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How to Make the Right Sales Hire

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Content by Diana Martz. Design by Rachel Worthman.

They say that variety is the spice of life. And that definitely applies when hiring. In fact, OpenView’s Talent Team has made a big push this year to focus on diversity in hiring. Diverse teams have been shown to out-produce their non-diverse counterparts and overall create more interesting, enjoyable workplaces.

That being said, when you’re hiring, there are certain personalities to look for and avoid. And when it comes to salespeople, we’ve found there are 4 distinct personalities: the Producer, the Professional, the Technician and the Caretaker. While all have good traits, there’s one person among the four you’d always want on your team in a closing role. Check out the infographic to find out.

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How to Make the Right Sales Hire

  1. 1. ,3.‘ Intuitive , / Large ego 1‘: ‘: Impatient _, i'r: “‘. V /44'" It)‘. -—"V'7 -I T ‘<t; -~tr” X Very competitive Extroverted I V ' I “'/ i‘/ " _ .4 ‘fillltfilj , ,, ~ Emotional Passionate Top producer ‘ J Analytical I) ’ '/ r Logical I , . I Patient ‘x V / i ‘ i or ‘r / l I Quietly competitive Internal passion - Breakdown - This person is a top performer who has a very Type ‘A’ personality. He or she gets deals done, but sometimes stresses the supporting elements within the organization. The Technician F“““"““‘”""I Process—oriented Perceives sales as easy Sees everything in black and white o. .. it -" 5-. / “ I all “ / r/ I I I‘! “I ! ‘ '. 'l‘ I liiéi‘. :2“, / Has trouble ' connecting the dots A Does not get results This person possesses ideal characteristics. He or she is a top performer who aligns well with the organization, uses resources wisely, and delivers results consistently. The Caretaker [T Sleeping professional Passive- aggressive Stuck in comfort zone Inconsistent producer - Breakdown - This person does not do the hard things required to become successful. Prior successes have largely been ”set—ups” or cycles where others contributed significantly to a success. Accountability is lacking, and lack of performance is always due to territory, the product, or timing. This person needs to enhance their game, or be managed out. This person has potential, but is stuck in a comfort zone that renders their performance between deficient and average. This person needs to take risks, become more open to coaching, and needs to change their game. In doing so, they can become the Professional. If not, a ”farming" role may be suitable. You should hire THE PRFESSIONAL . n‘ “In openview @OpenViewVenture www. labs. openviewpartners. com The Professional is an ideal hire for any sales role that is focused on generating new business. While there may be times when you want to hire the Producer, this person is best suited to a hunter role. Keep in mind that different personalities require different types of management styles. Infographic by @RachelWorthman