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Azure businessoverview daliborkacmar

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The cloud platform is getting more and more attractive to the computing world. Azure is a new cloud system from Microsoft that allows applications to run from a remote connected system, hosted in a Microsoft data center, and store data in the cloud. The platform consists of three main parts – Development runtime, Azure runtime and Applications like SQL Azure. In this business focused session you will see the main business overview of this cloud platform.

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Azure businessoverview daliborkacmar

  1. 1. Windows Azure Dalibor Kačmář Platform Strategy Advisor Microsoft
  2. 2. business is transforming in deeper ways… Business trends reshape technology conomic trends • Cuts in operating costs and capital expenditures • Increased competition for fewer dollars • Do more with less While the economy has faced gloom and doom… creating shifts in technology. trends
  3. 3. Fundamentals How Microsoft Views the Cloud Scale out Automated Service Management High Availability Multi-tenancy Infrastructure Business model Ownership Considerations Management Location
  4. 4. Choosing and Blending Deployment Options
  5. 5. The Cloud Secure Cloud Federation Dedicated Cloud Private Cloud International ENTERPRISE Publish to Cloud or Enterprise Public Cloud
  6. 6. Software + Services PC Phone Server Cloud ToolsandCross-PlatformSupport Client TV
  7. 7. Windows Azure is an internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers around the world, proving a simple, reliable and powerful platform for the creation of web applications and services. Introducing Windows Azure
  8. 8. Security and Control State-of-the-art Data Centers Automated Services Management Storage ServicesVirtualized Computation WA Automates the Management of IT Resources
  9. 9. Windows Azure Scalable Architecture • No up-front costs for massively scalable computing infrastructure • Pay for what you use, when you use it • Eliminate utilization concerns • Add compute power as business grows or demand spikes • No ongoing depreciation and maintenance costs
  10. 10. Developing Applications for Windows Azure FAMILIAR DEVELOPER EXPERIENCE DESIGNED FOR INTEROPERABILITY PROVEN MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGIES  Development: Visual Studio integration, offline cloud simulation  Maintenance: Local debugging, APIs for logging  Management: APIs for deployment management  SOAP and REST protocols  XML file formats  Commitment to support Java, PHP, Python and other popular programming languages  Visual Studio, ASP.NET, SQL Azure integration  Windows Azure integration
  11. 11. Learn Try Buy Use/Manage Online Self Help Portal & Dashboard (all users) Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Assisted Support Pre-sales, Sales, & Customer Service (all users, no charge) • Live Site Support (no charge 24/7) • Developer Support (pay for) MSPN Program Benefits (partners) Premier now includes Azure Platform Support! Support For Customers & Partners
  12. 12. Premier Support for the Windows Azure Platform One end to end support package for all Microsoft Products & Services  Designated Support Account Manager provides single point of contact for support & IT planning needs  Problem Resolution Support shorter response times & priority escalation paths should be required  Service Delivery Planning ongoing planning & execution cycle continuously improving IT operations & maturity  Access to specialized Azure Prevention and Resolution resources who deliver Developer Support, Support Assistance, Information Services, & Workshops Additional info: http://www.microsoft.com/premier Developer Benefits: Support Account Management Workshops Problem Resolution Support Prevention and Resolution Resources Information Services Support Assistance Premier Support
  13. 13. Windows Azure Pricing Meters Compute Per Service Hour Starting at $0.12/service hour + Variable instance sizes Bandwidth Per GB transfer in or out of a datacenter US/EU Bandwidth = $0.10 in / $0.15 out / GB Asia Pacific = $0.30 in / $0.45 out / GB Storage Per GB stored & transactions Blob & table $0.15 / GB Storage Access = $0.10 / 100K Transactions Elastic, scalable, secure, & highly available automated service platform
  14. 14. SQL Azure Pricing Web Edition Per DB per Month Up to 1GB DB $9.99 + BW charges Business Edition Per DB per Month Up to 10GB DB $99.99 + BW charges Highly available, scalable, and self managed distributed relational database service Data Transfers Windows Azure and SQL Azure data transfers within a sub- region are not subject to BW charges
  15. 15. Use the TCO calculator - estimate the price and the cost savings yield Breakdown of annual infrastructure cost savings moving to the Windows Azure Platform ROI comparison between Windows Azure Platform and comparable on- premises data services Provides consumption costs broken down by specific components within the Windows Azure environment Windows Azure Services Windows Azure Costs ROI Comparison For more information about pricing check out Understanding Windows Azure Platform Pricing course on Windows Azure.com To access the TCO Calculator go to: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/tco/ Note: The TCO calculator is for informational purposes only, and provides an estimate to help appraise the potential savings of deployment to Windows Azure. The analysis report should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of Microsoft, or the partner
  16. 16. Instance Monitoring & Restart • All running roles will be monitored continuously • If role is unhealthy, we will detect and initiate corrective state Database Availability • Database is connected to the internet gateway • Availability monitoring every 5-minute interval Storage Availability • Storage service will be available/reachable (connectivity) • Your storage requests will be processed successfully Service Availability • Service Bus endpoint will have external connectivity • .NET Message operation requests will be processed successfully Compute Connectivity • Your service is connected and reachable via web • Internet facing roles will have external connectivity > 99.95% > 99.99% > 99.99% > 99.99% > 99.99% Microsoft Delivers Service Levels  Customer-oriented pricing options: Simple, Flexible and Comprehensive  Microsoft’s world-class service and support  Clear and Simple SLA Guarantees
  17. 17. eduify | write faster Partner Success “ Cloud computing democratizes access to carrier-class data center technology with better performance, higher efficiency, and lower costs; Microsoft’s Azure adds to that integration with a first-class development platform, decades of operations experience, and a developer toolbox of customizable services.” – Brian Mathews, Vice President, Autodesk “ With Azure, your ability to deliver solutions becomes much faster and you can really innovate and be competitive.” – Jitendra Thethi Principle Architect, Infosys “ Making a reliable cloud application can be really hard, and Azure uses .NET and Visual Studio tools we already know and that we already know how to put out into a marketplace. That's very helpful for us and it's helpful for our customers.” – Erik Johnson Research Director, Epicor
  18. 18. High-level services integrate with your on- premises application, extending your infrastructure into the cloud and enabling new types of solutions. On-Premises Application and Cloud Storage allows you to reduce IT tasks, and focus on delivering solutions, not managing technology infrastructure. Windows Azure is an open platform, enabling you to have vendor choice and increasing your flexibility in how to build applications. Microsoft is enterprise ready, providing a worldwide datacenter presence, Service Level Agreements, developer programs and the customer service and support your business expects. "It’s the transformation of our software, it’s the transformation of our strategy and our offerings across the board to fundamentally embrace services.” —RAY OZZIE Microsoft is Your Trusted Technology Partner
  19. 19. Get more information: Resource Guide: www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/ Partner Learning Center: http://partner.microsoft.com/learning My blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/kaci Quantify the Windows Azure Platform ROI: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/tco/ Learn more and get started: www.micorsoft.com/windowsazure/getstarted Microsoft Azure Akademie (Czech only) Online traing 5.10. – 16.11. 2010 1 per week, 1 hour, 7 lessons Statement of participation Fully free Led by Dalibor Kačmář and Michael Juřek www.msdn.cz/AzureAkademie NEXT STEPS 2 3 1
  20. 20. Case studies • Presentation of real world examples customer solutions • Demonstrates examples of Windows Azure’s expertise with each application type • Paints the complete picture of the solution
  21. 21. MarketingCampaignWebsitesApplication: KiaMotorsAmerica Scenario New Application Development Business Problem Windows Azure Platform Solution Benefits • Super Bowl ad campaign website needed to accommodate thousands of hits • On-premise model costly • Application developed and hosted on Windows Azure • Utilized SQL Azure for relational database needs • Quick development of website in two weeks by three developers, using code and assets developed in a prior campaign • Straightforward deployment required setting up a new Windows Azure account • Easily scalable that if traffic surpassed the amount the web roles could handle, team could add roles in just minutes • Team approximated a CapEx savings in excess of $100,000
  22. 22. WebPresenceApplication: KelleyBlueBook Scenario Data Center- Extension Business Problem Windows Azure Platform Solution Benefits • Under-utilized server capacity • A need to scale quickly • Inefficient resource use • Software-plus-services model • Moved Web site to the Windows Azure platform • Reduced capital expenditures with flexible scalability • Improved operational cost flexibility • Improved ability to deliver new services • Reduced data center and hosting costs saving $100,000 annually • More strategic use of IT resources, improving IT efficiency • Dynamic application environment
  23. 23. WebPresenceApplication: CityofMiami New Application Development • Improve the city’s applications that use powerful mapping technology • Shrinking IT budget • Application developed and hosted on Windows Azure Platform • Utilized Bing maps • Reduced IT maintenance costs: A 75% savings in the 1st year over hosting on premises • Fast time-to-market: 311 took less than 2 weeks to build • Improved service offerings for citizens: 311 app enables non-emergency services • Pay-as-you-go pricing model for Windows Azure : Pay for as the amount of usage, creating a less risky and more efficient model • Cost-effective disaster recovery: Enough server redundancy to keep infrastructure running at an event of a disaster Benefits Scenario Business Problem Windows Azure Platform Solution
  24. 24. Data-centricServicesApplication:AP Information as a Service • Create a scalable application programming interface (API) that developers worldwide can use to incorporate news content • Deployed using Windows Azure Platform • SQL Azure stores news data metadata • Elimination of the planning and costly hardware investment traditionally required when creating a highly scalable product • Customers do not have to worry about capacity planning with Windows Azure • Straightforward development and faster time-to-market utilizing developer’s current expertise • Application provides new business opportunities and revenue stream Scenario Business Problem Windows Azure Platform Solution Benefits
  25. 25. Self-ManagedDepartmentalApplications: MicrosoftIT’sGivingCampaign Application Extension • Internal volunteer online auction website • Team struggled to find available resources to maintain the site • Uses Windows Azure web roles for the front-end service • Can quickly scale as traffic dictates • Utilized existing developer expertise in the .Net framework • Easily migrated from on-premise to the cloud by one developer in less than two weeks • Quickly scaled to handle traffic throughout the campaign • Kept SQL Server as an on-premises server, highlighting ability to use “hybrid” model • In one month, the site raised nearly U.S.$500,000 with no downtime Benefits Windows Azure Platform SolutionScenario Business Problem