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Students at the Center: Research and Data Hub

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Students at the Center: Research and Data Hub

  1. 1. Students at the Center Research and Data Hub
  2. 2. KnowledgeWorks.org Through evidence-based practices and a commitment to equitable outcomes, we’re creating the future of learning, together.
  3. 3. What is Personalized, Competency-Based Learning? • Learner agency • Assessments are flexible and meaningful • Student supports are timely and differentiated • Competency-based curriculum and progression • Pacing and pathways vary • Culture of equity • Learning targets are explicit, transparent, measurable, and transferable Adapted from CompetencyWorks at the Aurora Institue
  4. 4. KnowledgeWorks.org A Growing Evidence Base
  5. 5. KnowledgeWorks.org
  6. 6. KnowledgeWorks.org
  7. 7. KnowledgeWorks.org F I N D I N G S F R O M R E S E A R C H Students in schools using personalized learning practices are making greater student achievement gains in math and reading over the course of two school years and students who started out behind are now catching up. Continued Progress: Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning (2015); RAND Corporation
  8. 8. KnowledgeWorks.org F I N D I N G S F R O M R E S E A R C H Students with greater exposure to proficiency-based practices tended to demonstrate higher levels of engagement. Understanding the impact of proficiency-based education in Maine (2018); EDC, via Student Centered Learning Research Collaborative
  9. 9. KnowledgeWorks.org F I N D I N G S F R O M T H E F I E L D The number of Boston Day and Evening Academy graduates increased from 48 in 2017 to 62 in 2018; the percentage of male graduates of color has increased from 22% to 50% in a single year. Boston Day and Evening Academy 2018 Annual Report
  10. 10. studentsatthecenterhub.org @studentcntrhub