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E16 Wine Company No FOB 10-15

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E16 Wine Company No FOB 10-15

  1. 1. Presenting E16 Wine Company Estate Vineyards & Wines E 16 Wine Company Confidential
  2. 2. E 16 Wine Company Confidential Meet the Team
  3. 3. E 16 Wine Company Confidential The Road to E16 In the early 1900’s my grandfather was growing grapes in the Central Valley. Our family has been in agriculture for three generations. This had a huge influence on my life as a child and young man growing up. Watching my family work the fields and produce food and grapes made a lasting impression on me. I knew that one day I would return to my roots and till the earth. When the chance arose in in 1995 to purchase land in an up and coming Vineyard Appellation I took the leap and bought 40 acres in El Dorado County off County Road E16. Today that land has been cleared and planted to many Rhone varietals which we have sold to neighboring wineries. “My vision was to grow the finest varietals and manage the vineyard with the same care and compassion for the land as my grandfather.” -President, Robert Jones My vision was to grow the finest varietals and manage the vineyard with care and compassion for the land. Today we have achieved that goal and the vineyard produces some remarkable grapes and wine. In continuing the vision we have expanded our production to include the premier appellations of California with six additional wines from the best of what California has to offer. A Word from our President Robert Jones
  4. 4. E 16 Wine Company Confidential The Road to E16 When I was A child my parents had this crazy idea to grow grapes in the headlands of Napa County in the late 60’s. They got together with some our Italian friends that were already living in Napa and growing grapes for generations. They talked my parents into buying 20 acres of land in what is now known as Carneros. I thought they were crazy. There was nothing there. While Kelly’s family managed the vineyards Kelly was quickly getting the “wine bug”. His family spent those early years managing the vineyards and selling the grapes to local wineries. “As a result” Kelly says, “I spent my childhood and early adulthood close to the vines. My love of fine wines really developed first in the vineyard.” A Word from our VP Kelly Young Vice President, Kelly Young There were a lot of old timers in those days.” Kelly recalls, “We sat around the long plank board family table with maybe 15 or 20 neighbors and friends on the weekends and ate dinner, argued about wine growing techniques, the weather, the future of wine, and enjoyed life at a much simpler pace. It wasn’t the Napa Valley we know today. Everything was very rustic” Working with E16 is a culmination of my lifetime interest in growing, making and enjoying fine wine from the best that California has to offer.
  5. 5. E 16 Wine Company Confidential Introducing our Winemaker Daniel Moore Daniel Moore is winemaker extraordinaire. With over 35 vintages under his belt Daniel helped pave the way in the early days of winemaking in Russian River and Sonoma County. Many of the techniques and styles that Daniel imparts into his masterful bag of secrets are copied today by up and coming apprentices and may even be discussed as part of Enology programs . Daniel has a long list of Wineries that he has influenced over the years. Arriving in the Russian River Valley in 1983, Daniel has made a name for himself as a talented and far-thinking winemaker. Building on his love of Pinot Noir he has made wine for a number of noteworthy wineries such as Martinelli and Lynmar (as well as his own winery Zmoore). He was the founding winemaker for both wineries and worked for the latter for over a decade. Daniel uses over 30 vintages of experience to craft wines of great depth and complexity. Over the years his style has remained true to his vision—that the wines have balance. Today Daniel lends his expert consulting and time to a few special clients. He continues to produce wines that exceed expectations repeatedly garnering scores from the critics in the 90’s. For E 16 Wine Company Daniel’s approach involves minimal intervention, natural yeasts and style that respects the land from which the grapes came Daniel continues the legend.
  6. 6. The Jones Family • Third generation grape grower • Land Management • Family history of Agriculture, Fine Food, and Winemaking E 16 Wine Company Confidential 40 Acres mostly under vine - El Dorado County, Fairplay Appellation - Rhone Varietals
  7. 7. The Young Family • Late 60’s Carneros Region Chardonnay Pioneers • California native over 50 years with multi generation family ties • Developed multiple ranches over the years E 16 Wine Company Confidential Wine aficionado with collection of Sonoma and Napa wines spanning 30 years. Trained Chef
  8. 8. • Keep overhead to a minimum • Allows us to seek out best vineyards with ability to secure multi year contracts while still remaining agile • Invest in grapes, barrels and winemaking not land taxes, mortgage and maintenance Key Benefits of Virtual Winery Model E 16 Wine Company Confidential
  9. 9. • Allows us to seek out Ultra Premium Grapes from the “Sweet Spot” in an Appellation that normally would not be available to a small winery. • Work closely with Grower to manage from grape to bottle. Ensuring the highest quality. • Commitment to smaller Boutique growers that produce hard to get Ultra Premium fruit from hard to get Appellations. Key Advantages of Sourcing Vineyards E 16 Wine Company Confidential
  10. 10. This Vineyard sits in the mythical “Sweet Spot” of RRV. Caressed by the cool costal breezes and warmed by the afternoon sun this Pinot Noir vineyard produces world class grapes from Pommard clones. Known for its high quality Ultra Premium fruit and it’s concentrated flavors it has been contracted by the likes of Gary Farrell and others. We knew when Chris Bowland planted Pinot Noir in Bennett Valley he was on to something. This vineyard sits among the rolling hills behind Sonoma Mountain. Gently undulating with maximum attention to aspect and clone selection make this a must have vineyard. Russian River Valley Trenton 1880 Bennett Valley Bowland Ranch E16 Selection Vineyards E 16 Wine Company Confidential
  11. 11. The entrance to Escolle Vineyard starts off River Road and climbs upward over 300 feet into the Highlands. In the upper reaches of the vineyard we selected a single block of Pommard with the intention of creating a supple wine that would capture the essence of the appellation Anderson Valley West End Santa Lucia Highlands Escolle Vineyard E16 Selection Vineyards When talking extreme locations you have to include Anderson Valley. This Pinot Noir vineyard sits well off the beaten path of RRV and other easily accessible areas. We chose this vineyard for its clonal types and the fact that it sits in the “Deep End’ of Anderson Valley. Although the vineyard is a low yield the fruit is incredible and three dimensional with depth and character. E 16 Wine Company Confidential
  12. 12. Russian River Valley Bacigalupi Vineyard When you talk about Chardonnay the de facto vineyard of legend has to be Bacigalupi. When Helen called us and told us she had Chardonnay it was a resounding “Yes” Daniel has been working with Bacigalupi fruit for near a decade. The famed vineyard is know for the fact that the grapes there were part of the famous Chardonnay that won Steve Spurrier’s Judgment of Paris in 1976. It was the 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay which had Helen's fruit in it. Judgment of Paris 1976 E 16 Wine Company Confidential
  13. 13. Judgment of Paris 1976 Bennett Valley is a place where nature truly thrives. Pastoral hillsides, horse and cattle ranches and, of course, pristine vineyards all harmonize to create a unique setting for making world class wines. Indeed, the wines produced from the grapes grown in Bennett Valley benefit from extended hang time, thus ensuring the grapes will reach optimal maturity. The long growing season helps maximize flavors, increase concentration and soften green astringent tannins enabling wines to be made which reflect the essence of each individual varietal. Roughly defined by the Matanzas Creek watershed, three mountains uniquely define the valley: Taylor to the west, Bennett to the east and Sonoma to the south. A gap in the mountains permits cool coastal fog and wind to pour into Bennett Valley on a regular basis throughout the growing season. Bennett Valley has less than 700 acres in vines which are farmed primarily by small independent growers with a passion for quality and a commitment to the production of world class wines. Expect to see the stature of this unique appellation grow in coming years. Sonoma County Bennett Valley “Bennett Valley has less than 700 acres in vines which are farmed primarily by small independent growers with a passion for quality and a commitment to the production of world class wines” –VP, Kelly Young E16 Selection Appellations
  14. 14. Judgment of Paris 1976 You can still come harvest your own raspberries in September, pick your own pumpkins come Halloween, or chop down a Christmas tree while December nights darken along the wending patch of the Russian River as it descends to meet the Pacific at Jenner-by-the-Sea. Commercial gardens grow flowers that decidedly define the color spectrum and a prize-winning dairy provides an expanse of mind-soothing, stress-busting, brown-eyed milkers. As good as the Russian River Valley Chardonnays are–they are clearly world class, being slightly more lean than those of Alexander Valley, but still fruit developed enough to sustain months in oak barrels for depth and complexity–this is where Pinot Noir shines. Where most red wines focus on flavor, Pinot Noir is about texture, that sensual, succulent, juicy, fleshy, slides-down-your-throat mouth feel that is so alluring. It is a textural delight that can only be found where morning river fogs moderate afternoon temperatures so that fruit maturity is achieved without loss of depth and suppleness. E16 Selection Appellations Russian River Valley
  15. 15. Judgment of Paris 1976 E16 Selection Appellations Anderson Valley Anderson Valley stretches from Yorkville Highlands (located in a highland meadow straddling the upper Rancheria Creek and upper Dry Creek watersheds) through Boonville (located on Anderson Creek) and Philo (located on Indian Creek) to Navarro (located on Soda Creek). Rancheria, Anderson, Indian and Soda creeks are tributaries to the Navarro River, which flows north and west through the coastal range to the Pacific Ocean; Dry Creek flows south into the Russian River watershed in Sonoma County. The main stem of the Navarro River begins less than a mile south of Philo at the confluence of Anderson Creek and Rancheria Creek. The mouth of the Navarro is 10 miles (16 km) south of Mendocino, California. Encompassing 315 square miles (816 km²), the Navarro River watershed is the largest coastal basin in Mendocino County. Such unique geography results in a wide diurnal range, with daily high and low temperatures occasionally diverging 40 or 50 degrees. This enables Pinot Noir growers to keep acid development in line with sugar and flavor formation through long, warm Indian summers. “Such unique geography results in a wide diurnal range enabling Pinot Noir growers to keep acid development in line with sugar and flavor formation through long, warm Indian summers.” - Winemaker, Daniel Moore
  16. 16. Judgment of Paris 1976 E16 Selection Appellations Santa Lucia Highlands Every great winegrowing district has one thing in common: a truly special location or sense of place. For the SLH, that sense of place stems from its elevated, mountainside perch and its close proximity to the cold waters of Monterey Bay. The vineyards of the Highlands are planted on the terraces of the Santa Lucia mountain range, overlooking the Salinas River Valley. Here, fogs and breezes off nearby Monterey Bay funnel southeast, between the Santa Lucia and Gabilan ranges, creating a cool, true Region I climate. The vines elevated sites take full advantage of the morning sunshine before the stiff, afternoon maritime winds slow down photosynthesis, making for long, gentle ripening. The exceptionally long SLH growing season of early bud break, lack of fall rains, and prolonged harvests allow the grapes to develop full, phenolic ripeness and flavors.
  17. 17. E 16 Wine Company Confidential Appellation Owner Vineyard History Varietal Clone Russian River Valley Benovia Trenton “1880” Benovia Pinot Noir Pommard, 667, 777, 115 Russian River Valley Bacigalupi Bacigalupi David Ramey Girard Rudd Chardonnay Old Wente Clone Russian River Valley Charles Jones Benovia Hawks Benovia Peter Paul Fog Crest Pinot Noir Pommard, 667, 777, 115 Bennett Valley Bowland Bowland Ranch Williams Selyem Pinot Noir 667,777,115 Pommard Anderson Valley Conzelman “West End” Flowers Golden Eye Pinot Noir 667 Pommard Santa Lucia Highlands Hahn Family Doctors Testarrosa, Pinot Noir Pommard Features & Benefits of Diverse Appellation Selections
  18. 18. E 16 Wine Company Confidential 18
  19. 19. E 16 Wine Company Confidential 19
  20. 20. E 16 Wine Company Confidential 20 2013 Vintage Scores
  21. 21. E 16 Wine Company Confidential Compelling Brand Design Eye Catching Understated Elegance “We want consumers and retailers to know we oversee every grape that goes into our wine. Our wines come from magnificent locations that consistently produce fantastic fruit. Emphasizing a view of Vineyard makes another connection with the origin of the wine you are holding .” – President, Robert Jones
  22. 22. E 16 Wine Company Confidential Michelin Star Restaurants, Fine Dining, National Accounts Spectator Best Of Excellence- DiRoNa Award
  23. 23. Trade Section E 16 Wine Company Confidential • Tech Sheets • Bottle Shots • Label Shots • Logos • POS • Shelf Talkers Case Talkers • Hot Sheets
  24. 24. Portfolio E16 Wine Company • E 16 Selections – Distinctive Single Vineyard Designate Burgundian Wines from California. Appellations Include: Santa Lucia Highlands, Bennett Valley, Russian River Valley, Anderson Valley Tools of the Trade • Tech Sheets • Sell Sheets • POS • Case Talkers E 16 Wine Company Confidential
  25. 25. E 16 Wine Company Confidential E 1 6 W i n e S e l e c t i o n s
  26. 26. Thank you! It has been a pleasure sharing our story and passion with you. For further inquiries and discovery of E16 Wines please contact our Vice President, Kelly Young to schedule a tasting appointment. Best Regards, E16 Wine Company Kelly Young Vice President 408.894.0295 O 408.368.2398 C Kelly@E16wines.com www.E16wines.com