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How LinkedIn is Adapting its Platform for Higher Education - David Thacker

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How LinkedIn is Adapting its Platform for Higher Education - David Thacker

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Originally presented during EducationConnect 2014 on 10/28/14 in NYC, David Thacker, Vice President of Product for LinkedIn, demonstrates how LinkedIn is adapting targeting, personalization, lead-capture, nurturing and attribution to better serve education marketers.

Originally presented during EducationConnect 2014 on 10/28/14 in NYC, David Thacker, Vice President of Product for LinkedIn, demonstrates how LinkedIn is adapting targeting, personalization, lead-capture, nurturing and attribution to better serve education marketers.


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How LinkedIn is Adapting its Platform for Higher Education - David Thacker

  1. 1. How LinkedIn is Adapting its Platform for Higher Education David Thacker Vice President, Product LinkedIn EducationConnect 2014 #inEDU14
  2. 2. Our vision Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals
  3. 3. We build relationships between brands and the world’s professionals to make them both more successful.
  4. 4. Mindset Matters Personal Networks “Spend Time” Info on friends Info on personal interests Entertainment updates Professional Networks “Invest Time” Career info Updates on brands Current affairs 1 – The Mindset Divide research study, TNS, September 2012 4
  5. 5. Be relevant Be helpful Be everywhere
  6. 6. Be relevant
  7. 7. Accurate Targeting Profession Seniority Industry Company Size Geography Education Behavior 7
  8. 8. 8 University Pages Your destination to establish your school’s identity and build relationships with the world's professionals
  9. 9. Sponsored Updates
  10. 10. Direct Sponsored Content Personalize Test Control
  11. 11. Content Marketing Score Measure your brand’s influence Score Benchmarking Recommendations
  12. 12. Be helpful
  13. 13. Members expect and trust content from brands on LinkedIn The definitive professional publishing platform Top 3 types of expected content 7× Career info Current affairs Updates from brands 1 More engagement
  14. 14. Members expect and trust content from brands on LinkedIn 1 Firstname Lastname Title Company 2,000,000 followers The definitive professional publishing platform
  15. 15. Insights about career outcomes of educations worldwide School School Dates Field of Study Dates Degree Title & Function Skills Company Industry Title & Function Industry Company Drawn from 300+ million member profiles Plus, active & engaged members, educators & employees
  16. 16. Employers Find Talent Attract, target and hire the best new talent – early! Build Brand Start early so the best students know your company Streamline Process Improve your reach, efficiency and impact Educators Attract Students Showcase strengths and careers of alumni Alumni Relations Engage alumni for gifts, relations Career Centers Prepare students for successful careers Who needs it? What for? Career Community Students Find opportunities. Best fit for me. Informed decisions to help me succeed. Identity Insights
  17. 17. Help students at every critical milestone…  What are my career options if I choose this major?  What colleges send students to top medical schools?  Who can tell me what it was like to attend this school? Choosing a College Academic Planning Internships Choosing a Major Graduate School? Finding 1st Job Success at 1st Job Alumni Network
  18. 18. Rankings
  19. 19. University Finder
  20. 20. Decision Boards
  21. 21. Be everywhere
  22. 22. Smartphone consumption is always on 6am 9am 12pm 3pm 6pm 9pm
  23. 23. 2015
  24. 24. New Targeting Facets
  25. 25. Sponsored InMail 2.0
  26. 26. Better targeting, relevance and measurement SPONSORED CONTENT LEAD NURTURING
  27. 27. One click fills forms with our accurate professional data “Auto Fill turns what used to be a complex operation on mobile into a 2-step process.” - Beta client
  28. 28. Audience expansion
  29. 29. Sponsored Updates in Pulse & Slideshare
  30. 30. We are investing to make marketing more EFFECTIVE

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Members first organization which is why you’ve seen so many changes to our platform.

    What we hear from members is what drives the platform

    Where we are today: Building trust and relationships 

  • We have to remember that We’re talking to people, not just numbers.
    And talking to people means we’re in the business of building relationships.
  • What sets our platform apart and makes it especially relevant for higher education is the mindset of our members.

    Based on a study we conducted with TNS, people use professional networks like LinkedIn to invest in themselves and accomplish their career goals - from keeping up on industry trends to reading business news to researching companies. And this is vastly different from the mindset on Personal Social Networks.

    Our members trust our site and the content we promote.

    Members are 2x more confident in the information found on LinkedIn than any other social site including Twitter and Facebook.

    And that helps education marketers like yourselves by providing a platform where you can establish a trusted relationship with your prospective students.
  • To build and nurture trusted relationships on LinkedIn, we’re focused on helping you be relevant, be helpful and be everywhere that your prospective students are.
    1. Relevance is about having your school or organization actively participate in the conversation and sharing and measuring your content

    2. Helpful is all about providing the kind of content your audience is looking for -- to cement a reputation as a trusted advisor and expert

    3. Being everywhere is going where your customer are and meeting them on their on terms
  • So, let’s talk about how to be relevant and humanize your brand.

    It’s about accurately finding the right people, with the right message, at the right time.
  • Accurate targeting, based on authentic data, is essential to ensuring the relevance of your content marketing.
    LinkedIn’s targeting is highly accurate because it draws from actual profile data provided and continually updated by our members themselves -- as they showcase their accomplishments (e.g., promotions, earned degrees)
    For instance, you’ll find no more accurate Company Targeting on the planet than what we have at LinkedIn. You can confidently reach decision-makers and the people who influence purchasing decisions at the companies to which your sales teams believe they can sell.
  • Members expect universities to have a presence on LinkedIn. Your University Page is your home on LinkedIn, and a central hub for your best news and thought leadership. Use your page to raise awareness of your brand,  promote career opportunities, and educate current and potential students on your products and services.

    Your University Page is a foundation for your LinkedIn presence that allows you to showcase your relationships with employees and Followers. Equally important is the opportunity to send tailored communications to those audiences from your University Page to build and nurture long-term engagement with your brand.
  • We launched sponsored updates to help marketers publish content that provides value — relevant and targeted — so you can begin building and strengthening your relationship with your audience. 

    Sponsored Updates give you access to new audiences -- they are the only paid advertising on mobile smartphone so you can reach new people

    Seeing great engagement because they’re directly in our members feed

    Delivering quality traffic that is converting into leads at higher than average rates

    Great for performance advertisers because you only pay for the clicks you receive on your content
  • And now with Direct Sponsored Content, reach your target audience directly in the feed without publishing on your Company Page

    Allowing you to:

    Personalize your messages and offers to your target audience to boost your performance

    Test and optimize your reach to the right audience with the right message
  • We have developed ways for you to measure your content marketing success.
    This quantitative score evaluates your influence on LinkedIn among a target audience over time,
    using an aggregate score that is benchmarked against your peer group and comes with
    recommendations on how to improve your content marketing score.

    Content Marketing Score allows you to measure you brand’s influence, compare to your peers and get recommendations for improvement

  • The second way you build and nurture trusted relationships is by being helpful with relevant content and education -- becoming that trusted advisor.
  • These professionals are already expecting to establish relationships with brands on LinkedIn, because they believe it will help them become more productive and successful. And the best way to build those relationships is through relevant content: members engage 7x more with content than with jobs on our platform. Plus, our research shows that updates from brands are the 2nd most-expected type of content, so there's definitely a huge opportunity there. And you're not publishing this content anywhere, we also provide a professional context that results in increased trust.
  • One great example of high-quality content that our members really value are our Influencers. High-caliber personalities like the ones you see here are publishing long-form content on LinkedIn, covering a huge range of professionally relevant topics. Users can not only read the content, but also interact and give their opinion on those posts.

    Now, we’re also opening up this possibility to members like yourself and others at your company, so you can share all your knowledge and expertise with our 300MM members worldwide. It started with influencers and it was so successful - we opened up the platform to help engage and inspire not just influencer to member, but member to member. And it can be a powerful tool for your brand and content strategy as Catherine outlined earlier today.

    It can start with your leadership team or your rock star faculty who are experts in their own right. By sharing the thought leadership that is coming out of your schools, you position yourselves as a trusted institution that prospective students would want to learn from and eventually become a part of as graduates.
  •  In LinkedIn’s case, we have remarkable insights about the career outcomes of educations worldwide
    On their profiles, more then 250 MILLION members tell us where they went to school, what they studied, and everything they did in their careers afterward.
    As a result, we have large-scale, always current data that can help students see what’s possible for them given the educational choices they make
    And, we have active and engaged Members, Universities and Companies
  • This data is extremely valuable for several different types of members on LinkedIn. For Educators in particular, it helps them attract students by showcasing their successful alumni. It helps alumni relations connect and engage alumni for gifts. And for your Career Centers it gives you accurate real-world data to prepare your students for successful careers.
  • We can help you provide clear sightlines when students are choosing their college, their major or contemplating graduate school.
    By helping them answer questions about the consequences of their choices for their careers.
  • Amazing data about the career outcomes from different educational starting points worldwide. Helps you become more informed about your school’s strengths and positions you as a trusted advisor.
  • Amazing data about the career outcomes from different educational starting points worldwide. Helps you become more informed about your school’s strengths and positions you as a trusted advisor.
  • A key driver of extending the experience and building trust with customers is meeting them on their own terms,
    where they’re already congregating and where their content consumption is moving.
  • When you look at the member usage data, you see unique patterns for desktop, mobile and tablet, and we tailor the experience accordingly.
    Mobile and Tablet together provide an early morning spike, during the ‘coffee’ part of the day. Mobile holds steady all day, as connected professionals stay glued to their phones. And then during the ‘couch’ phase in the evening, you see this dramatic spike in Tablet use.
    Sponsored Updates work seamlessly across all devices, so they ensure you’re going where your audience goes.
  • So let’s look ahead to see what’s coming in 2015…
  • Simplifying the complex : With LinkedIn Auto Fill, a single click fills your forms with our accurate professional data
  • Mobile is driving content consumption. As you’d expect, our LinkedIn usage data reflects these same trends.

    Increasingly, we’re seeing our members access LinkedIn and professionally-relevant content away from the desktop.

    Sponsored InMails now reach members on mobile where they most often check their messages
    Reach mobile users
    >50% of inbox views on mobile
    80% higher open rate on mobile

    In Q4 2013, an average of 41 percent of unique visiting members came through mobile apps, versus just 21 percent midway through 2012.

    So mobile is at the very center of our content strategy.

    There’s more content consumption on mobile device vs. desktop. So we completely started from scratch with our mobile experience to take into the user experience first and foremost.

  • Combining to build the most effective platform for marketers to reach audiences, nurture prospects and acquire customers.
  • Simplifying the complex : With LinkedIn Auto Fill, a single click fills your forms with our accurate professional data
  • We will be Introducing the ability to automatically expand our audience via look alike and target a larger group in real-time
  • We are a little over 1 year into Sponsored Content and the growth has been tremendous. It has been highly engaging for members and providing strong ROI for advertisers primarily because our members are looking to hear from brands when they come to LinkedIn

    Leveraging this mindset (and demand), in 2015, one of our plans for next year is to expand Sponsored Content to other LinkedIn properties/products where our members engage with professional content – for instance Slideshare and Pulse.

    This is a great opportunity for marketers to expand their reach and be in touch with LinkedIn members in other places where they consume content