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How to go about building great tech products

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Kuliza's presentation for the Workshop conducted at IIM Bangalore for B-School Students on 'How to go about building great tech products'

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How to go about building great tech products

  1. 1. How to go about building great products? -  Kaushal Sarda (CEO) -  Achintya Gupta (Director)
  2. 2. Who we are?
  3. 3. We help enterprises and growing startups build consumer facing products
  4. 4. We work with Enterprises and Big Brands
  5. 5. We also work with fast growing Start-ups
  6. 6. What is this session about? Understanding the basics and best practices of what goes into building a product
  7. 7. Who needs this workshop? §  Future Entrepreneurs planning a tech startup §  Future Product Managers in startups and enterprises §  Anybody else interested in learning how tech products are built
  8. 8. But why do I need to 'learn' building a product? §  It is not just about engineering.  §  Products are different from applications. They evolve and grow and scale §  Most of the entrepreneurs think a tech product startup is 'Having a idea and hiring a developer' §  Most of the product managers think 'I need to know my business strategy and the tech team will take care of rest'
  9. 9. What will we do today? §  Start with a product idea §  Learn about crafting out an MVP out of it §  Create wireframes for the MVP §  Understand what will go into building the MVP §  Understand what comes after an MVP is out
  10. 10. Part 1: # Scoping out an MVP from your product idea
  11. 11. What is an MVP? (Minimum Viable Product)
  12. 12. Why do you need MVPs §  Quick time to market §  Feedback before you burn out too much
  13. 13. How to scope out an MVP? §  Start with a bigger picture but find what features are absolutely most required and quickest to build
  14. 14. Exercise: # Let’s scope out an MVP of your product Idea
  15. 15. Part 2: # Building Wireframes
  16. 16. What are wireframes?
  17. 17. Why wireframes?
  18. 18. But aren’t designers supposed to create them?
  19. 19. Wireframing tools? §  Paper and pen §  Powerpoint §  Balsamiq §  …
  20. 20. Exercise: # Let’s build wireframes of your product idea (MVP)
  21. 21. UCD Design Process
  22. 22. Part 3: # Building the MVP
  23. 23. Models for getting products built? §  Hire your own team §  Find a good product partner to whom it can be outsourced §  Hybrid
  24. 24. Engineering methodologies
  25. 25. Exercise: # Let’s look at how will you build your MVP Products
  26. 26. What after an MVP? §  Getting product-market fit §  Achieving scale
  27. 27. Getting product-market fit? §  How to get market feedback? §  Choosing the right direction of your product
  28. 28. Achieving Scale? §  Is your product ready for scale?