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Kiosked at GSMA Mobile World Congress 24 February 2014

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The presentation of Kiosked's CEO, Micke Paqvalén, looks at two questions: How can mobile (video) and other multimedia services be monetised and how can advertising be turned into a relevant service.

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Kiosked at GSMA Mobile World Congress 24 February 2014

  1. 1. © Kiosked copyrighted material 1 THE SMART CONTENT (R)EVOLUTION
  2. 2. © Kiosked copyrighted material 2 WHAT IS KIOSKED? Kiosked is a platform automatically connecting digital visual content (images, videos, apps, ads and social media) with retail in real-time.
  3. 3. © Kiosked copyrighted material 3 HOW DO KIOSKS WORK? Kiosks are responsive and non- intrusive graphical overlays. Kiosks are automatic and connected to a dynamic database. Kiosks are geo-location aware, customizable and measurable in real-time.
  4. 4. © Kiosked copyrighted material 4 +5,000 merchants +20,000 brands +30,000,000 products +40bn monthly impressions MERCHANTS ADVERTISERS PUBLISHERS MERCHANTS, ADVERTISERS AND PUBLISHERS 4  
  6. 6. It all started OFFLINE…
  7. 7. 3000 BC TRADING
  8. 8. 13th Century THE HANSEATIC LEAGUE
  10. 10. 15th Century THE AGE OF DISCOVERY
  11. 11. 18th Century THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
  12. 12. 19th Century THE FIRST MALLS
  13. 13. © Kiosked copyrighted material 13 SOURCES: eMarketer, Jan 2013 & 2014; IDC, 2013; Tradedoubler; IBM; ITU % 50 Of the purchases we make are spontaneous. Consumers buying online in 2013 Of the global retail market is expected to come from eCommerce by 2020 % 100 Online shopping volumes is growing annually in double digits. BN 1 20 % + TODAY: ECOMMERCE IS GROWING EXPONENTIALY
  14. 14. © Kiosked copyrighted material 14 % 25 Estimated mCommerce share of total digital commerce market size in 2017 Mobile advertising spend in 2015 Global spend on RTB by 2017, up from $2.7 Billion in 2012 % 300 Growth in mobile video views in 2012 +BN 21 $   +BN 20 $   SOURCES: eMarketer, Jan 2013; IDC, 2013; Tradedoubler; IBM; ITU HUGE OPPORTUNITIES IN MOBILE ADVERTISING
  15. 15. © Kiosked copyrighted material 15 According to Search Engine Research images ranked higher than product-specific details, descriptions, ratings or reviews in driving purchase decisions. % 67 One of the world’s mobile traffic will be video by 2017 % 59 of consumers would purchase more frequently via their mobile phone if UX was visual % 44 of people are more likely to engage with a brand if they post images % 64 of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video CONSUMERS EMBRACE VISUAL CONTENT
  17. 17. © Kiosked copyrighted material 17 WHAT IS EVERYWHERE COMMERCE? With Everywhere Commerce advertisers and publishers can connect with consumers at any point of time, on any device. Everywhere Commerce does not limit the consumer experience to any time or place, it is always on and available. Everything will become a shop!
  18. 18. © Kiosked copyrighted material 18 EVERYWHERE COMMERCE IS ENABLED BY SMART CONTENT Smart Content is a rich, user-friendly and non- intrusive service layer on any media. It’s always relevant, contextual and measurable. As engagements can be measured in real-time, brand communication is becoming a two-way conversation.
  19. 19. © Kiosked copyrighted material 19 With Smart Content anything can be a retail showroom and shop with an opportunity to monetise. SMART CONTENT – WHERE IMPULSE THERE SALES
  20. 20. © Kiosked copyrighted material SMART CONTENT – EVERYTHING IS A PORTAL The boundaries are blurring and every surface becomes actionable. Our mobiles become shopping magnifiers, giving consumers immense power at their fingertips. 20
  21. 21. © Kiosked copyrighted material 21 SMART CONTENT – CREATING NEW SHOPPING EXPERIENCES Brands worldwide have realised and embarked the change towards hyper-visualisation and mobile dovetail: Nike is using the power of Kiosked and user-generated content through Instagram. Adidas Neo is taking window shopping in the 21st century to a next level. With Paypal beacon, consumers can shop at anytime through hands-free and seamless mobile payments.
  22. 22. © Kiosked copyrighted material 22 “ Rovio is offering the world’s first rich mobile ad format that connects all retail online with visual content. Being able to offer a non- intrusive ad format, that doesn’t take players out of the game, is key for us and our fans. The results speak for themselves. Peter Vesterbacka, CMO, Rovio 30-40% 8-12% Action Rates are considerably higher than traditional ad formats Engagement Rates with the ad and the individual products are remarkable
  23. 23. © Kiosked copyrighted material 23 Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in. Kevin Spacey, Award winning actor & producer
  24. 24. CEO & FOUNDER, Kiosked Ltd +358 400 396 394  Keilaranta 1 FI-02150 Espoo, Finland micke.paqvalen@kiosked.com  www.kiosked.com Micke Paqvalén