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What can beacons do for your business?

Beacons are the missing link between the offline world and the digital space. They bring to life a new way of interaction by adding a context to the physical world. Here's how retailers, museums, events, smart cities, banks, and offices leverage proximity to grow their businesses and engage their audiences.

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What can beacons do for your business?

  1. 1. #kontakt_io Kontakt.io Beacons and Beyond What can beacons do for your business? Beacons & beyond
  2. 2. Welcome to the age of context
  3. 3. The Internet of Things “The Internet of Things” is the evolution of connected reality where the digital meets the physical. Using electronic devices and web applications, information about the world around us is gathered and disseminated in order to make our lives easier.
  4. 4. What role do beacons play in that space?
  5. 5. Beacons are the missing link between the offline world and the digital space. They bring to life a new way of interaction by adding a context to the physical world.
  6. 6. How beacons work A beacon is a small, wireless device which transmits a continuous radio signal. The signal is detected by nearby smart devices via Bluetooth Smart™. Your smart device then sends that ID number to the cloud server. The server checks what action is assigned to that ID number & responds. The signal tells your smart device “I’m Here” by giving its ID number.
  7. 7. Privacy issues A beacon can't track people because it's unable to receive any information - it just broadcasts a signal. The signal is then received by an app which gathers data, but only after the user’s prior approval.
  8. 8. Beacons build a new real-time experience for proximity
  9. 9. Retail
  10. 10. Brick-and-mortar Redefined Beacons can be used to: ● Send discount coupons, special offers; ● Build customer loyalty; ● Offer better, personalized customer experience; ● Eliminate long queues thanks to in-app transactions; ● Optimize in-store navigation.
  11. 11. Carrefour The $20B+ multinational retailer, after two years of using mobile apps, added proximity and context with beacons. ● During just seven months, Carrefour’s rate of app signups practically exploded; ● The number of app users increased by 600 percent; ● Simultaneously, the time spent on customers using the app increased by 400 percent;
  12. 12. McDonald’s McDonald’s tested proximity marketing at 15 McDonald’s McD Café restaurants in Istanbul. ● 20 percent of Shopping Genie’s users self-selected as interested in the kind of offers that McDonald was testing; ● 30 percent of users who received an ad from McDonald’s McCafe used the offer more than once; ● The company was able to identify which visitors were repeat customers, and when and where they came from;
  13. 13. Howler Location-based strategy which brings the online, pay-per-visit model to the physical world ● Supports over 200 shops and restaurants and utilizes 700 beacons throughout the Boston metropolitan area; ● Hyper-local offers can generate 50 percent plus conversion rates for traffic passing by the store; ● Demonstrates an 89 percent engagement rate with ads (known as “howls”) after they are broadcast
  14. 14. HotSpot Parking A mobile parking payment solution that helps local businesses bring in more customers. ● Over 3,000 active users and servicing over 100 local businesses; ● HotSpot stores can bring 30 percent of users who are parked nearby into their shops; ● By making parking hassle free, app driven visits to stores last 13 percent longer
  15. 15. Rockbot Rockbot is bringing the age of personal playlists to venues like bars, restaurants and stores ● Users can request songs from their phone at any business that has a Rockbot Bluetooth beacon; ● Around 400 beacons accessible throughout San Francisco; ● An overall boost in check-ins of 41 percent per location, a 22 percent boost in strain requests, and an average of 27 mins of app usage.
  16. 16. B£ The BrixtonPound mobile app and Bluetooth beacon network allows shoppers to make purchases locally in Brixton without cards or cash. ● Payments made by using location information provided via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy Service); ● Available at all 250 businesses that currently accept the local currency.
  17. 17. Museums
  18. 18. Augmented Reality Within Your Reach Beacons can be used to: ● Navigate your visitors through exhibits; ● Offer art-centered games as well as fun and rewarding learning experiences; ● Gather and analyze visitor data.
  19. 19. de Young Museum in SF The first museum to officially partner with GuidiGo and Kontakt.io to offer a guided tour on Google Glass. ● BLE beacon at each artwork unlocks additional content; ● Beacon triggers the related animation on Glass when the visitor approaches a painting marked with the audio sign.
  20. 20. Graceland Visitors explore Elvis Presley's former home using an iPad that interacts with beacons strategically placed around the mansion. ● Beacons trigger location-based content enabling guests to dive deeper into the story of Elvis’ life through audio, video, and photos; ● Visitors can save content as well as email a selection of their favorite images.
  21. 21. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery Indoor navigation for visitors “After assessing a range of brands including BlueSense, Glimworm and the beautifully presented Estimote, we opted for Kontakt… primarily as they have easily replaceable batteries, easily configurable, are the right price, supply in volume (we needed a lot), and are visually discrete” Senior Producer (Digital) at Aardman Animations
  22. 22. Kew Gardens Outdoor beacon solution allows visitors to Kew’s country garden to have information at their fingertips in a matter of seconds. “This technology has been used to great effect indoors [...], but we decided to test its capability in the wilds of our botanic gardens. The initial results prove most promising as we can unlock many of the secrets about some of our rare and beautiful plants.” Jon Little, Product Manager at Kew Gardens
  23. 23. Smart City/ Public Space
  24. 24. The Way to a Connected Future Beacons can be used to: ● Collect information in the public cloud about road conditions, traffic flow, parking availability etc. ● Provide navigation for the visually impaired; ● Optimize public transport service; ● Offer better health care services; ● Lower costs.
  25. 25. CTA The Chicago Transit Authority launched a pilot project that explores the benefits of beacon technology for transit authorities, consumers and brands ● App will notify riders about train delays, construction on platforms, and emergencies; ● Notifications are targeted and location- based rather than generalized to all CTA passengers.
  26. 26. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Beacon service helps travelers navigate Schiphol Airport. “Passengers informed us through our social channels that they find this very helpful and are requesting a further roll-out to other airports.” Joost Ruempol, Spokesman of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  27. 27. Blindsquare Universal (indoor/outdoor) positioning, proximity detection, and personal interaction systems made for visually- impaired people ● Can be used as part of an overall navigation matrix; ● When combined with gyro, accelerometer, compass and other capabilities in the smartphone, provides a level of guidance previously available only with a sighted guide.
  28. 28. Universities CampusM Attendance Monitoring offers a simple cost-effective solution for recording student attendance in lectures. ● Cost savings over swipe-card systems; ● No need for Internet or power connection; ● Time savings over paper registers.
  29. 29. Events
  30. 30. New Level of Event Participation Beacons can be used to: ● Speed up the check-in process; ● Offer self-guided tours; ● Give attendees the chance to instantly spot, message, and connect other participants; ● Conduct real-time polls.
  31. 31. Bonnaroo Festival Our partner Aloompa placed 100 beacons around the festival’s 700-acre grounds in Manchester, TN to provide in-depth data about concert attendees. ● Beacons helped to track loyalty for different stages and performers during the festival; ● The data gathered by beacons helped to shape and streamline the festival.
  32. 32. PGE Arena in Gdansk, Poland The application eFan24 enabled seamless and smooth interactions for a new generation of fans. ● 83% of the fans who received push notifications, clicked on it and saw the proximity message; ● 8 out of 10 fans engaged with the proximity message, scoring or sharing it with others; ● 50% of users created a social media post on Match Day.
  33. 33. Banking
  34. 34. Give More, Get More Beacons can be used to: ● Recognize your client and send personalized welcome messages; ● Enable customers to set an appointment using their smartphone app; ● Send a notification (along with introductory video) related to remote deposit capture services; ● Analyze data and optimize the branch experience.
  35. 35. Barclays Barclays taps beacons to streamline bank visits for disabled customers. ● Customers can pre-register required information, including accessibility needs and a photo for identification; ● Once the consumer arrives at the branch, a bank employee will be notified via iPad; ● Employees can then offer personalized service to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.
  36. 36. Australia St. George Bank Beacons help to improve the in- branch experience and meet customer needs. ● Welcome messaging and tailored information are sent to customers; ● St. George monitors feedback and works on better service.
  37. 37. Office Space / Warehouse
  38. 38. Beacons can be used to: ● Track assets and staff efficiency; ● Monitor and control electricity, heating and AC costs, turning down thermostats and extinguishing lights when the last employee leaves the building; ● Activate employees' screensaver as soon as they walk away; ● Manage access to high-security areas. Your Office Can Be Smart
  39. 39. Factory An interactive beacon experience to events and the workplace at Factory. ● Residents and new visitors can intelligently navigate Factory; ● Location-based channels provide a new way to communicate; ● Locate users on the premises or request to be notified when they appear; ● Centralize payments and user access for any activities, services or events using Factory resources.
  40. 40. Kontakt.io is powering this beacon-enabled future - how can we help you?
  41. 41. Bluetooth Beacon ● Communicates with Bluetooth Smart technology. ● Range: from 2 to 70 meters ● Android and iOS compatible. ● Includes optional sensors, i.e. temperature, humidity, magnetic field etc. ● Coin cell battery provides up to 2 years of battery life using default settings and 24 hours of daily usage (350ms interval). Works in: ● Temperature: -20°c / + 60°c (-4°F / +40°F) ● Humidity: from 0% up to 100% ● Current casing is IP-57 (dust protected and waterproofed for up to 1 m immersion)
  42. 42. Cloud Beacon ● Track beacon interactions & generate reports in real time ● Monitor entire beacon fleets ● Analyze WiFi & Bluetooth signals in your venue ● WiFi signals less affected by walls or dense materials compared to BLE ● Rechargeable battery + connection to standard electricity outlet ● Includes built-in memory module for offline data collection
  43. 43. Tough Beacon ● Fully iBeacon compatible ● Rigid and fully isolated from environment, ● Antistatic and fire-resistant material ● 2+ year battery life ● Attaches to any surface with built-in buckle ● Can include accelerometer
  44. 44. One API to Manage Them all Cloud Beacons are constantly reporting events and data to the Kontakt.io Cloud which serves as a single point of integration via the robust RESTful API.
  45. 45. Thank you for your attention! Feel welcome to get in touch kontakt@kontakt.io Let's do extraordinary things for IoT together!:)