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Always growing better (Kornelija Jakstaite from Lithuania)

  1. And here is my personal trait: 1% better every day. Hi! I am Kornelija.
  2. Everything in life that seems daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible can be accomplished gradually by doing just a little at a time. This perspective motivates me to go forward to push myself And it makes me a valuable member of any community. By being consistent with my rule, I become 1 % better every single day.
  3. You would ask me: How? By figuring out how to solve a difficult maths problem. By learning a new melody on a piano. By radiating more positivity around me. By caring and spending quality time with my loved ones. By learning a new dance one step at a time. By discovering a new perspective. Be being a leader. By being curious. By learning a new word everyday of a new language. By waking up early. By tidying up. By creating something for others. Small steps lead to BIGprogress ->
  4. These are some of the many proofs of my strong determination and inner motivation: Successfully finished the online course “elements of AI” I perform salsa dances with my team for festivals and shows since 2018 I wake up early in the morning to work out and start my day in an uplifting way I cook dinners for my family I finished the first semester of the 12th grade with 9,5 average score I got 7.5 overall band score in IELTS
  5. So how did I developed this unstoppable motivation in me? Where did it start? It was the beginning of the year 2020. I wanted to be the best student in my generation at school, the most supportive sister, the most caring friend, the greatest in badminton competitions, the most inspiring leader in the project groups, the perfect cook, the instantly- fluent French and Spanish language learner. I was humbled by my realisation of not actually being able to be perfect in all of the possible areas. But what is possible, is to make sure I grow in my desired fields little by little. In this way I stay active, positive, healthy mentally and I avoid burning out because of overachieving. In other words, the balance is the key for overall success.
  6. Now I am more than a thousand times wiser and better in my desired fields than at that time. Knowing this, I can only imagine my tremendous personal improvement in the coming years.
  7. “There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” - Desmond Tutu
  8. Thank you for Your time! I am thrilled to be applying to such an innovative and forward- looking university. I am certain that my broad perspective and sharp mind will make me a valuable member of the community.