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School bullies should face criminal charges because

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School bullies should face criminal charges because

  1. 1. KevinGalasinao Kevin Galasinao P2 Response School bullies should face criminal charges because criminals charges will make sure victims will no longer be harmed by bullies physically and emotionally. Though, bullies should face criminal charges if they commit serious crimes like cyberbullying, assault, and rape. Less serious actions like name calling means that bullies shouldn’t face charges. They need to be stood up to by the victim or the victim should tell an authority figure. First, it is considered that any person above 16 is responsible for his or her actions. So bullies should be charged for assaulting other pupils. Also, bullying’s effects can lead to suicide. Due to the behaviour of bullies, victims end up feeling worthless, that nobody cares about them. They believe that life will remain the same for them; that they will always get bullied. So they end up viewing it as an escape. As a way to end the pain they face from their bullies. Amanda Todd, the 15 year old, committed suicide due to being bullied. She flashed her breasts for a guy online. The guy ended up posting her breasts so other students bullied her. She turned to alcohol, drugs, and sex to relieve her pain temporarily. As time passed by, she couldn’t handle the pain so she made a video on Youtube describing her pain before taking her life. It is sick in this culture that people only care so much about a victim once he or she is dead. Where was the empathy and help given to her when she was alive. Also, it is sick that only certain victims like Amanda receive so much attention over what they have been through. Yet, there are children everyday who face bullying and who suicide as a result. Crimianl charges are needed know to help the victims so they can receive help and the bullies face justice. Many people don’t mourn over their deaths. More to come, adults shouldn’t face being bullied so should children. Any adult would not tolerate being verbally abused and physically beaten while coworkers watch, and go home in pain to be bullied again online (cyber bullying). Children are more vulnerable than adults. They must be taken care of properly. Victims aren’t even safe in their homes. They are cyberbullied. Bullies bully them through computers; they send bad
  2. 2. KevinGalasinao messages on chat, are mocked on social media sites like Facebook. Moving forward, criminal charges will make bullies realize that there are serious consequences for their actions. The anti- bullying bills in Ontario and Quebec have consequences that lead to bullies being expelled. Next, a bully should face manslaughter or murder charges if his or her victim as committed suicide due to his her or her actions. The act of bullying is always done with the desire to due to harm. Additionally, bullying isn’t restricted within school. Some adults who were once victims of bullying have psychological damage. Also, bullies are follow the cult of the self. The cult of the self is the worship of the self. It has within it the common traits of psychopaths, superficial charm, grandiosity, and a penchant for lying. Kids who follow the cult of the self become selfish. They think they are so special. They also try to be famous. They go on social media sites to present themselves to people online. A person who appears online is called a selfie. They aspire to be famous. Obtaining what they see as valuable: cars,careers,the beautiful lover, fancy homes. These become their little monuments. They are told by their parents and staff members that they are special; they grow up believing the world is about them. So as a result, they are going to be arrogant and selfish; cruel to others. Criminal charges will ensure that the world does not revolve around them and that their actions will have consequences. Additionally, if bullies do not face punishment for their actions, they don’t learn any consequences for what they have done. They are going to able to bully once again because they won’t face punishment. Also, bullies can remain bullies even in adulthood. Sometimes, bullies grow up to be good adults who regret what they have done to their victims in the past. But there are times, when adults continue to be cruel to others. Look at the governor of New Jersey,Chris Christie. He the closed traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge apparently in retaliation for the Fort Lee mayor’s refusalto support the governor’s 2013 re-election. There’s also a video on YouTube where he acts crueltowards a guy who questioned him. He moves up to him with his law enforcement. They say the company you keep shows you who you really are. Criminal charges must be put in place to make sure there are no adults bullies. But adult bullies can end up having a lot of power over other people, nations, corporations. Their acts are more than just name calling and hitting but war,
  3. 3. KevinGalasinao propaganda against good people in the mainstream media, the rape of the environment for profit, assassinations, drone strikes and etc.