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From naming to branding

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From naming to branding tells why brand names are important and how naming relates to branding.

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From naming to branding

  1. 1. From naming — to branding. vavilentatarsky.com
  2. 2. First, let us agree that... ...brand — it’s not a name or a logo. Brand is an overall idea people have [about something]. (in this case — about Lufthansa) Logo + name = trademark (it can be patented and sold) This is not a brand. It’s just a trademark. Brand is what springs up in mind when you see this.
  3. 3. Brand = mental concept. It matters because ideas determine attitudes and actions of people. While everybody thought that earth is flat nobody even tried to circumnavigate it!
  4. 4. Name is important because it is the first touchpoint [with brand].
  5. 5. Name is not a brand. But name helps a brand to come into being. From associations a name creates people make their judgements about the entity it represents. Company “Integrated Electronics” shortened its name to much more attractive “Intel”, and then started to label products with sticker “intel inside”. This move attracted customers because products were differentiated in a meaningful way and seemed more desirable. As a result sales grew and competition was beaten.
  6. 6. Names have associations. Names attach associations. Name alone is able to create a powerful brand.
  7. 7. I used to be Madonna once... Worship me now!
  8. 8. Name Stalin (from russian “stal” = “steel”) impresses and creates respect many times more efficiently as Jugashvili. Was born as: Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jugashvili Became: Stalin
  9. 9. Name — it’s like a hook in your mind. All experiences and emotions that belong to a brand hang on that hook .
  10. 10. If something goes wrong company can change its name and thus get rid of negative reputation.
  11. 11. To sell a brand = to sell a name. The value emerges from the position brand possesses in peoples minds. Position in mind = money and value.
  12. 12. Name is at heart of any brand. If you do not know the name of those tasty apples how can you ever ask for them again?
  13. 13. So... ...a name must be able to get noticed and be remembered easily!
  14. 14. Name should be super informative. And at the same time — super short.
  15. 15. Name can become a first and best ad for your brand because repetition and repetition and repetition again and again — advertises. And what if a name could communicate your value proposition to client?
  16. 16. Lazy names do not work. If people do not see their gains or do not understand what they are being offered in a seconds glance — your chances to sell diminishes dramatically.
  17. 17. Beware of meaninglessness. If a name does not tell anything, does not create clarity, does not deliver information or at least — does not sound interesting — it’s pretty useless.
  18. 18. But finding a good name is not enough. You still have to prove you’re worth it!
  19. 19. In the world of branding it’s not possible to be who you’re not. Brand must be true, because it’s a promise. And brand must keep its promise and deliver on it everywhere and always.
  20. 20. Branding — that means finding your unique competency. And focusing on it always and forever.
  21. 21. Name must accord with who you are and what you offer.
  22. 22. Brand name = brands unique essence succinctly formulated.
  23. 23. Ask yourself — what do we want people to think about the specific entity? This is what the brand name has to reflect.
  24. 24. Do not try to catch a black cat in a dark room — first figure out what you want to communicate and then think about the exact formulation.
  25. 25. And if everything does not fit in a single brand name, remember that you can use a tagline. Or professional consultation.
  26. 26. Let me know if You need my help. krisjanis@vavilentatarsky.com