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Top 25 Signs of 2016

  1. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. What has been driving interest of leading marketing and innovation experts in 2016? Snapshot: Inspiration-Hub Signs & Insights TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 1
  2. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. INTRODU CTION. Welcome to our annual collection of top 25 signs according to marketing & innovation experts using & working daily with our Inspiration-Hub. We have selected the 25 most game changing and important signs that drew the attention of our readers this year the most. Explore the collection of disruptive signs from categories such as consumer insights, product innovation, service innovation, experience innovation & communication and see where the market is going. Enjoy, Inspiration-Hub Team LHBS is a marketing & innovation firm with offices in Berlin and Copenhagen. We help clients to understand today's emerging customer expectations and to shape their business offerings for tomorrow. INTRODUCTION 2 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016
  4. 1. CONSUMER INSIGHTS UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 4 What is next after hipsters? How do men embrace ageing? How connected are our customers? What is bigger? TV or YouTube? LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016
  5. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: CONSUMER INSIGHTS THE HIPSTER IS DEAD - WHAT'S NEXT? Yuccies - Young Urban Creatives are the next hipsters Explore Sign Generation Y, born in suburban comfort, well- educated and convinced that we shouldn't only pursue our dreams but also profit from them. Yuccies make up the majority of inhabitants of metropolitan areas. They want to make money, but prefer to do so in a creative way - they are creating Uber for weed or Tinder for dogs, or own a boutique selling sustainably harvested bamboo sunglasses. Many didn't attempt a traditional career path after college but instead work for start ups and put their company's sense of purpose above their own personal gain. Even though salaries might be lower, the sense of personal validation makes it worth it for them. 5 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016
  6. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: FOR MILLENNIAL MEN, GRAY HAIR IS WELCOME For a new generation of adventurous men, dyeing one’s hair gray is gaining traction, appropriating a naturally occurring phenomenon from older men and giving it a millennial twist Explore Sign Gray and silver hair has definitely been trending, said Aura Friedman, a senior hair colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York. “The demographic of guys who come to me to go gray are doing it more as a fashion statement,” she said, as opposed to a more natural look. Ms. Friedman has dyed the hair of Phillip Picardi, the digital editorial director of Teen Vogue, and Drew Elliott, the chief creative officer for Paper magazine, among others. 6 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 CONSUMER INSIGHTS
  7. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: THE CONNECTED CUSTOMER By 2020, more than six billion smartphones and 50 billion connected objects will completely transform the customer experience and only companies with advanced sales and marketing capabilities will be able to successfullly compete Explore Sign Salesforce Research issued a report called “State of the Connected Customer” for which it surveyed more than 7,000 consumers and business buyers. 61% of consumers say technology is redefining their behaviors and that’s why companies have to pay attention to the customer experience as the new battlefield for competitive differentiation. 7 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 CONSUMER INSIGHTS
  8. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: YOUTUBE REACHES MORE PEOPLE ON MOBILE THAN TV NETWORK YouTube now reaches more 18-to-34-olds and 18- to-49-year-olds than any TV network—broadcast or cable—on mobile Explore Sign More than half of the 18-to-49-year-old demographic YouTube users surveyed said they watched YouTube on their TVs. However, 90 percent said they use a smartphone, tablet or computer while watching TV. Finally, the report found that 61 percent of people who subscribe to YouTube creators say their opinions about a brand were influenced by the creator they follow. 8 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 CONSUMER INSIGHTS
  9. 2. PRODUCT INNOVATION UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 9 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 What are the innovations in the automotive industry? Is Kodak making a comeback? Do customers really want to have environmentally-friendly beer? Is drone racing becoming a sport?
  10. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: AUDI CARS KNOW WHEN TRAFFIC LIGHTS TURN GREEN Audi is implementing a traffic light information system in its latest cars for the US that should help drivers determine when a traffic light will turn green Explore Sign The feature will provide a countdown for when a traffic light will switch from red to green to support smooth traffic flow. The system is based on data from city infrastructure, which limits the service to those metropolitan cities who have such services. This innovation is an industry first and might encourage more integrations between smart city infrastructure and connected cars. EnLighten is another service that similarly tries to diminish driver stress, which is a smartphone app and not connected to your car type. 10 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 PRODUCT INNOVATION
  11. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: VOLVO REPLACES KEYS WITH AN APP With the beginning of 2017, Volvo automaker will offer their cars without a key at all– everything will be handled by an app Explore Sign New Volvo owners will be asked to use a dedicated app to unlock and even start the car. The car will connect and communicate with the app though the Bluetooth connection without any hassle for the driver himself. That solution will also simplify car sharing between family or friends without the need to keep the key constantly circulating around. This way of sharing cars would also let you use the app to sync your personal setting for it e.g. Spotify lists. 11 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 PRODUCT INNOVATION
  12. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: SMARTPHONE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY LOVERS Kodak as a brand wants to get started in the smartphone market with its “Kodak Ektra” Explore Sign Kodak developed a smartphone for photography enthusiasts, which is called “Kodak Ektra”. The look of the professional-quality, photography-first smartphone is inspired by a 35mm camera that has been released in 1941. The handling reminds of the use of a real SLR camera - you can manually change white balance, exposure or aperture. The android device has a 21 megapixel camera and a 13 megapixel front camera, as well as a “Super 8 Video Recorder” that lets users make retro style shots. 12 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 PRODUCT INNOVATION
  13. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: PATAGONIA’S ENVIRONMENTALLY- FRIENDLY BEER Patagonia Provisions, a food brand centring on sustainable sourcing, is entering the beer business Explore Sign The company produced soups, Buffalo jerky and other snacks before, but the beer is new in its product range. It is launched in partnership with Hopworks Urban Brewery as a Long Root Ale. The beer is a breakthrough because it is made from Kernza, a grain that doesn’t require pesticides and uses less water. It also reduces erosion and cuts carbon from the atmosphere. 13 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 PRODUCT INNOVATION
  14. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: DRONE RACING BECOMES A TELEVISION SPORT Speeding drones is another non-contact sport that is becoming more popular Explore Sign Both European and US television stations signed deals to broadcast a season of drone racing. The drones will race through obstacle-filled courses at up to 80 miles per hour. The drones will be piloted by six stationary humans who are wearing a virtual reality headset and will be steering with joysticks. Whereas the drones will be installed with small cameras, which gives the pilots a cockpit-like view. 14 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 PRODUCT INNOVATION
  15. 3. SERVICE INNOVATION UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 15 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 How are messaging platforms improving service experience? How to use social media in an innovative way? How to make the most out of social media potential?
  16. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: TAXI IN GERMANY NOW AVAILABLE VIA WHATSAPP Taxi companies in Germany have teamed up with Whatsapp to make ordering a cab faster and easier than before Explore Sign The service works as follows: the customer saves a taxi number 0170-339 8423 on his phone. If he wants to order a taxi, all he needs to do is to start a Whatsapp-chat with the taxi company and send his pick-up location. Then he receives a confirmation and the car is on its way. It is possible to order a taxi up to 24 hours in advance. 16 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 SERVICE INNOVATION
  17. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: REWE USES SNAPCHAT TO ATTRACT, HIRE EMPLOYEES Rewe, a supermarket chain in Germany, has joined the Snapchat bandwagon in order to attract young people for a career with the company Explore Sign Melanie Berthold is responsible for employer communication at Rewe. Berthold explained that joining Snapchat to communicate with trainees was a strategic and obvious decision because of its popularity with young people. In addition to meeting them where they hang out, Rewe wanted to understand their behaviours. 17 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 SERVICE INNOVATION
  18. 4. EXPERIENCE INNOVATION CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 18 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 How are companies using VR? How to let your customer fully experience the brand? How to locally adapt the experience customers get with the brand? How to expand the experience across social media channels?
  19. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: L’ORÉAL VR TRAINING PROGRAM For training stylists the cosmetics company is launching an educational VR program Explore Sign In a partnership with 8i and hair care brand Matrix, L’Oréal created the the Matrix Academy’s training program. It features a stylist and a client, two photo- realistic ‘humans’ in a 360-degree setting. L’Oréal’s program is offered for free to students that will be wearing the VR headset and assume the Stylist’s role and watch the process or technique being taught from any angle. The learning experience will be similar to have someone right in front of you. 19 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 EXPERIENCE INNOVATION
  20. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: BURGER KING OPENS A SPA IN FINLAND The fast-food restaurant redesigned one of its stores to include a spa Explore Sign Since customers entering fast-food joints order food and immediately exit the store, Burger King decided to revamp one of its Finland’s locations to lure consumers into staying there longer. The store has a built-in spa inside with branded towels, television sets and a lounge. While the food is being prepared, consumers can relax, take their time and enjoy the venue. 20 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 EXPERIENCE INNOVATION
  21. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: REPORT TITLE // IMPLICATIONS. BUDWEISER GIVES BASKETBALL FANS THE FIRST NBA VR EXPERIENCE The Cleveland Cavaliers are giving away virtual reality headsets, sponsored by Budweiser Explore Sign The Cavaliers are the first NBA team to build in VR technology into their official app. Budweiser sponsors the cardboard VR headsets that enable fans to view basketball footage. The headset also functions as a beer carrying case. The VR videos on the team’s app and Budweiser’s VR YouTube channel include a locker room tour and a courtside view during the anthem and player introductions. 21 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 EXPERIENCE INNOVATION
  22. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: NIKE’S UNLIMITED YOU TRAINING SPECTACLE Nike created a multi-sensory event that combined a high-intensity training experience with lighting installations and a live orchestra in London Explore Sign Nike master trainers, fitness programs from Barry’s Bootcamp and boxing lessons from the Kobox studio brought the athletes to their limits. Guests could combine a full-throttle round by Kobox with a Nike Run Club Session, or a Barry’s treadmill workout with a Nike Training Club session. Per day, there were seven different sessions scheduled which each lasted two and a half hours. For refuelling, guests were provided with food from Maple & Fitz Health Eatery and Juice Bar and with nut butter items from Pip & Nut. 22 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 EXPERIENCE INNOVATION
  23. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: WATCH NBA WEEKLY GAMES IN VIRTUAL REALITY Next VR has teamed up with NBA Digital to offer weekly NBA games live-streamed in virtual reality Explore Sign The games in VR can be seen via NBA League Pass subscription service. The broadcasts will be "fully produced" - with several camera angles, behind-the- scenes footage, announcers and commentary. First, the footage will be available only for Samsung Gear VR users, but later in the season, other devices will be added. 23 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 EXPERIENCE INNOVATION
  24. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: SNAPCHAT FOR SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES Snapchat made a deal with NBC to create daily live stories from the Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro Explore Sign Snapchat will create a Discover channel within the app for the whole time the Olympic games run. BuzzFeed channel will create highlights from the event, as well as share behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Snapchat sees it as way of giving people an idea of how it is to gather world's biggest and most talented athletes in one village. 24 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 EXPERIENCE INNOVATION
  25. 5. COMMUNICATION IDEAS UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 25 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 What has been the most powerful story this year? How do legacy companies do advertising creatively? How do companies adapt to emoji texting? How to best use VR in communication? How to make packaging playful? Is podcasting a new thing?
  26. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: REPORT TITLE // IMPLICATIONS. COMMUNICATION IDEAS "ENGLISH" FOR BEGINNERS Allegro online marketplace in Poland created a touching holiday story about an elderly man striving to learn English - for a great reason Explore Sign The ad tells a story of an elderly man learning English and using every opportunity to do so - even placing Post-its on his dog. Allegro's story is deeply rooted in reality Polish people are in now. Based on the fact that many young Poles left the country for better jobs out there in Europe, the story perfectly resonates with everyone's experiences. 26 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016
  27. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: LUFTHANSA'S AIRBNB AD Lufthansa airline has found a new way to reach its customers - via housing platform Airbnb Explore Sign Titled "Luxury Awaits Above the Clouds", the Lufthansa post advertises accomodation in the sky. The airline is renting out plane seats on Airbnb. The offer is topped with personal food and beverage service at 910km/h, multimedia entertainment and WiFi. The price for the flight from Frankfurt to NYC (699€) also includes a return ticket. 27 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 COMMUNICATION IDEAS
  28. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: "BEAUMOJI" FOR GLAM TEXTING L'Oréal released a free emoji keyboard for beauty lovers and cosmetics enthusiasts Explore Sign The keyboard consists of 130 playful and trendy characters. The emojis include pictures of current beauty trends, characters during pampering rituals and icons from L'Oréal's top portfolio brands. All of the emojis come in different shades of skin color, male, female and different hair styles to appeal to any individual that is passionate about beauty. 28 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 COMMUNICATION IDEAS
  29. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: "THANKS 2016, IT'S BEEN WEIRD" - GOBAL CAMPAIGN BY SPOTIFY Spotify has playfully used their listener data to kick off their largest-ever global, outdoor campaign Explore Sign The campaign has been developed by Spotify's internal creative team. The whole idea is about aggregating data and turning them into playful headlines such as: "Dear person who played 'Sorry' 42 times on Valentine's Day, what did you do?" Spotify has cleverly used big data to "humanize" the service they are providing which is great in the area of music that brings so many emotions to people. 29 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 COMMUNICATION IDEAS
  30. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: SHARE A COKE, MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO Coca Cola's new campaign features bottles with song lyrics from Queen, Taylor Swift and other musical artists Explore Sign The third annual Share a Coke program is employing a musical twist this year, thanks to a collaboration with the Shazam app. The company is rolling out new lyric-stamped bottles that can be scanned via the music discovery app, unlocking a chance for fans to make a music video on their phone. Once the video is complete, fans can share their content on social media using the #ShareACoke hashtag. The campaign is aiming to inspire people to celebrate a mood, feeling, moment or memory. The chosen lyrics span a wide range of sentiments, including falling in love, moments of friendship and celebrating victory. 30 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 COMMUNICATION IDEAS
  31. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: REPORT TITLE // IMPLICATIONS. VR MAGAZINE COVER Immersing readers into reality of creating a magazine Explore Sign Elle Canada has recently included a VR film into their magazine's cover which takes viewers on the set of the shooting and lets them experience it as editors. According to Elle, “readers will actually feel like they are on set with us rather than observing it from afar.” The magazine brand wanted to immerse readers into the reality of creating a cover by letting them experience it first hand. 31 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 COMMUNICATION IDEAS
  32. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: TESLA REFERRAL PROGRAM Tesla found its way of thanking their customers for their loyalty in their new referral program Explore Sign Anyone who orders a new Model S or Model X during the dedicated period using the referral link of a Tesla owner will get a $1,000 credit towards the purchase price. 32 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 COMMUNICATION IDEAS
  33. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: BIG BRANDS TURN TO PODCAST PRODUCTION Big brands including Avión, GE, HBO and Intercontinental Hotels are investing heavily in producing their own audio content. Explore Sign HBO, Avión and Intercontinental Hotels are just some of the big brands kicking off their own podcasts in a bid to attract customer engagement. This is following the increasingly popular ‘storytelling’ strategy for content. The technology giant - GE - has already proven the potential success of creating audio content themselves, with their initial podcast series "The Message" in 2015 reaching 4.4million downloads. 33 LHBS // TOP 25 SIGNS OF 2016 COMMUNICATION IDEAS
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