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Singapore Environmental Policies/Campaigns

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Singapore Environmental Policies/Campaigns

  1. 1. Singapore Environmental Policies/Campaigns Campaigns ✴ Smoking ban extension - Starting from 1st January 2010, more public places would be banned from smoking (examples: playgrounds, within 5 meters of entrances and exits and lift lobbies). ✴ Clean & Green Singapore - This campaign is to inspire Singaporeans to care and live with the environment by adopting an Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle. ✴ Energy Efficient Singapore Campaign - NEA will be introducing a new industry-focused Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) programme. It is a voluntary programme that mainly focuses on helping companies reduce electricity wastage by encouraging them to put in place energy efficient programmes. Policies Key Targets •Increase catchment areas from 50% to 67% of Singaporeʼs land surface. •Increase supply of water from non-conventional sources such as desalination and water reclamation to at least 25% of Singaporeʼs water demand. •Ensure that water quality continues to meet international standards. •Reduce per capita domestic water consumption to 155 litres/day by 2012. •Partner the 3P sectors to generate greater awareness of the importance of conserving, valuing and enjoying water and develop a sense of shared ownership of our water resources. Strategic Thrusts Water for All •Diversify our water supply through the four National Taps •Promote greater Research & Development efforts in water and used water technologies •Ensure potable water quality continues to meet international standards Conserve •Promote the use of water-efficient household fittings and appliances •Continue to work with various non-domestic sectors to reduce water consumption Value •Encourage the community to change their water usage behaviour and habits, and to educate them on the implications of living in water catchment areas •Inculcate amongst young Singaporeans the mindset of valuing our water resources Enjoy •Encourage users of our water resources to enjoy as well as take ownership of our water Done By: Stacey Yip S1-09 Source: National Environment Agency and Ministry of the Environmental and Water Resources

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