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Welcome to ukraine!

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We invest in Ukraine!
Ukrainian IT SECTOR AS OF late 2014
VENTURE MARKET: key highlights
Success stories FROM UKRAINE
10 NEW investors started investing in Ukrainian startups in 2014

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Welcome to ukraine!

  1. 1. • $2B+ in revenue • 50,000+ engineers • 500+ firms OUTSOURCING 2 • $ billions created • 5,000+ engineers • 100+ centers R&D GLOBAL CO • $2B worth total value • Thousands engineers • 2,000+ startups SOFTWARE TECH • $2B local market • Thousands employees • 100+ companies ECOMMERCE On one hand, IT industry in Ukraine is over $5B in value and is growing fast. On the other hand, most of the largest IT companies have been built with little external funding, with venture capital market limited by tens of millions US dollar per year UKRAINIAN IT SECTOR AS OF LATE 2014
  2. 2. VENTURE ECOSYSTEM AS OF LATE 2014 3 INVESTORS’GEOGRAPHY GlobalLocal TICKET Round A Round B Few angels with local residence or roots FFF is still predominant funding method Pre seed and seed 50 deal/year $15-100k ticket Number of Ukrainian startups are residents 10-15 deals/year $0.5-1M ticket Very few deals $1.5-3M 100s/year $15-50k ticket Growth stage Very few deals $5-10M+ Gap in the ecosystem while local PE funds (Horizon, Dragon) have their funds fully invested
  3. 3. VENTURE MARKET: KEY HIGHLIGHTS 4 Total amount of investments, USD million, 2010-2013 Total amount of liquidity events, USD million, 2010-2013 68% 5,7X • Growing amount and volume of VC deals: in 2013 the amount of investment reached $79m, a 68% increase from 2012 • Seed rounds are dominating: number of seed deals doubled to 44 in 2013 vs. 2011, series A deals tripled from 4 to 12, with the total amount of deals at 24 and 57 accordingly • The liquidity volume is up until 2013. Decline during 9M 2014 is to recover once there is peace in the region Source: The Dealbook of Ukraine – UADN and Aventures Capital
  4. 4. $2B+ WORTH STARTUPS 5 MARKET GlobalCISUA SECTOR Online services Mobile eCommerce Software The largest success stories coming from Ukraine are global niche players that have a truly global businesses with R&D in Ukraine
  5. 5. SUCCESS STORIES FROM UKRAINE 6 …micro photo stock company, top 4 globally and the world's fastest growing company in their niche. It has major exit and IPO prospects within 3-5 years… …among TOP-3 job search engines globally operating in 65 countries with an audience over 1 million job seekers per day… …#1 global payment platform for games, other virtual goods and web services. Over 100+ payment options for 200+ countries. IPO prospects within 3-5 years… …provides tools for seamless integration of CRM systems and makes users love software. Engineered to increase user adoption and ROI of enterprises. Over 1k customers and 1m paid users globally… …SaaS technology for spelling and grammar checking. More than 3m registered users worldwide trust Grammarly’s products, which are licensed by over 100 leading universities and corporations… …global provider of CRM and BPM solutions. Numerous international awards. Is presented in more than 35 countries around the world servicing over 5,000 organizations…
  6. 6. BrainBasket Foundation to invest funds and resources to be invested into training 100,000 IT specialists by 2020 and making the IT industry the #1 exporting industry, contributing over $20B yearly UAngel is Ukrainian business angel network, providing platform for entrepreneurs to meet investors and for investors to locally and internationally syndicate UVCA association unites VC and PE investors and promotes investment opportunities in Ukraine, representing interests of investors to policymakers and improving investment and business climate in Ukraine Innovative Ukraine program is an IT community initiative for government reforms in the IT industry meant to boost the development of the sector and the entire economy of the country RPR developed reforms to modernize the country. Among other notable initiatives, RPR promotes 3G/4G and reforms to boost innovative and high tech business UAID association drives the development of high-end and IT technologies in Ukraine through country promotion on foreign markets and internal shifts stimulation IT COMMUNITY INITIATIVES IN 2014 ALONE 8 Innovative Ukraine UVCA Brain Basket Foundation UAngel Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association Innovative Ukraine RPR (Reanimation Package of Reforms) Ukrainian Association for Innovation Development
  7. 7. 9
  8. 8. 10 Chairman of Supervisory Board, UVCA Managing Partner, AVentures Capital
  9. 9. 11
  10. 10. S T R I C T L Y C O N F I D E N T I A L 12 10 NEW INVESTORS STARTED INVESTING IN UKRAINIAN STARTUPS IN 2014 - Torben Majgaard Венчурный фонд
  11. 11. 13  In 2014 were successfully held 60 Investment deals - The Dealbook of Ukraine by AVentures Capital and Ukraine Digital News.  20 Ukrainian projects have been already invested in 2015  Ukrainian IT project is invested every week;
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