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Framing questions school purpose

  1. The pupils will be able to Recognize different auxiliaries in sentences. Know how to make questions. Frame questions by using auxiliaries. Frame question without any dubious.
  2. Yes/no questions.  ‘wh’ questions.
  3. (YES/NO QUESTIONS) 24 Auxiliary verbs Primary (11) (13) Modals ‘Be’ forms - am, is , are will - would shall - should was, were can - could may - might ‘Do’ forms - do, does must, need, dare ought to, used to did ‘Have’ forms - have, has had
  4. ‘Wh’ Questions ‘Wh’ question Purpose What Ask information about things When Ask about time Where About place Why About reasons Which About choice How Ask about way, manner who About person’s identity Whose Ownership/possession Whom Person (adjective)
  5. What is the work of ‘yes/no’ questions? With auxiliary verbs we know whether action done or not. Hence the speaker says either yes or no. What is the work of ‘wh’ questions?  wh’ questions give extra information. Eg: What am I learning? When will they come to meet?
  6. Framing questions: Instructions: 1) Identify the auxiliary verb in the given sentence. Eg: We are learning grammar. 2) Bring the auxiliary verb before the subject. Eg: Are we learning grammar. 3)Add question mark at the end of the sentence. Eg: Are we learning grammar?
  7. LET’S PONDER 1) India has won the world cup. 2) I am preparing for the examinations. 3) children will complete homework. 4) They were playing LUDO game. 5) Our teachers had taught lessons. 6) My father is reading a news paper now. 7) All the glitters is not gold. 8) The rose is a beautiful flower.
  8. Answers: 1)Has India won the world cup? 2)Am I preparing for the examinations? 3)Will children complete homework? 4)Were they playing LUDO game? 5)Had our teachers taught lesson? 6)Is my father reading news paper now? 7)Is all the glitters not gold? 8)Is the rose a beautiful flower?
  9. ANSWERS: 1) Do I play cricket? 2) Does my mom pack my food? 3) Did we watch movie yesterday?