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Content Isn't King, Conversation Is King

As Executive Editor at LinkedIn, Dan is immersed daily in LinkedIn's vast and constantly expanding collection of original and curated content. He will talk about the mistakes that people are making and the lessons to be learned in harnessing conversations out of content.

Presented at TechConnect:13 by Daniel Roth, Executive Editor at LinkedIn.

Content Isn't King, Conversation Is King

  1. 1. Conversation is King
  2. 2. Daniel Roth Executive Editor LinkedIn @DanRoth #inTC13
  3. 3. Conversation is the new currency.
  4. 4. From connecting people to connecting people to insights 2008 2013 Connect, communicate and manage your network. Connect, engage and consume content.
  5. 5. LinkedIn Influencers 316,580
  6. 6. LinkedIn Influencers
  7. 7. Content: the ultimate ice breaker
  8. 8. Helping brands and individuals to generate content
  9. 9. THE END of endings
  10. 10. There’s no such thing as a LinkedIn Troll.
  11. 11. Writing content for conversation
  12. 12. A mind shift for writers – and brands
  13. 13. Your ideas live larger on LinkedIn