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Leveling up your campus visit with VizVid!

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Amp up every prospective student's visit experience with VizVid!
Our Director of HigherEd Marketing and Director of User Experience explain how you can use personalized video to create a campus visit students will never forget!

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Leveling up your campus visit with VizVid!

  2. 2. JESSICA SHASSERRE Director of Higher Education Marketing PRESENTERS BOBBY DUEBELBEIS Director of User Experience
  3. 3. The Pre-Visit Experience The Visit Experience The Post-Visit Experience The Ultimate Post-Visit Product TODAY WE’LL DISCUSS… THE CAMPUS VISIT IS ONE OF THE BEST SOURCES OF INFORMATION FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS AT EACH PHASE OF THE COLLEGE SEARCH PROCESS. 42% consider it the best source of information as they begin their college search process. 63% rely on the campus visit experience to make their final enrollment choice. 49% believe it is the best source of information as they narrow their application list. Source: Eduventures Student Sentiment Survey 2018 © ACT | NRCCUA
  4. 4. 9 7 % 87 % 4 8 Of admissions and recruitment administrators agree that students who have a more personalized recruitment process are more likely to enroll. Of students agree that receiving personalized communications during their application process played an important factor in their college choice. Of students who applied to multiple colleges decided against attending a school because of poor communication. Source: Students, alumni and administrators agree: Data-driven communications make a difference. © Ellucian 2018
  5. 5. THE PRE-VISIT EXPERIENCE What barriers do you have in front of students wanting to visit? 1 . How can you level-up campus visit promotions, and better track your efforts?
  6. 6. THE PRE-VISIT EXPERIENCE Think like a tourism manager Get creative with campus visit mailers Tracking visitor campaigns with the use of conversion zones
  7. 7. THE VISIT EXPERIENCE2 . The Ahh Effect The A-ha! Effect The Haha Effect Source: http://jem.pb.edu.pl/data/magazine/article/561/en/swacha_ittermann.pdf
  8. 8. THE VISIT EXPERIENCE Outsider Industry Practices Journey Mapping Gamifying the Experience Infusing Social Media/Tech Sample Journey Map Template https://www.nngroup.com/articles/customer-journey-mapping/ Learn more about journey mapping:
  9. 9. THE VISIT EXPERIENCE Parent ad campaigns Parent schedules Parent giveaways FOR THE PARENTS, TOO.
  10. 10. THE POST-VISIT EXPERIENCE What’s next? Apply and deposit, of course. 3 .
  11. 11. THE POST-VISIT EXPERIENCE What if… You reallocated your viewbook budget to a new, interactive campus visitor takeaway?
  12. 12. THE POST-VISIT EXPERIENCE What if… Along with your visit experience survey, you included 5 personality-trait questions that led students to receive a designed-for-them personalized poster?
  13. 13. Whatever you do, you’ve now gathered more information on a prospective student than you’ve ever had before. USE IT TO SPEAK TO THEM
  15. 15. WPU CAMPUS TOUR EXPERIENCE Student-ambassadors lead tours Tour experience as a main differentiator Personalized for each student Photos in front of historic buildings and landmarks
  16. 16. BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. No VizVid template is alike In-house team of animators, video producers, and engineers Highly collaborative creation process Motion graphics and live action videos can be personalized
  18. 18. INTEGRATIONS More
  19. 19. THANKS FOR JOINING US TODAY! Jessica Shasserre jessicas@mediacross.com Bobby Duebelbeis bobbyd@mediacross.com