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Shield tablet receives android 5.1

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Shield tablet receives android 5.1

  1. 1. Shield Tablet Receives Android 5.1 By KnowYourHandheld
  2. 2. NVIDIA Shield tablet is up for the latest Software Upgrade 3.0 that brings Android version 5.1 firmware to the device. The update has already been made official on NVIDIA’s official site and also on Twitter. Shield tablet users can check for the availability of the update via a strong Wi-Fi network. The update will be available for both the Wi-Fi and LTE models, with the Wi-Fi variant reportedly receiving the update.
  3. 3. The ace gaming tablet had been upgraded to Android Lollipop 5.0.1 last December after which it received performance boosting updates. The present update brings Android 5.1 features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles from Quick Setting and Android Work that provides better business productivity by separating business apps from personal apps so that personal data can be securely stored. It also brings noticeable improvements in performance of the device, Global Tone Mapping display enhancement, camera, audio and other bug fixes.
  4. 4. Changelog: 1.Upgrade Android Operating System to version 5.1 Improved performance and responsiveness. Enhanced security, including support for Android for Work. Improved quick-settings menu, profile management etc. 2. Improved display performance Enabled Global Tone Mapping feature. This feature can be toggled by the user. 3. New firmware update for SHIELD controller Improved pairing experience and other optimizations. Please note: You can update the SHIELD controller over WiFi. Look out for a notification on your SHIELD tablet.
  5. 5. System wide improvements including camera, audio, modem (LTE only) and other fixes. To check for the software update:- Go to Settings → About SHIELD → System Updates. NVIDIA has been fast in delivering the Android updates to its tablet as soon as it has been released by Google. Meanwhile, the Shield Portable, the palm sized powerful gaming device is still stuck on Android KitKat, though news of a Lollipop update to the device is doing the rounds.
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