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Gen Z Girls: Living For Looks, Looking To Live

  2. ABOUT. At LHBS, we believe in continuously observing and learning from what’s happing in the market. We’ve created our Snapshot Series to provide insights on platforms, industries and companies. Using best practice examples, we explore, analyze and share how businesses are adapting to new trends. Moving from insightful data to best practices to inspiring thought starters for brands, Snapshots can be a guide to bring meaningful innovations to life in different areas of business. This issue highlights the values, characteristics AND behaviors of one of the newest cohorts of consumers, Generation Z girls. We hope you enjoy this deck and find inspiration for your innovation process. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 2 LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. Discover Define Develop Deliver UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.
  3. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. INTRODU CTION. Welcome to the latest in our Snapshot series. In this edition, we will delve deeper into what defines and motivates the next generation of consumers, focusing on girls. Growing up “publicly” online has inevitably lead to an increase in self-consciousness. They have grown up closer to gender equality, a readily available outlet for their voice to be heard as well as almost every service at their fingertip. We explore how this is changing their values and ways they engage with brands. LHBS is a marketing & innovation firm with offices in Berlin and Copenhagen. We help clients to understand today's emerging customer expectations and to shape their business offerings for tomorrow. Kathleen McCaffrey Marketing Strategist at LHBS INTRODUCTION 3 LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. This report is divided into three parts, or core ‘characteristics’: • Self-Curation - Lives documented on social media sees everyone striving for perfection • Demand Experience - “Their last great experience is their new expectation” • Want Immediacy - New standards are being set for in delivery and responses each day
  4. CONTENT. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. What types of experiences are Gen Z girls choosing from brands? DEMAND EXPERIENCES Where is this want coming from, and how are brands responding? WANT IMMEDIACY What is contributing to the desire for this & how is it being expressed? SELF- CURATION CONTENT 4 LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z.
  5. 10% 90%60% 80% 20% 60% 40% LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: 5Source: Fung Global Retail & Technology Amazon Prime Now, Delivery Apps Social Media, Booking Apps, Delivery Apps Social Media, Dating Apps, Videochat Three characteristics of Gen Z, derived from technology innovations are; Vanity Demand Experiences Demand Immediacy
  6. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Girls of Gen Z were born into a world with the rights and protection to be as open or as private as they want, with a great proportion of their lives already documented on social media. With this freedom has come a great advancement in digital devices and applications, allowing easy image manipulation and competition for the perfectly curated online persona. We explore where self-curation can be observed across various aspects of young girls’ lives and what could be contributors to this want for the perfectly curated persona. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. SELF- CURATION 6 Chapter 1 SELF-CURATION
  7. 40% 60% UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: 60% of girls aged 7-10 feel their appearance is their most important attribute LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 7 64% 36% 36% UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Girlguiding UK Study SELF-CURATION
  8. 10% 90%60% 80% 20% 20% 60% 40% 40% LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. SELF-CURATION UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: 8Source: Fung Global Retail & Technology 61% 39% feel they are judged by their appearance 39% 33% 67% 82% cited Social Media as a source of pressure to look good, higher than adverts or celebrities said that how others perceive them on social media is a significant source of stress Social media plays a big part 60%48% 52% 57% Source: American Psychological Association Survey
  9. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Mark Zuckerberg wrote back in 2012 that social media would lead to “the empowerment of people.” He recently admitted how social media can pressure users to present a “super-curated” persona online. (at the World Congress event 2016) LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 9 SELF-CURATION
  10. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 10 SELF-CURATION Cambridge Psychologist Craig Malkin observes that “They’re sharing more but revealing less, so they feel disconnected”. This is likely a reason young girls are more anxious today than ever, and are opting for more non permanent and closed-circle social platforms, such as Snapchat, Whisper & Secret.
  11. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. VALUES & SELF-IMAGE LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 11 SELF-CURATION MEDIA BEHAVIOR SHOPPING BEHAVIOR HOW SELF CURATION IS EXPRESSED THROUGH: They spend on avg. 1.32 hours on social media daily 65% say seeing their selfies on social media boosts confidence “We filter out whatever flaws we may have, to create the ideal image” - Sneha, a 16-year-old from Arizona - from Altitude Survey More than half of 12-14 year olds are wearing make-up most days Students, despite debt spend on avg. €1280 on make-up each year 66% aged 11-16 often feel they are not pretty enough Young girls value the opinions of friends & peers over magazines, ads & celebrities trend news Teen girls spend average of 7.7 hours on their appearance each week Sources: See page 41
  12. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Modiface Beauty Advisor For Facebook Messenger The ModiFace bot enables shoppers to search for their perfect makeup products by asking questions about color, brand name or shade name.  Explore this sign The ModiFace bot utilizes advanced facial tracking and simulation technology, along with ModiFace's industry leading experience mapping and understanding beauty products. Once a consumer has found an ideal shade, they can try the product on their own photo by simply taking a photo within Messenger. Users are also able to purchase products directly from the bot, which connects to beauty retailers.  LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 12 SELF-CURATION
  13. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Zappos Offers Personal Stylist Via Instagram Selfies Zappos offers personalized style advice to Instagram selfies. Explore this sign #OOTD is already an incredibly popular hashtag on Instagram, meaning Outfit of the Day. So Zappos' campaign to edit this slightly to receive personalized shopping recommendations direct from a Zappos stylist was simple and well received. This is another example of Zappos’ continued efforts of providing human-to-human customer service. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 13 SELF-CURATION
  14. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 14 SELF-CURATION AR Make-Up Filter For Videos Shiseido and Microsoft have created a plug-in called TeleBeauty which applies virtual makeup to a video image. Explore this sign The Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido and Microsoft developed TeleBeauty, a piece of software that is based on AR technology. It’s aimed at women who are telecommuting and for example want to look more beautiful without any effort when they are on a call with colleagues. The app applies virtual makeup, with styles ranging from “cool” to “trendy”, over the face of the user, using the camera on a smartphone, tablet or device. It scans the user’s face, adjusts for skin tone and corrects dark spots or pimples and additionally adds blush, lipstick and eye makeup.
  15. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. The Smallest Details Matter In Beauty Over recent years, eyebrows have become a £20million business. Explore this sign The phenomenon started when Cara Delevingne’s wild brows became famous around 2011- something not seen since Brooke Shields’ brow-day back in 1981. Among many other features, brow popularity and perfectionism has expanded beauty micro-marketing. REPORT TITLE // IMPLICATIONS. 15 LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. SELF-CURATION
  16. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Young girls are spending less on materialistic items and more on experiences such as dining out, travelling and socialising. This can be attributed to their vanity of wanting to appear fun and interesting to others, especially online. It can also be down to their cautiousness with the little money they have to really make the most from it - something that really sets them apart from their millennial predecessors. Their demand for experiences also transcends to brands. The young girls of Gen Z are always looking for what more a brand can offer them, what’s unique and different and if - by buying from them - they will help them to be the people they want to be. We explore in which exhibited behaviors their demand for experiences can be observed, and examples of how brands are responding. REPORT TITLE // IMPLICATIONS. DEMAND EXPERIEN- CES 16 DEMAND EXPERIEN -CES LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. DEMAND EXPERIENCES Chapter 2
  17. Five top things young girls value from brands: LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. DEMAND EXPERIENCES UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 17Source: Pineapple Lounge Help me have fun Allow me to be myself Give me confidence Ask for my opinion Give me something to share with friends
  18. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. “If the need or desire to buy something is solely [based upon] a material purchase, that’s a losing strategy for a company. This consumer is transfixed by Instagramming or Facebooking their purchases, but it’s not just the outright purchase — it’s the experience through which they [attained] purchase.” No good action goes unpublished. - Camilo Lyon, an analyst with Canaccord Genuity Inc. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 18 DEMAND EXPERIENCES Source: Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments survey
  19. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. “their last great experience is their new expectation… This presents a significant challenge for retailers and brands to create a personalized, interactive experience with the latest digital advances or risk falling behind.” - IBM General Manager of Global Consumer Industries Steve Laughlin LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 19 DEMAND EXPERIENCES
  20. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. VALUES & SELF-IMAGE LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 20 DEMAND EXPERIENCES MEDIA BEHAVIOR SHOPPING BEHAVIOR HOW DEMAND EXPERIENCE IS EXPRESSED THROUGH: “willing to pay more for value and a personalized experience.” - Jay Henderson, director of IBM Marketing Cloud More positive towards ads allowing co-creation i.e. voting, sharing Much more passionate about music and movies Want to see ‘real people’ over celebrities in advertising (63% -Gen Z vs 37% - Millennials) 47% stopped purchasing brands after finding out they weren't environmentally friendly 77% feel it's important for brands to reach out to them - SMS is #1 preferred method 63% would try a product or brand recommended by a YouTube star vs. 48% by a TV/movie star 62% prefer to spend their money on experiences vs. material items 22% want content to teach them something “we want brands to be real so we can be unique” - Quote from Gen Z in study by The Drum 49% would pay extra for products consistent with the image they want to present Sources: See page 41
  21. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. The First InstaConcert Experience Content from Ed Sheeran's concert in Germany generated by his fans will be transformed into an interactive music video. Explore this sign The concert is part of a bigger initiative by Deutsche Telekom that is called 'Telekom Street Gigs'. Telekom asks national and international artists to perform in quite unusual places for them e.g. junkyards or corn mazes. Ed Sheeran will perform directly from Zugspitze (highest mountain in Germany - 2,962 meters above sea level). Fans can share and upload their video footage from Sheeran's concerts via Instagram which will be later on added up to the interactive and co- created music video.  LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 21 DEMAND EXPERIENCES
  22. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Movie-Inspired Makeup Collections Storybook cosmetics makes Harry Potter themed makeup brushes, potential for Game of Thrones and Hunger Games range soon. Explore this sign The cosmetics company is working on an eye shadow palette shaped like a book, sword makeup brushes, an Iron Throne highlighting powder and dragon egg lipsticks.  LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 22 DEMAND EXPERIENCES
  23. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. AT&T Collaborate With Content Creators AT&T have launched Hello Lab, centred on creative and authentic content by online influencers. Explore this sign By stepping out of the spotlight, AT&T are creating an innovative name for themselves through their Hello Lab project. Vp of advertising and marketing comms at AT&T said "We wanted to find new levels of engagement and to help creators develop these stories that live on their own platforms, not ours.” Social influencers love to connect and have entrepreneurial drive create the content. They involve people in creation, while name dropping AT&T. The focus is really on the storytelling and creativity, and not on advertising. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 23 DEMAND EXPERIENCES
  24. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Individualism Is Disrupting The Beauty Industry Customization is nothing new in the fashion industry, but now it’s coming to the field of beauty. Young consumers especially desire this personal aspect. Explore this sign Many startups are entering the beauty industry offering various customized products. With the aid of smartphones, customers receive a special combination of ingredients and colors uniquely tailored for them. Thereby customers become co-creators with a brand. Advocates for customization are not limited to start- ups like Finding Ferdinand or MatchCo, industry giants such as Sephora and Lancôme are also catching up. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 24 DEMAND EXPERIENCES
  25. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. CoverGirl’s Chatbot Modelled On Influencer Make-up brand CoverGirl have launched a chatbot that simulates the tone and style of conversations with celebrity influencer Kalani Hilliker. Explore this sign Named the KalaniBot after the 16-year-old celebrity Kalani Hilliker, the bot is designed to interact as authentically as possible. It introduces itself as a bot, sharing product information and exclusive deals, already reaching x14 more conversations than an average Hilliker post. It gets smarter the more it interacts, tracking analytics such as conversation length, sentiment analysis and response rates.  Using the chat platform Kik, it brings the brand to it’s audience, and allows for a more personal conversation with consumers. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 25 DEMAND EXPERIENCES
  26. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. In an era with the next new thing always just around the corner, teens are increasingly less loyal to brands, and rather will look to the best quality and value product or service first. Gen Z have grown up ‘connected’, and with almost every service at their fingertips, from food to dating. So it isn’t surprising they have high expectations for a quick and seamless service from brands. We also explore where this thirst for immediacy can be seen in activities such as communication with peers and with brands, and shopping habits. REPORT TITLE // IMPLICATIONS. DEMAND IMMEDIACY 26 DEMAND EXPERIEN- CES WANT IMMEDIACY LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. DEMAND IMMEDIACY Chapter 3
  27. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. “Young teens value speed over accuracy” - MPI Academy Blog LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 27 DEMAND IMMEDIACY
  28. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. “Exposure to near-infinite choice and access to near-endless information makes this generation more demanding than any of its predecessors. As Gen Z matures, it will become more discerning, but its demanding nature is unlikely to be diluted.” - Deborah Weinswig, Managing Director of the Think Tank LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 28 DEMAND IMMEDIACY
  29. 10% 90% 80% 20% 60% 40% LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. DEMAND IMMEDIACY UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: 29Source: Fung Global Retail & Technology The On-demand Economy has always been readily available to Gen Z: Food Entertainment Dating Freelance Services Discovery Transport Travel Delivery
  30. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. An increased want of instant gratification is evident, but shouldn’t be attributed solely to this generation. Rather it is a common characteristic observed in teens, just never before to the extent exhibited by Gen Z. The limbic region of the brain (desire, pleasure and motivation) is highly active in teens, meaning they experience everything at a heightened level, including impatience. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 30 DEMAND IMMEDIACY
  31. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. VALUES & SELF-IMAGE LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 31 DEMAND IMMEDIACY MEDIA BEHAVIOR SHOPPING BEHAVIOR HOW WANT IMMEDIACY IS EXPRESSED THROUGH: 27% delete selfies within minutes if they haven't gained enough 'likes' on social media Highly visual when consuming content e.g. emojis replacing text, YouTube as most popular channel etc. 60% of Snapchat users are between 13 and 24 years - 70% of all users are female 70% of girls used a shopping app in the past month 75% cite ‘speed at checkout’ the primary benefit of mobile payments When encountering customer service, they value their own time over knowledge, as to them knowledge is plentiful Majority research products online before going in-store to save time More ambitious & entrepreneurial than millennials “I’m not afraid to look for shortcuts or hacks to get a better, faster result. It’s a mindset.” - Logan LaPlante, 16 yrs old Sources: See page 41
  32. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Nike’s Time Is Precious Campaign In a series of spots aimed at smartphone addicts, Nike wants to inspire to get off the screen and go for a run. Explore this sign The message of Nike’s campaign is as simple as the videos themselves: instead of wasting time of our lives in front of mobile screens and social media we could exercise. A robotic voice tells the viewer how much time they are wasting during their lifetime watching cats being cats or other people’s dogs and babies (potentially 32 years).  Other spots show how much time is lost watching zombie shows and following celebrities, or being on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 32 DEMAND IMMEDIACY
  33. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Say It With Pepsi Pepsi has created more than 70 emojis that will be used on their cans, bottles and cups to appeal to drinkers in a "digital language”. Explore this sign The Pepsi brand will encourage people to communicate between each other with Pepsi packaging. The summer push campaign will run both: locally and globally.  Dubbed #pepsiMoji, they’re encouraging social communication and sharing of enjoying a Pepsi while expressing themselves. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 33 DEMAND IMMEDIACY
  34. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Birchbox’s Snapchat Customer Service Birchbox is now turning back to video and voice calling features for the customer care service - all with the help of Snapchat. Explore this sign Birchbox recently posted a Snapchat story where they invited their followers to call them in. There was no particular reason shared by Birchbox for getting in touch with them but within the first hour they received around 30 calls from various users (from teens to adults). Since the interest was so high, Birchbox plans to host such "open hours" with followers once a week. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 34 DEMAND IMMEDIACY
  35. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. YouTube Adds “Click to Shop” Buttons Google is introducing a "click to shop" button to its YouTube TrueView pre-roll video ads, making buying products that the videos advertise as simple as a few clicks. Explore this sign The tool builds on the YouTube platform which helps advertisers to eradicate the manual process of connecting products with the videos they are displayed in. The click to shop button integrates previous methods of linking products to videos, such as via annotations, which brands have long used to link their videos to their e-commerce sites and other social media platforms.  LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 35 DEMAND IMMEDIACY
  36. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. GAP Says Goodbye to Dressing Room Lines GAP is experimenting with a new pilot app, which offers augmented reality for trying on clothes instead of wasting precious time in-store. Explore this sign The app called DressingRoom, intends to make the shopping experience easier and faster for clients, just by using their smartphone and the AR based app.What's interesting is, that GAP aims to solve the well known fitting problem by investing efforts in a more precise consumer experience in terms of size and textiles. LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. 36 DEMAND IMMEDIACY
  38. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. contribute to girls’ positive self-image curation online? deliver your expertise specifically in areas of beauty/health to address their interests? LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. THOUGHT STARTERS 38 To address ‘Self-Curation’, HOW MIGHT YOU…
  39. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. deliver exceptional retail experiences, pop-up events etc. influenced by developments in the online environment? utilize data and tech to find potential moments of personalization along the customer journey? LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. THOUGHT STARTERS 39 To address ‘Demand Experiences’, HOW MIGHT YOU…
  40. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. ensure you will always “be there” for customers, while sustaining a human touch or implementing AI tech? be quicker to deliver what the customer needs most at any point in the customer journey? LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. THOUGHT STARTERS 40 To address ‘Demand Immediacy’, HOW MIGHT YOU…
  41. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Girl’s Attitudes Survey 2016 LHBS // GIRLS OF GENERATION Z. SOURCES 41 SOURCES. SELF- CURATION DEMAND EXPERIENCES DEMAND IMMEDIACY British Council: A day in the digital life of a teenager TODAY/AOL Body Image Survey 2014 ‘Simple’ research Escentual research Kantar Millward Brown: AdReaction, Engaging Gen X, Y and Z 2016 CMG Generation Z Study 2015 EY: From Innovation to Expectation 2016 Interactions Consumer Experience Marketing: Retail Perceptions 2016 Marketing Dive reports on Cassandra Report 2016 ‘Snap to it! Marketers need to start chatting to Gen Z consumers’ Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel @ Goldman Sachs conference Helprace: Why Generation Z Wants Only Perfect Customer Service 2016 EY: From Innovation to Expectation 2016 Vantiv & Socratic Technologies: Moving money: consumers and mobile payments 2016 Deep Focus study 2015 Inc. Why Teens Are the Most Elusive and Valuable Customers in Tech, Issie Lapowsky 2014 Defy Media: ACUMEN report: Youth Video Diet 2015 FeelUnique Survey 2015
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  43. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Discover ABOUT. Define Develop Deliver GIRLS OF GENERATION Z // ABOUT LHBS is a marketing & innovation firm with offices in Berlin & Copenhagen. We work with legacy organisations to adapt their customer value proposition to meet emerging customer expectations. Together with our clients we discover business opportunities and deliver integrated customer offers for products, services, experiences and communication. ABOUT UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 43 DISCOVER DEFINE DEVELOP DELIVER UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.
  44. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. INSPIRATION -HUB GIRLS OF GENERATION Z // INSPIRATION-HUB. This report is powered by the LHBS Inspiration-Hub. The LHBS Inspiration-Hub is a digital platform that brings customized insights and inspiration to the heart of your organization. It is a digital platform that tracks changes in people, markets and technology. HUB 44