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Beacon Security

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Beacons, by default, are open and static, and they communicate “in the clear”. That makes your infrastructure vulnerable, and with little effort someone can attack it, using your beacons in a manner which you didn’t intend. Learn how to protect your beacons!

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Beacon Security

  1. 1. #kontakt_io Beacon Security Common attacks & how you can protect your beacons Webinar
  2. 2. 3 Ways Beacons Can Be Attacked
  3. 3. An attacker can grab information being broadcast by your beacons and ● Add them to his or her application without your consent (Piggybacking) ● Put it into another beacon to mislead your users (Cloning) Piggybacking & Cloning
  4. 4. By default, beacons don’t encrypt the data that is sent to them. The attacker can see the password you sent to connect to your beacon and then use it and change it, so you can’t connect anymore. Hijacking
  5. 5. Cracking An attacker can also physically removes your beacon from the wall, opens it up, and probes the memory directly.
  6. 6. How Businesses And Organizations Can Secure Their Beacons?
  7. 7. Kontakt.io Secure It is the world’s only complete suite of beacon security technology that fully protects your beacons against every kind of attack available from October 15th, 2015
  8. 8. Kontakt.io Secure It brings two new features: Kontakt.io Secure Shuffling and Kontakt.io Secure Communication, and continues to protect information by software lock available from October 15th , 2015
  9. 9. Schedules your beacons to repeatedly change their identifiers. That means that anyone who has captured the data that the beacon transmitted in the past can no longer use your beacon's information to piggyback or clone your device. Kontakt.io Secure Shuffling
  10. 10. Kontakt.io Secure Communication Encrypts all the communication between your beacons and devices that manage them (like smartphones). This means that settings and configuration data are all transmitted securely and beacons can’t be hijacked.
  11. 11. Software Lock Since the beginning, we’ve locked our beacons via Nordic Semiconducters’ on board firmware so data on Kontakt.io beacons can’t be read. Even if a hacker tries to extract data manually, he or she will be unable to, because the information is protected by a software lock on the device itself.
  12. 12. Join our webinar & learn more!