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Live Webinar: Taming the Financial Content Beast

  1. Taming the Financial Content Beast Putting content in the context of the customer journey
  2. Content and Customer Journey?
  3. Company Internal3 State Street 2016 Asset Owners Campaign Objectives and Content Assets Enhanced Research Deck Assets for Client-facing Teams Available in February Research Study Client Letter and Email New! Special Reports on Risk and Governance Sales FAQs Executive Library with 17 Contributors Q&As Dedicated Campaign Page with Data Visualization Tool 7 Country Decks UK, Germany, Nordics, US, Canada, Australia, Japan Create a minimum of 20 live interactions with top clients and prospects in key markets in the first 6 months of 2016 Claim State Street’s thought leadership and maximize visibility of our content in the core markets Create awareness, primarily among client-facing teams, around the challenges and opportunities in this sector
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Content Marketing Focus Identify and exploit content opportunities and drive quality and processes 1. Understand and define our audience, content framework and metrics. 2. Utilise a wide range of inputs from within and outside the business, including SEO insights to create high quality content and reach solutions. 3. Optimise content production process and drive quality in device-led journeys. Drive quality in agency and supplier relationships and grow the team to bring expertise in house.Key Objectives 1. Increase visibility of Nationwide content, products and services – Increase Share of Voice across non-branded SEO keywords for product. Visibility in organic search results, traffic (organic & referral), social and paid reach, number and quality of backlinks 2. Deliver High Engagement through content for prospects and customers - Bounce Rate, Average Time on page, Average Time on site, Unique page views, Completed Video views 3. Increase non-customer spontaneous brand awareness - Awareness, sentiment, social likes and shares, potential impressions (metric which estimates the number of potential impressions based on the number of engagements [social shares & comments] on all coverage of the source content)
  6. Content Marketing Strategy Operational Framework to govern Content activity from business need to delivery and then to measureme nt
  7. Content Marketing Strategy  Earned Media Content Framework uses the following 7 Pillars: Support & “How to” Citizenship Campaigns Guides & Life stage Help Thought leadership PR • Buying your first home • Going abroad • Starting work • Products & services. • Big Local Vote – charity to get £5k • Training at schools • Name our woodland • Red Nose Day • Big movie money video • Fraud education - phone scams • Customer Service • Ways to bank with us • “Did you know” knowledge share – travel advice, emergency help. • #Its people • “Trust” campaign (align to Marketing Annual Plan) • Products & services • Press releases & news coverage • Latest FCA complaints data and how NBS compares • Nationwide Now – more access to mortgage consultants via video • The impact of the #Budget changes • New pension changes • House Price Index & Regional Index • Consumer Confidence Index People & Careers • Meet the team (Twitter/YouTube) • People moves/ appointments • Careers & opportunities • Apprentice programmes • Employee blog
  8. Content Marketing Maturity Model
  9. For internal use only. Not for distribution to the public. • Financial Advisors • Institutional Investors • Centers of Influence • Thought Leaders • Financial Media, Journalists • Financial Advisors • Individual Investors • Financial Advisors • Centers of Influence • Thought Leaders • Existing & potential investors • Employees & Candidates • Financial Advisors • Existing & potential investors • UHNW Millennials & Women • UHNW Millennials & Women • Financial Advisors • Centers of Influence • Employee Candidates LEGG MASON CURRENT SOCIAL FOOTPRINT • Offer LinkedIn’s 323K FAs industry and market-related content to stay up-to-date on their interests • Provide members of the press with industry and market-related content to amplify their own social media impact • Highlight expert viewpoints and practice-management how-tos • Address key investing challenges • Offer public touchpoint for CEO • Showcase philanthropic endeavors • Share company and individual accomplishments • Offer market-focused content • Illustrate who we are & what we do • Offer an inside look at the culture • Build individuals & affiliates • Engage with dynamic visuals Goal Audience • Affiliate and industry insights • Premier conferences and events • Infographics, videos • HR Content: #LifeAtLeggMason • Philanthropy • Affiliate and industry insights • Press releases • Premier conferences and events • PR/media appearances and events • HR Content: #LifeAtLeggMason • Affiliate and investment insights • Business building • Investor education • About Legg Mason • CEO quarterly reports • Affiliate and industry insights • Infographics, awards • Environmental/Sustainability efforts • Community/Volunteerism • HR Content: #LifeAtLeggMason • Infographics, awards • PR/media appearances and events • HR Content: #LifeAtLeggMason • Holiday, Volunteerism Content
  10. For internal use only. Not for distribution to the public. LEGG MASON SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Audience Tactics Best Practices FAs, institutional investors, centers of influence Organic and sponsored content. 5/week. Engaging rich media, infographics, user-focused questions, clear CTA, link to site, snackable- sized content, test and learn Financial press/media and journalists Organic and promoted content. 30-50/week. Snappy headlines, captivating images, timely, clear CTA, link to site, snackable, shareable, test and learn Financial Advisors, investors, potentials Post videos around P.M. interviews, investor education, the firm. 2- 4/month. Utilize as a search engine, drive traffic to from social media posts. 30 second to 3 minute videos. Employees, candidates, FAs, UHNW millennials, women Corporate citizenship, #LifeAtLeggMason, awards, thought leadership. 4/week. Variety, timely content, people-filled images, hashtags, a clear CTA, and link, respond to comments UHNW millennials and women, employee candidates Inside look at culture, values, & events; infographics. 2/week. Interesting images (people/objectives), hashtags, infographics, user-focused copy, respond to comments
  11. For internal use only. Not for distribution to the public. Specific Goals LEGG MASON HOW WE MEASURE SUCCESS KPIs Increase engagement rate 10% per platform average Specific Goals Increase followership 15% per each platform Increase social CTR to website by 10% Create content manual, execute best practice training + how to write per platform Align to website engagement goals of 10% Expand global presence by targeting messages by geography and promoting international events Perform test-&-learns on SalesNavigator & Hearsay Social Increase utility of Promoted Tweet and Facebook campaigns, and new social functionalities Communicate directly with Facebook and Instagram followers Continuously test resources, targets, and social products with every paid campaign Ensure 95% of content has a link to the site Embed a live Twitter feed onto the homepage KPIs Increase Engagement Increase our social content’s clicks, retweets, favorites, likes, shares, video views, and comments Expand Reach Grow followership on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Generate More Clicks Increase clicks to websites through social media Deepen Interactions Continuously identify and test best practices-through intelligent testing Drive Conversion Contribute to website engagement
  12. Discussion Points?How do we focus on different audiences or personas? Can we map our customer journeys? Channel choice: where should we focus our efforts? Content formats: short v long form, new approaches? Frequency: cadence and contact strategies Measurement and RoI Culture and compliance
  13. Taming the Financial Content Beast Putting content in the context of the customer journey

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  1. 67% of Mills prefer greater degree of consolidation of their financial accounts, vs. just 57% of GenX -- but with only 38% believing that their primary provider is driven by their best interests as a customer, it is clear that banks need to better understand their customers' needs. (I prefer to have a greater degree of consolidation of my financial accounts) [AGREE_PRIMARY] How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?