Tough Mudder has a history of inspiring, intimidating, hoo-rah posts with the occasional tongue-in-cheek twist (see “dong dangler”). Social media posts catch attention when the content doesn’t match the copy, but the relationship between the two is still unmistakable. Tough Mudder content with Valentine’s Day copy make for a potent mixture. The Photo For some, Valentine’s Day is a two-person event: you and the person you care most about. For others, it’s an excuse to damn their ex’s and go out with friends. Either direction Tough Mudder takes with the photo works, as long as the copy matches it. The Copy Valentine’s Day offers dozens of taglines and catchphrases that juxtapose well with the Tough Mudder brand. The copy should be sentimental, yet active and relevant to the outrageous nature of Tough Mudder.
  3. Tough Mudder Valentine’s Day Some Examples They call it a long walks on the beach ? Leap of Faith for a reason ME TOO
  4. Tough Mudder Valentine’s Day Some Examples she was lovestruck from day one How do we explain Who wears the pants?