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How to tune your seo strategy in harmony with rank brain

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Don't rack your brain over Rankbrain. Here's all you need to know about it.

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How to tune your seo strategy in harmony with rank brain

  1. 1. How to Tune Your SEO Strategy in Harmony with RainBrain
  2. 2. © Knct Lab | www.knctlab.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • RankBrain is the newest weapon in Google’s arsenal to produce the most relevant results to a search query. It is not a new algorithm or an update, but joins hands with Hummingbird to produce the best results.
  3. 3. © Knct Lab | www.knctlab.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • So, when and how does RankBrain come into play? RankBrain has now turned out to be the third-most crucial factor behind webpage rankings. When you type in a long-tail query, RankBrain kicks in, interprets your query and translates it into appropriate results. • How will this new system impact SEO? RankBrain, which was announced towards the end of 2015, has now begun to affect SEO and content. Google’s newest system will make you sharper, and never allow you to take content for granted.
  4. 4. © Knct Lab | www.knctlab.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some fundamentals you should follow to appease RankBrain: • Understand and engage with your TA Even though SEO is a lot about keywords, you should now focus your content in such a way that it addresses the fundamentals, the core issues or queries of your audience. • Keep the language conversational and natural SEO strategists should now give keyword stuffing a hurried burial because it can affect user experience. Don’t create pages or content that focus on one keyword, instead focus on words or phrases related to the keyword. This is essentially adding a human touch to the world of search.
  5. 5. © Knct Lab | www.knctlab.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Don’t forget the power of mobile Also, mobile will continue to be a major factor, and optimising websites for content becomes very important. Mobile apps are another factor not to be ignored. • Never lose sight of the personal touch RankBrain also seems to value personalisation, so engaging constantly with your target audience and ensuring they remember your site and brand when they search will boost your ranks.
  6. 6. © Knct Lab | www.knctlab.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Keep it consistent Consistency in terms of good content and maintaining a brand voice is extremely important so Google finds it easier to find you and rank you high. The SEO landscape is changing at breakneck speed, and artificial intelligence is hastening the transformation. Ironically, it is machine learning that is slowly humanising search!
  7. 7. © Knct Lab | www.knctlab.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knct Lab Overview • High performing digital marketing solutions provider • End-to-end services from data analysis, market research to campaign implementation • Google certified professionals • Experts across various functions: advertising, paid media, creative, analytics, web design & development, and marketing automation • Located in Bangalore • Visit us at www.knctlab.com
  8. 8. Ph: +91 80 88022000 info@knctlab.com www.knctlab.com Thank You