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Enterprise challenge 2011 - final pitching deck

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Final pitching for Enterprise challenge 2011 @ strathclyde university.

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Enterprise challenge 2011 - final pitching deck

  1. 1. MiniPay$ - Touch others and empower peopleBusiness strategy plan We are with you to make the best investment happen and make your life better
  2. 2. Executive summaryBusiness Ideas / Objective: • Using mobile device as payment method for micro-financing • Help MFI increase repayment rate • Assist MFI / Telecom leverage and increase their customer base to generate more revenue • Reduce poverty, assist them to get better life quality via promoting the growth of small-scale local entrepreneursMiniPay$ Team: Member Execution Background Country Kurnia Sofia Rosyada • Strategy & Finance • BSc. Electrical Eng., Indonesia • Field Engineer, Schlumberger Wireline • Consulting staff, Boston Consulting Group Sonia Siska • BSc. Industrial Engineer with minor in systems Mexico • Operations Mgr engineering • Product Manager, Grupo Multimedios • Supply chain internship, Bosh Group Kuan_Lin Chen • BSc. Information Management Taiwan • Marketing & R&D • MSc. Supply Chain Management • Junior project manager, Compal Electronics, Inc. • Purchasing specialist, Bourns We are looking for a £80,000 investment for 20% stake in our business.
  3. 3. MiniPay$ bring micro-payment services closer to customer (1)SMS service and mobile apps to be launched Front End Back End (MFIs, Telco, MiniPay$) • Sign Up • Create ID and password • Inquiry : • Process request • Check balance • Inquire security code • Statements • Pay Loan • Change PIN • Setup alert • Send security code to confirm transactions • Verify code • Complete transactions Distinguished features : personal financier for tracking revenue VS spending, contact groups & mentors - Will be available through mobile apps
  4. 4. MiniPay$ bring micro-payment services closer to customer (1)SMS service and mobile apps to be launched SMS Services
  5. 5. MiniPay$ bring micro-payment services closer to customer (2)SMS service and mobile apps to be launched
  6. 6. Microfinance sectors are expected to grow stronglySouth Asia represents the majority of the development in microfinance Microfinance has grown India and Bangladesh contributes 54% of the steadily total loan borrowers % to total loan subscribers (’10)# of loan 50%subscribers (Mn) 40% 32% 30% 120 22% 19% 16.2% 20% 9% 10% 5% 3% 3% 3% 2% 2% 1% 100 0% 80 60 40 Funding committed per region 2008 (%) 20 22.1% 13.0% 7.5% East Asia & Pacific 0 13.3% East Europe & Central Asia 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Latin America & Caribbean CAGR Middle east and north America South Asia Sub-Saharan 24.7% Others 4.8% 14.6%
  7. 7. Widely accessible mobile phone had fueled the growth in mobile FS services Mobile phone subscribers increases rapidly – Strong growth in mobile financial services driven by growth in Asia Pacific# of mobile subscribers (Bn) Penetration ‘10 (%) Forecast of number of m-banking6 Middle 79.4 users In Mn East5 Africa 41.4 51.9% 894 1000 19.1%4 55 CIS 131.5 03 2009 2015 America 94.12 Value of global mobile transactions1 Europe 120 US$ Bn0 2000 43% 1000 Asia & 67.8 1000 241 05 06 07 08 09 10 Pacific 0 2011 2015 Mobile phone can play a major role to bank the unbanked
  8. 8. Roll-out will begin in India, Bangladesh and PakistanBased on market potential, gross loan portfolio and number of mobile users % to global gross loan portfolio 25% # of mobile users (Mn) China 20% 747 15% 3 10% 25 Peru 2 752 India Indonesia 98 Vietnam 159 42 5% Colombia 1 Bolivia 52 Chile16 6 84 Mexico Bangladesh Philippines 0% 16 76 Srilanka 94 -10 0 Pakistan 10 20 30 40 -5% # of active subscribers MiniPay$ should focus on South Asia leveraging the existing microloan borrowers market before expanding to other regions
  9. 9. Key competitor and their core strength had beenidentified 1 MiniPay$ 2 Safaricom 3 Globe 4 EconetProduct MiniPay$ M-Pesa G-Cash EcoCash • Strategic • Innovation and • Strategic • Mobile FS alliances know-how partnership – 50 replicating rural banks & money-gram / • Security • Mobile payments Core 18K outlets Western union • Innovative & beyondCompete (P2P, B2P, etc) • Global expansion • Products tailored ncy features tailored to the specific • Pioneer in plan to micro-loan market customers needs mobile payment • Basic features (Zimbabwe) – incl. microloan offered • Grameen Bank • Vodafone • Globe Telecom • TawandaPartners Nyambirai Bank • SKS India India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Af Philippines Zimbabwe Key Pakistan ghanistanmarket
  10. 10. MiniPay$ differentiate itself through unique valueoffering towards customer Mobile FS value chain Float Holding Contributed by MiniPay$ License acquisition, regulatory engagement and compliance Product and business development Marketing Cash in/out Technology Customer network Transactional Care Branding Liquidity platform Communication management Access to handset 2 • Mobile FS risk security expertise • Build a “trusted” 3 brand • Features tailored to empower micro-loan customers : • Leverage partner’s Personal financier (track spending) channels 1 • Support micro-financing environment via mobile apps: subscribe to group, contact mentor, discussion & sharing platform
  11. 11. Detailed strategy roadmap 2011 - 2016 2012 2014 2016
  12. 12. Collaboration required amongst MFIs, Telecom andMiniPay$ MFIs / Banks Telecom Customer MFIs/Banks Telecom • Banking and branches platform • Large & growing customer base • License for financial transactions • Pervasive airtime distribution network Asset • Relationship with govt. regulatory inst. • Robust high volume, low transaction pro- • Reputation cessing platform • High mass-market awareness • Customer’s trust Compete • Risk, fraud & liquidity mgmt • Distribution network expansion ncy • Financial product devt • Mass market brand-building & advertise
  13. 13. Key partnership had been identified MFIs /Banks Telecom India Bangla desh Pakistan Global
  14. 14. Our organization approach to deliver company’sobjectives Kurnia Rosyada Strategy Sonia Siska Kuan Lin Chen Kurnia Rosyada Operations manager Marketing and R&D Function support IT & Software External Affairs Financ LegalIntegrated Marketing R&D Risk & Web e& & support design HR manag Accou Compli ement nting ance Partnership Software Web designers developers
  15. 15. Great financial opportunity expectedthrough MiniPay$ Opportunity to tap into growing market Strong financial return is expectedMarket size in targeted Revenue in US$ Mncountries (in U$ Mn) 3 $1.00 0.1 Revenue $0.85 2.5 0.4 $0.50 0.1 $0.38 2 0.4 $0.16 Pakistan $- 1.5 0.1 0.4 Bangladesh 2012 2013 2014 2.4 1 India 1.6 Cost 2.2 0.2 0.2 0.5 1.1 Profit -0.06 0.2 0.66 0 2012 2013 2014 NPV = US $ 684K Total 1.6 2.1 2.8 IRR = 442%
  16. 16. Revenue generated from both SMS serviceand mobile apps platform Customer Income due to transactions fee Rs 100 Rs2 Transaction SMS Service Fee (2%) Mobile APP 5% TF 5% TF MiniPay$ Rs0.04 MiniPay$ Rp0.04 95% TF Micro Financial Institutions Customer Income due to services Usage 1 SMS cost SMS Service Per login (Rs 1) Mobile APP Telecom 97% MiniPay$ 3% MiniPay$ Rs0.1 Micro Financial Institutions Charged to Telecom Charged to MFIs (Maintenance fee)
  17. 17. Risk Analysis (Scenario Analysis Assessment) Best Case Expected Worst Case Fast growth of MFIs market  Moderate growth of MFIs  Slow MFIs and mobile market and mobile market market and mobile market growth Decrease on delay of  Customer engagement with  Slow market penetration repayment loan service  Increase on delay of repayment Customers engagement &  Moderate market loan loyalty with service penetration  Lack of liability mechanism to Increase of mobile payment  Market awareness of the support financial services popularity service  Unprofitable transaction Viral marketing payment Compliance with government  Customer losses policies  Government regulatory threats Planned Response Strategies Development of additional  Market penetration strategy  Assessment of business features and services  Built customer loyalty model Establishment of new strategic  Strengthen commercial  Exit strategy : M&A, Selling alliances alliances share through public offering Market expansion
  18. 18. Appendix
  19. 19. Kurnia Sofia Rosyada Kurnia Sofia Rosyada had electrical engineering background and had worked as a consulting staff in BCG for 1.5 years. She then worked with Schlumberger as a wireline field engineer. Education • MSc in Global Innovation Management, Univ. Of Strathclyde, 2011 – 2013 • Bachelor of engineering in Electrical Engineering, sub major Biomedical Engineering - School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering,Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) 2003-2008 • Japanese Youth Program in English (JYPE) – Tohoku university, Sendai, Japan 2006-2007 Working experience • Field Engineer, Schlumberger Wireline, October 2010 – Sept 2011 • Wireline engineer in charge for offshore rig “GSF Parameswara” operated in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Supervised operations and provide services such as : • Modular dynamic tester for formation pressure and fluid analysis • Gamma ray, neutron-density and resistivity analysis • Perforation activities and well-completion • Tough logging condition (TLC), Fishing operation and High-tension operation • Junior Field Engineer, Schlumberger Wireline, January 2010 – Sept 2010 • Consulting staff, The Boston Consulting Group • Worked with several clients related to financial services and energy practice in areas ranging from building growth strategy to process improvements. Selected case experience : • Designed the go-to-market strategy for leading auto financing company in Indonesia • Developed winning business model and lean banking branch processes for retail bank in one of Indonesia’s largest bank • Developed bio-fuel strategy for one of the NOC in SEAECER POIC-Commercial Proposal-5Dec08-JL-KLP.ppt 19
  20. 20. Sonia Siska Sonia Siska had industrial engineering background and had worked as a product management in Multimedios for 1.5 years. Education • MSc in Global Innovation Management, Univ. Of Strathclyde, 2011 – 2013 • Bachelor of engineering in Industrial Engineering with minor in Systems Engineering • Technische Universität Hamburg- Harburg, TUHH Hamburg, Germany Working experience • Grupo Multimedios - Monterrey, Mexico • Position: Product Manager • Responsabilities: Traffic and cost analysis, benchmarking research, integration of new services and continuous improvement projects for websites. • Achievements: Commercial agreement with DRIDCO.ECER POIC-Commercial Proposal-5Dec08-JL-KLP.ppt 20
  21. 21. Kuan_Lin Chen Kuan_Lin Chen had Information Management and Supply Chain Management background as well; worked as a junior project manager in NB division of Compal Electronics, Inc which is the largest ODM laptop company for 3.5 years. Education • MSc in Global Innovation Management, Univ. Of Strathclyde, 2011 – 2013 • Bachelor of Information Management,Jin Wen Institute of Technology (JWIT) 2001-2002 • Master in Supply Chain Management and E-Business , CA. U.S.A 2006-2007 Working experience • Junior Project Manager in NB division, Compal Electronics Inc., Apl. 2008 – Aug. 2011 • in charged of American customer’s product line • Leaded of customized BOM structure establishment & material preparation • Took Responsible of overall project schedule controlling • Coordinated in project progress and issues tracking • Experienced projects: 2 gaming machines - M11X, M14X, 2 consumer laptops, 1 netbook • Purchasing specialist in Global Supply Chain Purchasing Department, Bourns, Aug. 2006 – Dec. 2006 • assisted in finding contract manufacturers, negotiate and analyze costs, work with domestic and international vendors to provide overall order fulfillment • Negotiate contracts and sign off on purchase of product, analyze delivery schedules and other terms and conditions for all company requirements • Responsible for product, commodity and service availability and preparedness of back-up supplyECER POIC-Commercial Proposal-5Dec08-JL-KLP.ppt 21
  22. 22. SMS platform required collaboration amongst key playerMiniPay$ to provide competitive edge technology and innovative feature Micro Financial Mini Pay$ Messaging Platform Networks Institution Connectivity Management Front End Services API: Application Programming Interface Registration HTTP/ S Authentification SMTP Database FTP Web Interface Sub-user XML management COM Object Administration Smmpp Balance Xml / Soap Payments applications
  23. 23. Detailed process flow for SMS-basedtransactions
  24. 24. Detailed process flow for mobile apps
  25. 25. Competition Brief (Direct and Product Substitution) Findings and challenges: • Monitise and Sybase are the world leaders in Other Joint Ventures mobile Technology and have an strong Know- how advantage. In-sourceBusiness Model Out-source (direct competition) (substitute) • Both offer mobile banking APPs and SMS services.Main Customers MFIs Commercial Banks • Joint Ventures are business models for developing SMS Banking but require an Location UK USA additional development provider. UK and USA IndiaTarget Market India Worldwide Key Benefits of our product:  We are the pioneers in loan services. Relevant Partners MFIs and Telcom Mobile Providers  We offer to MFIs integrated and tailored solution.  Avoid MFIs need to establish alliances Core Pioneering in loan Technology Countries largest services and strategic AlliancesCompetencies alliances pioneer commercial bank with mobile providers.  Full development and maintenance of the service. Analysis foundations:Based on the analysis and findings of 5 direct competitors (worldwide) and 3  Avoid in-source development costs. Joint Ventures between India’s Private Banking and mobile providers.  Experience and consultancy.
  26. 26. Competition Detailed (Direct and Product Substitution) Competition Analysis Company MinyPays Monitise Sybase Clickatell Tieto Mobilenik Joint Ventures / Product substitution Business model Outsource Outsource Outsource Outsource Outsource Outsource In-house Product name MinyPays Mobile Money mBanking 365 SMS Services SMS NA NA NA NA RBS, Natwest, Ulster Citibank, United Bank of Fortis Microfinance Main customers Bank, First Direct, Lloyds India, BBVA Compass, Bank, First National Storebrand Bank Santander SBI State Bank of India ICICI Bank Axis Bank TSB and HSBC Bank of Baroda Bank (FNB) MFIs Founded 2011 2003 1984 2001 1999 2000 2011 2011 2010 Location UK UK and USA USA USA Finland Argentina India India India UK and USA (planning on North America, Europe- going into new Middle East-Africa, Asia Target Market India (1st phase) territories, particularly Worldwide Russia and Poland Argentina India India India Pacific and Latin (Pakistan and Bangladesh Hong Kong, China, Africa America 2nd and 3rd phase) and India) (All Uk providers) Vodafone, O2, Orange, T- Partners Mobile and 3. Visa, First SAP, Verizon Vodafone Microsoft Blackberry Bharti Aairte Vodafone IDEA Cellular Eastern and Carphone MFIs and Telcom Warehouse Technology Pioneer 40 years’ experience in Alliances and Gartners Indias third largest Pioneering with loan (World Economic Forum The worlds leading financial IT. Among the 3 2011 Data Warehouse Blackberry Alliance Elite The country’s largest Largest private sector private bank and 3rd Core competency services and strategic in 2006) and world- mobile messaging largest mobile device Database Management Member commercial bank finance largest national mobile alliances leading mobile provider software R&D services System Magic Quadrant operator technology in the world SMS Service X X X X X X X Balance X X X X X X X Balance alert X X X X X X XSMS Features Transactions / Payments X X X X X X X Transactions alerts X X X X X X X Service Activation X X X X X X X Minimum payment amount and due date X Mini statements X X X X X X X Change PIN X X Mobile APP X X X Tailored Tailored Real-time statements X X X X Real-time account balance X X X XApp features Usage History X X X X Transactions / Payment X X X Apply for loan X Manage user profile / change PIN X X X X Manage alerts X X X Findings: Monitise and Sybase are the strongest competitors. Clickatel and specific JV have expertiset in SMS Service but don’t offer any mobile APP solutions. Tieto and Mobilenik are leaders developing mobile Apps and have developed for financial institutions.
  27. 27. Competition Detailed (Strategies analysis) Competitive Advantage SMS & Mob APP MiniPays Strategy main features: Monitise Sybase Broad Clicka SMS  Targeted to an specific market and Cost Leadership Differentiation target tell specific services Globe  Differentiated by: Tieto  Alliances Safaricom Mobile money  Safety Specific Mobil target Focus enik Econet Focus  Mobility Mini Pay$ JV Mob Lower cost Differentiation APP *Based on Michaels Porters Generic Strategies AnalysisSources:Monitise’s technology platform has been designed to deliver mobile banking, payments and commerce services anywhere in the world. The group’s aim is to be the platform of choice for banking and other financial institutions throughout the world. Having established itself and proventhe technology in the UK, US, Asia Pacific, India and Africa, Monitise’s strategy is to continue to invest in its technology and to expand its reach, initially into other markets with high growth potential, by working with local and international partners who can provide the localinfrastructure and international functionality where necessary.http://www.monitisegroup.com/media/press_releases?id=470Market leader – in data management, analytics, mobile messaging, and enterprise mobility , Proven – 40,000+ enterprise customers and 91 of the Fortune 100 rely on Sybase , Experienced – heritage in enterprise software since 1984, Innovative – 148 patents awarded in datamanagement and mobility; 185 patents pending , Global – 4,000+ employees in 60 countrieshttp://www.sybase.com/about_sybaseClickatell competes in a global mobile messaging market that is expected to grow from $150 billion in 2009 to $233 billion by the end of 2014 (Portio Research). Associated SMS text messaging traffic is projected to double from five trillion messages in 2009 to 10 trillion in 2013.http://www.clickatell.com/about_us.phpWith the mission “to be the leading company in research and implementation of new mobile technologies in SMEs” http://www.best-choice-tech.com/mobile-cell-phones/interview-with-director-of-mobilenik-brands-want-to-be-on-the-phone-but-do-not-know-which-path.htmlWe aim to be a leading service integrator creating the best service experience in IT. We differentiate ourselves through superior customer centricity. http://www.tieto.com/about-us/strategy/strategic-cornerstones/differentiation
  28. 28. Exit Strategy (Merge) Merge Mini Pay$ can create more value as one company, this way we believe there is an opportunity in merging with a Mobile Network Provider. Why a MNP?  To achieve vertical integration  To strengthen our industry Know-how  To work with a former partner Potential Benefits  Gain a greater market share  Achieve greater efficiency  Offer integrated services  Reduce operation cost  Competitive advantage  Increase barriers of entry  Develop core competencies