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Question 4

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Question 4

  1. 1. Q4. How did you use media technologies in the Construction, Research and Planning and Evaluation stage? Kevin Ntueba
  2. 2. PLANNING AND RESEARCH O In my planning and research stage I used a number of software programs, internet websites and social networking sites. These included the like of Google search engine, IMBD, The BBFC website, Soundcloud, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Wordpress, Microsoft Office (Presentation, Excel and Word), Slideshare, and Glogster.
  3. 3. Research O When I conducted research for film trailers in my genre (Horror), I done this via the Internet in the form of websites such as IMDB and YouTube. I conducted my researching using a iPhone, Apple iMac and a Acer Laptop. I accessed these websites by using the search engine Google. I chose three film trailers that I would later analyse, The Human Centipede 2, Saw 6 and Smiley.
  4. 4. Wordpress Blog – Planning and Research O I used the Wordpress blog in my project which allowed me to embed videos, presentations, sound files and maps unto the page. O The blog page acted as a diary (an organised diary) of the events and any obstacles I faced in the process of my campaign. O Audience research and feedback in relation to my own work could also be displayed in various ways on the Wordpress blog. Other planning documents could also be displayed on the Wordpress blog, as well as paper work before photo shoots and filming i.e.. Consent form, script, Risk assessment.
  5. 5. Microsoft Office – Planning and Research O I used Microsoft Presentation to draw conclusion to the information I had collected in my research. I used Excel to display figures, from my audience feedback in graphs on my Wordpress blog. I would upload them on Slideshare before embedding them unto the blog page.
  6. 6. Glogster ( Focus Group Feedback) Planning and Research O I used Glogster to present my Feedback from my Focus Group, Wordpress did not allow me to embed it straight unto Wordpress as an interactive presentation, This is why I created a hyperlink which allowed people to access my glog via my Wordpress blog.
  7. 7. Equipment Construction O In my construction stage, I used a camera (equipped with it’s accessories) which I would later upload unto Final Cut Pro to edit. I also use iMovie on the iMac and my iPhone when editing my footage.
  8. 8. Equipment Construction O I also use iMovie on the iMac and my iPhone when editing my footage.
  9. 9. Evaluation In my evaluation I would use; O Wordpress O Adobe Photoshop O Soundcloud O Slideshare O Facebook O Whatsapp O YouTube O Microsoft Office Facebook and Whatsapp would allow me to directly contact any people I wanted feedback from for my work, these social networking sites also allowed me to get opinions of my work from people I didn’t know. YouTube was similar in that I could post my video up and get feedback from anyone who came across it. I used Microsoft presentation which I uploaded unto slideshare before embedding it on my blog, to discuss my evaluation questions.