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Invitation to Industrial Hackathon (SME) of Mikkelin Betoni Oy

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First hackathon ever that solves the tasks of Finnish manufacturer of precast concrete elements. Takes place in Mikkeli, Finland, March 18 - 19. #hacktheconcrete24h

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Invitation to Industrial Hackathon (SME) of Mikkelin Betoni Oy

  1. 1. Mikkeli Development Miksei Oy and Innovation Oy New Factory (Hermia Group) are arranging, together with their partners, an Industrial Hackathon in Mikkeli. The Hackathon will be cooperated by the Industry Modernization in South-Savo and the national DigiSyke –projects. The target of the hackathon is to develop the productivity and employee wellness in the target SME, and to get the participating hackers and firms to know each other. Furthermore, the aim is to increase and spread the knowledge of the business opportunities of recent technical development. The hacking will begin March 18, at 4 pm and end March 19, at 4 pm. Please sign up to the event from THE HOMEPAGE: http://www.industrialhackathon.fi/ The target SME is Mikkelin Betoni Oy, and the challenges are described in the next page. Hackathon is facilitated by Observis Oy together with Mikkeli Development Miksei Oy, and the teams get sparring from Haclab Mikkeli. Do you know experts, who are willing to participate in the hacking? Please spread this invitation. If you want to join, sign up! More information: Mr Kimmo Haapea, Mikkeli Development Miksei Oy Ltd. +358 440 461 613 Welcome to Industrial Hackathon, March 18-19 2016 INVITATIONcoders, designers, engineers, developers!
  2. 2. Development Tracks: Traceability of precast concrete elements - develop a solution to find out quickly the location and production-info of precast concrete elements Interface of ERP and logistics - develop the solution to fluently integrate the data of incoming material to the ERP Quality - quality control, measurement and documentation of precast concrete elements – possibly by 3D scanning or other imaging methods Design - innovate and design new solutions to the surplus concrete! Open - open, unspecified solutions which improve the performance of Mikkelin Betoni PRIZES: 1) 500 € 2) 250 € 3) 150 €